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like the others have stated, it is not free, these are just short messages sending us to the producers website to pay a fee. Then we can listen. I would have considered paying, but I will not reward dishonesty. "who are we if not the bad man's teacher."
This is just an ad for a site asking for a donation. There is no free podcast here.
It is a shame this podcast has reached its bandwith allowance because it didn't get enough support from listeners (as many other great podcast do and keep going). The meditations were great -specially 8 & 10! I really hope more people could understand about the expenses of keeping a podcast and just don't expect to only get without giving anything back. Sharing it's important.


I tried this podcast in April('10) and all the episodes were just asking for donations and you couldnt download it cuz of a bandwidth cap per month....idk if that was an error or not but it has been fixed and I really like the meditations they are a great help(review '11)
You can't listen to this without paying for it. It isn't free & you get no preview. Misleading. Poor ethics from the start.
There are far better podcasts out there.
Either it's free or it isn't. Please don't have me download something that asks for a "donation." how good is dishonesty for your Chi anyway ?
Thank you Master Fehey for distributing these meditations, they are very effective and helpful. Great introduction to the deep Qigong tradition. Thank you


By Bessus
Gets right to the meditation, very thorough and rewarding.
Peaceful, simple, effective... he has a gift for putting the moves and feelings in very few words, while imparting what is most essential. The directions are seamless with the flow, rather than distracting. The balance of all elements here is excellent.
I really like your voice and the pace at which you speak the meditation. Thank you for this. I can't wait to hear different lessons...I was an experienced meditator but I have lost touch and I am gettign back into it and I hope your podcast can help... Thank you! Peace and Blessings Isis