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Good content, good guests, good podcast. Almost unlistenable because of Jared's mic. Jared, please figure out your levels, and EQ that thing. Somehow every guest sounds better than you do. It's super jarring when they finish a long string of thought and you come back in BLARING loud.
Content review below which I had written sometime back. However I have noticed that the audio quality has deteriorated gradually. Can hardly hear anything on earphones. Music, other podcasts etc plays well. Pretty unusable at present. The UX conversations is good specially when Jared is facilitating. The sincerity in understanding a point by asking follow up questions & illustrating by various metaphors is priceless. I eagerly wait for new episodes. Highly recommended.
All of the speakers are so articulate — not pedantic but informative and helpful, They get right to the point.
As a newcomer to user experience and interface design, I really appreciate the chance to listen to the conversations going on at the center of the field—thanks for providing this resource!
Jared's band of experts rarely disappoint...
Great show Jared. Smart people surround themselves with brilliant people and I would got out on a limb and say that Cyd is brilliant, curious, and stretches the possibility of things to come. Well done, I haven’t listened in a while, but i back baby. ~S
I’m not a UX designer or UI engineer, however, in my organization I’m a huge evangelist of UI/UX and this podcast always delivers excellent content on the topic. Thank you Jared M. Spool for producing this podcast. An excellent resource.
Being a rookie front end developer I'm often on the look out for relevant and inspirational content to consume. I really need to learn and this podcast does a great job of sharing and teaching.
Excellent Content. Have been listening for years and has it has been informative as well as though provoking. One request: mention the date of recoding at the beginning of each podcast
As an aspiring designer, I have learned so much from Jared and his guests. The deeper I have gotten in my studies, the more I understand what is being said. I have listened to some sessions multiple times. What a great resource and a great service.


By AlexDbk
Pure gold with some great guests & hosts!
Thanks for sharing most informative and cutting edge info in the world of design. Learning a ton!
I listen to Jared and guests on my commute to work and really appreciate their perspective on the UX field.
Super informative. Great podcast for FREE!
I listen to this podcast every chance I get. I typically run 8-10 miles so listening to music doesn't give me much value. I've started listening in on this podcast and have learned so much as a UX (design) practitioner that I look fwd to running every time there's a new episode. I especially love the talks on mobile with Luke and Josh. I feel they're very much in the pulse of trends and best practices love to chat about them with well-known individuals in the industry. My only wish is that they would release them more frequently. Please keep up the good work!
These podcasts are short enough for quick consumption but informative enough to be worth the time.
This podcast stands out among its peers for its uniqueness, content quality, and attention to detail. After sifting through lots of podcasts and webinars pertaining to web design, internet marketing, and page optimization, I have found it refreshing to listen to these talks. Standing apart from derivative, me-too podcasts, the SpoolCast offers well edited content that informs, entertains, and doesn't waste your time. And its theme music is cool.
If I could only listen to or read only one professional resource, the UIE podcast would be the one. Fresh in-depth perspective across many aspects of web and mobile design work. Top notch.
Listened to my first podcast from April and it was wonderful. This is my main area of interest. Luke Woblewski's talk was illuminating (not an exageration).