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1 episode available at a time... I don’t get it. If I just showed up on part 4 of 4, and can’t watch the first 3 parts... see where I’m going with this? Doesn’t make sense. Bummer. Lots of AW content available elsewhere though
Hard to maintain thought process flow. Please show all available episodes so we can follow the conversations properly. Can’t find the second episode and now forced to move on to the third episode, etc... Thanks for making this wonderful content available on podcasts. I think it should be mandatory in remote learning curriculum 🙏
Just like 90% of the other reviews state. The older episodes are deleted. Seriously? This is just stupid and greedy and not in the spirit of AW. Who listens to podcasts like this? Whoever ones the Alan Watts estate has made the decision to make money by screwing the devoted fans. I’m off to YouTube.
Commercial greed has prevailed in this sorry part of the netherweb. If u want to listen to Mr. Watts try YouTube
Infrequent and inconsistent. Less than 15 minutes. Older episodes will not stay in the feed. Repeat talks (yet still rich for repeat listens) just lazy posters of the podcast.
I remember when this podcast was an invaluable source of understanding and hope. Now it has become bait for someone’s profit. Alan Watts would be very disappointed.
Why not add paid advertisers and release the whole archive?
What a treasure. Please more. Amen.
The content is inestimable, a great thinker and an iconic even beloved human being but... this podcast lamentably managed, there is a clear impression that who ever that is doesn’t care at all what they are doing. Very disappointing and I give up.
I love Alan Watts but this podcast is so lazily produced and put together and is clearly just a money grab to lure suckers into a paid thing So disappointing
Either produce the content you promise or get off the platform. It’s a bummer to do a search and find this non podcast over and over again.
I love Alan Watts but I have to say this podcast’s MO is very confusing. Are yu playing a different episode every week and then deleting it? Then make it clear. I just spent a lot of time trying to listen again to something I had heard, and eventually coming to the conclusion it has been deleted
Never trust spiritual resource that asks you for money!
I was so excited to see this podcast, but there is only one available. A 3 out of 4 part on Jesus. Can we get some more content please?
This podcast has awesome info but is being artificially limited included no archive of lecturing in order to push people to a paid app. This type of philosophical knowledge should be more accessible without having to pay. Maybe donation based.
All of this content can be accessed on YouTube for free or in written format in his books. The hosts are money hungry and it’s really sad to see
I deeply enjoy the topics that Alan Watts speaks about but the show slashes his brilliant lectures into smaller bits. Also the fact that one cannot download old episodes makes it very clear that this is all an advertisement for an overpriced app. I wish that the folks behind the podcast were focused on spreading wisdom for free.
Love it !
Thanks for uploading an entire 16 minutes worth today. How generous. Absolutely pathetic to delete all the stuff you’ve had up for YEARS!
Dr. Watts always elevated the discussion. It’s great to know he’s always out there educating us. I’ve been listening since I was a teenager. And I’m in my 7th decade. Wu wei.
Everything that’s wrong with podcasts
I am grateful for this podcast. Alan Watts is simply the best.
All his content is free on YouTube. You guys are ruining great content that could helpful the world


By Bandusa
Love Alan Watts but this podcast is terrible. Cannot get past podcasts without the payola. Disappointed since these where all broadcast in the radio. I’ll stick to his books and YouTube uploads. You guys are really disappointing a huge population.
Great content, lame management. Uninstalling.
Deleting episodes to get us to buy the app for $40
Please stop deleting the other episodes!
Thanks for deleting everything and giving me the most recents. Oh waiiiit. Maybe I put old podcasts back on because of something called favoritism.
Great talks - so sad to hear they just keep one episode at a time.
They release the episodes in series then delete the previous episode so you can’t follow. Useless.
These podcasts are great. Watts has been gone a long time now, but his words and ideas live on. I have followed Watts for almost 40 years, read his books, listened to his lectures. He always puts me in a gentler frame of mind.
As far as I can tell, when they add an episode they delete the prior episode, making it impossible to follow if you don’t catch it at the beginning or if you miss an episode.
.... but it feels like a trail to a paywall. Pretty sure it’s not what AW would have wanted
The tactic of not archiving the episodes is a blatant attempt to push people to pay a middle man for the works of Alan Watts. Really sad.
I LOVE Alan Watts and heartily appreciate his presence here, his enduring brilliance. I dislike how you've truncated his lectures into little bits. As if no one has an attention span longer than a gnat's, no offence to gnats.
I love to hear AW’s talks but do not appreciate the inserted music. I also would appreciate longer excerpts - it often cuts off at an inopportune moment.
Why not provide just one sentence from Watts’ lecture in each podcast? You could call each sentence an episode and derive the maximum advertising and monetization of Buddhism that way!
Finding these gifts has been a true blessing. For this I am grateful.
I listened to this podcast often. Now there are no episodes but one that is 15 min. Now directed to an pay app. So bummed.
Only one episode available :(
A calming voice with worldly knowledge and humor. The perfect way to start and end the day.
Why is there only one episode available?!?
SORRY i’m cynical of these common tiny clips from his works, due to delving way into his work in my early 20s I know how much is missing. Much more can be found online at no cost but you have to dig a little. But hopefully the rights to these recordings are being put toward something positive I haven’t done my research on that end. Profiting off of this seems sad but touche’ if you legalized it
Alan Watts has some amazing insights and should be understood by far more people, so I was very happy to see this podcast pop up recently, but so far the creators have just been posting a fraction of a lecture each week and then taking it down the following week when another fraction of a lecture is posted. There’s no way for anyone to catch up if they didn’t start at the beginning, and for someone to just jump in to a lecture with no context or understanding of what’s being discussed could easily lead to everything he says getting taken the wrong way.
I Wis live to listen to Mr Watts but there's only one episode- one that is in the middle of a series! Alas, everything is behind a $34.99 payment. Well ain't that something?
Thank for bringing Alan Watts to Podcast, looking forward to more episodes :D
I cannot just listen to one podcast. We need more uploaded.
Life changing stuff that one can never get enough of.