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Guys, I’m not sure how I stumbled upon your podcast, but I’m so glad I did! Thanks for keeping me company on my work week, and keep those podcasts coming. Great stuff and so hilarious! Rob Dallas, TX
If you love Jack Bauer, you will love these guys. TELL ME WHERE THE BOMB IS!!!
Started listening to this podcast 6 months ago to kill time on my commute. I have burned though all the back episodes at this point and look forward to my Monday mornings because of T&T. Thanks guys.
I think I started listening to tcgte in middle school. I’ve been a fan of the show for nearly a decade now, my older sibling got me hooked on a family trip and I’ve been listening non-stop ever since. As much as I love every new episode, it’s always fun and somewhat comforting to listen to old favorites (tcgt planking, board games, etc). Definitely spend too much time listening to the show, around the house, on commutes, at work, everywhere. Wish I had gotten the horse on a plane shirt back in the day though!!
It took 13 minutes to get to the actual content of the show. If you like toxic masculine podcasts that waste a lot of time, this show is for you.
I’ve been listening for just under 5 years so a nice backlog. The guys are great. Nothing feels scripted. It’s always funny. If I could force 2 people to podcast until they ran out of juice it would be Tim and Tom. Tim would probably puke like the coward as he is. Tom is super nice.
My favorite podcast. Look forward to it every week!!!
Is this podcast the only reason I look forward to Sundays? Maybe. This podcast has been part of my life for a long time now and for some reason it’s taking me so long to review it. I love this podcast so, so much. It’s so funny and still informative. I have turned many people on to also listen to this podcast, and often find myself quoting things that Tim and Tom have said. This podcast is such an easy lesson but I often also repeat listen to episodes. I have gone back to the beginning to listen to podcasts that I have since forgotten about and they are just as funny as if I listen to them for the first time. I highly recommend this podcast to anybody. It’s funny, informative, lighthearted, and exactly what we need even outside of quarantine (if you can remember that time of life). 20/10 recommend.
That Radiohead podcast was horrible. Stick to Billy Joel.
One of my very favorite podcast. Consistently funny. A great podcast to listen to at night/to help you fall asleep as its very comforting. Thanks Tim and Tom for all of the laughs over the years!!
This podcast isn’t particularly informative or entertaining; it’s just two bland guys chatting casually and in a meandering fashion.
Within the first minute, you ought to be able to tell that the title of this podcast is a joke. Don’t take it seriously! They pick a topic, chat for 20 minutes about random stuff, chat about the topic for 30 minutes, then sometimes “solve a problem” for another 10 minutes. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. No need to act offended. This podcast is what podcasts used to be - two friends talking about stuff. I’ve been listening to TCGTE since 2011. My sister played the Kim Jung Il episode for me and I’ve been hooked ever since. I fall asleep to old episodes almost every night. I don’t know how to describe why I like it, other than it’s really nice after a long day to listen to two familiar voices talk about normal stuff in an entertaining way. I know that sounds simple, but this is my favorite podcast and it has been for years. I listen to old episodes on repeat. This is simply a solid listen. Maybe don’t expect it to change your life, just hit play and enjoy.
These guys have cracked my girlfriend and I up for countless hours! So funny and we even learn a thing or two now and then. 👍
I’ve previously written a review where I misidentified Tom as being the one that would yell to loudly. It was Tim though, but he has gotten much better. Toms still my favorite but you’re slowly catching up Tim. Tom, watch your back. Tim is coming after your spot for being my favorite and I don’t have to tell you how big of a deal that is. It is me were talking about here and I know how to write strongly worded reviews. PS - I am glad to be able to rely on you guys to be my news source
While listening to the show, my daughter reached over to my phone and turned it off. When I asked her why, she said “because it’s weird.” 5 stars.
Love the episodes but when will there be a episode about Karens?
Been listening since I was 13 years old, I’m 19 now. Huge fan of this podcast and I look forward to every single new episode. I swear that you can’t go wrong with Tim and Tom.
This is a GREAT podcast. It is not a font of information despite the name. It is a comedy podcast that has been doing great for over a DECADE. (Also the title is intended to be slightly tongue-in-cheek. Not to be taken too seriously)
10 mins into an episode and they are still talking about nothing
Love Tim and Tom and ginger too. This is my favorite podcast primarily due to the comfortable feeling I get from these guys. It’s like hanging out with two great friends. Thank you both for continuing this upscale QSR podcast.
Dang! I’m 40 minutes into the Sleepy Hollow episode and have yet to hear the story!
These dudes are a lot less funny than they think they are. A whole lot of boring, off topic rambling. Takes them forever to start the subject. Tried several episodes, just not worth the time.
I’ve been listening to these two dummies talk for almost 10 years and wow. The laughs never stop. Officially my longest relationship. Feels like talking with old friends. Thank you for accompanying me on many boring work days, during long commutes, dog walks, etc.
I have tried to listen to several topics but these guys don’t seem to do any research about their topic. It was like the knowledge they presented is something they retrieve from their gut, much like how the president gets his info on a pandemic. Disappointing. The banter is fun but content is lacking.
This is my favorite podcast. It’s perfect to throw on for a drive or doing a boring task that requires minimal brain power. They are rarely on topic and spend a lot of time doing hilarious improv bits. I came to this with no clue what to expect, but thinking I might learn things. In the past several months of going through the back catalogue I have not learned a single thing from them, and that’s okay. It’s not actually the point of the podcast. I’m writing this so that people trying to decide whether or not to listen know what to expect and don’t leave one star reviews for them being off-topic on one episode. That’s every episode. When you go in with that expectation, you can appreciate their comedy for what it is.
