The Squeezebox Podcast

Reviews For The Squeezebox Podcast

Found their podcast about 2 weeks ago. From the first listen i was laughing my a*s off. Im hooked on this show and have listened to almost every episode already. Some several times. I wish i had friends like these two gems. There chemistry is unmatched in the podcast world and its a shame they arent on the top comedy podcasts on itunes. WORDPLAYYYYYYYY .......ROCK ON GUYS!!!
Listening to two guys sit in their car in Windsor and talk about whatever pops into their heads actually makes for a great podcast! Who knew?
It's like a podcast...but instead of two guys talking into a's two mandibles! No but really, this is a great podcast. It always puts a smile on my face. But be warned: You will occasionally laugh until you die.
This show rocks!!! Subscribe and love that you did. You can't go wrong with this show and will be laughing nonstop. Shane rules. Tom rules. Shane and Tom rule!!!
With so much crap out there, it's hard to believe that I finally found a podcast that I enjoy and that consistently makes me laugh. Tom and Shane have a great radio conversation flow and mad hot squeezebox skillz. I'd recommend it to anyone.
Shane and Tom are two guys from Windsor, Ontario. Their life experiences and general outlook provide for endless hilarity. Listening to the show is like sitting around with some old buddies you've never met.