Totally Random Podcast!

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Well If you want to hear something funny, you MUST listen to this !!!! IMost of everyone thinks its funny. Just Listen to it you'll find out 4 urself !!!
if you say your random multiple times, it means your not. im not saying that they arent random. they are. however, if i wanted this kind of thing, i could go hang with my frieds. So, ladies this is cool, but if you have friends, listeners, go to chill with yo fri-ends to get the same laughs, but more..? i think that makes sense....... wut ev. its aight
Give this podcast a chance and listen. Funny Stuff! YOU WILL LAUGH!
Randomly funny show. They just talk about whatever and its funny!
This Podcast Is An Awesome One... It's Very Funny Because, Well, IT'S RANDOM!!! What Will They Say Next? You Have To Listen To Find Out... This Podcast Is Worth Checking Out, And You Won't Be Disappointed... ENJOY!!!