You betcha, they are funny guys. A lot of people strive for this kind of friendly, nerdy, ribbing(y?) camaraderie that these two share. The topics they delve into are awesome. They’d fun because it’s stuff we really want to know about. In the same vain as 99% Invisible (my fav podcast) just more silly. Like right now, they are discussing their own BANGS and weather or not to keep them...wonderful! During this new life adjustment period with only yourself to be your own comrade, these guys save the day before all the voices become tangible. :)
Yall are so silly. I love not having to be in my own thoughts when yall are “yes-and”ing in the oddest ways. 🥂
I have loved listening to you guys for over a year now—but tonight (April 5, I’m a little behind on my podcasts) I’m on my third vodka rocks and listening to your Self-Isolation podcast—and I have to say I love you more than ever. Thanks for brightening a stressful, anxiety-ridden day. Love you both. Stay safe and healthy! ❤️
My mom, sister and I LOVE this podcast.Tim and Tom are so funny and the tangents that they go on are hilarious😂I love it!
Once you understand that this podcast is just two guys yapping on about random things remotely centred around the topic at hand, and once you accept that they really do just say things to tease each other and have no ill will, you can come to appreciate the comedy of listening to these two idiots. It’s like sitting in the seat in front of two random guys on a bus, eavesdropping on part of a lifelong conversation.
The tangents Tim & Tom go off on are crack me up. Every episode tickles me immensely.
This is my #1 pod!! I really like listining and enjoy laughing at your jokes!
If you’re looking to learn something, you will usually be disappointed. Listen for the silly recurring topics such as Billy Joel, Nickelodeon Moon Shoes, and Tim’s lack of care for astronauts. When you listen to this podcast, it feels like you’re hanging out with friends. Listen like that and occasionally you will find yourself learning something!
Best podcast going. Tom and Tim’s banter is somehow always delightfully funny without ever being annoying. Listening to TCGTE is like having friends without having actual obligations.
I have listened to this podcast for years! I fall asleep listening to this podcast every night, and while that may not sound like a compliment, it is! They are entertaining and engaging which keeps my mind from running 100 miles/hr AND since the podcast is more comedy than it is educational, it allows me to comfortably drift off to sleep. Love the podcast! Highly recommend.
I really like this podcast. Easy to fall asleep to (that’s a compliment!), they are hilarious! So much like TBTL! Love yah!
Tim and Tom are so delightfully awkward and hilarious. One of my bucket-list items is to see one of the TCGTE live shows, if they ever decide to tour the west coast.
Tim and Tom are two middle aged, funny, creative men living in New York. Lots of other reviews are like. “Oh, but it isn’t informational, oh.” But here is the scoop. Did you really come to learn about pumpkins and their harvest season??? That is what google is for. This podcast talks about the subjects and gives you interesting insights about certain topics. The comedy is hilarious. I listen to this every night I go to bed, I am chuckling at 10 at night. This podcast is a real great one. And Tim/Tom, if you are reading this, keep up the good work!
I started listening to this podcast and it was 25 minutes of talking about nothing before they got to any substance about writing. Get to the point guys, your banter is not interesting or helpful.
The Complete Guide to Everything is by far my favorite podcast to listen to. It’s easy going, extremely sarcastic, witty, and always good for a laugh. I never miss a week of Tim & Tom’s banter. This podcast knows what it is - a sarcastic comedy podcast - full of bits, wit, and poking fun. Understandably it’s not for everyone (definitely don’t come with the expectation of this being an educational show). However, if you like easy going humor this is the show for you! Especially if you fear teens, love superheroes, are looking for unfounded advice, or just need a laugh. Would give 10 stars if I could. Plz don’t quit Tim.
There are podcasts that demand every bit of your attention and then there are those you can just throw on in the background and have a good chuckle while you do the Sunday meal prep. Tim and Tom never fail to entertain.
So happy I found this podcast. I haven’t tried to hid laughs at work so much! Best podcast ever lol


By mummer6
Either drunk acting like whining children. Pumpkin episode had tim acting like spoiled brat. After year of this I’m done.
At some point back in 2009 I was traveling for work and I stumbled on The Complete Guide to Everything. They must have been doing The Beatles because I remember Tim pretending that Ringo Starr had invented drumming. It was hilarious. I’ve listened to every episode since (as far as I know), and Tim and Tom feel like old friends. I absolutely love this podcast. These guys could talk about paint drying and it would be not just funny but interesting and entertaining. They would sidetrack into stories about some random event on the subway, or somehow bring up Arnold Schwartzenegger, or complain about being afraid of teenagers, or rip on each other’s foibles, and Tom would connect the paint to the Marvel cinematic universe. LISTEN TO IT! REPEATEDLY! Subscribe and get all the old episodes. Give them money on Patreon and listen to them talk about fast food and books and stuff. Tim and Tom rule. What else can I say?
This is a fantastic and funny podcast. Of course they ramble and don’t stay on topic, it’s not actually a guide. Anyone who doesn’t think this is funny is bad and wrong, and I am sorry but I don’t make the rules.
It’s a good pod
I love this podcast.


My favorite part of Sunday nights by farrr. Best podcast ever.