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The so-called “Star Wars Priest” offers wonderful stories, from his pastoral ministry to his love of The Galaxy Far, Far Away. I love listening to his podcasts on a regular basis, and I know my patreon support is going to a great cause.
Love the break it's my favorite been listening to all SQPN shows father Roderick does a amazing job brilliant br
Father Roderick is an absolute joy to listen to. You can hear the passion in his speech. I love the mix of theology and geek stuff. Highly recommend to Catholics and non-Catholics alike.
Father Roderick is terrific. I love hearing him talk about numerous topics and hearing his opinions. It is refreshing to listen to The Break.
I've been listening to Fr Roderick for over 5 years. He is an authentic geek with a passion for the subculture. Great to see a priest becoming visible in the geek culture, boldly going where no priest has gone before.
Fr. Roderick is the King of Podcasting. All the SQPN shows are top quality. I have been listening over 12 years to Fr. Roderick. The show is current and entertaining as well as informative about Faith. Nice job and well done.
The Break is entertaining, personal and well produced, everything I like in a podcast. I'm thankful for Father Roderick and his work.
Father Roderick, I must listen to your podcast every week. I never dreamed I would still be listening after all of these years. Thanks for all you do!
Father Roderick is a Catholic priest from the Netherlands. He's also a geek who loves the same fandoms I adore. The Break is one of his four shows produced on a weekly basis. He expertly covers film, television, video games, comics, technology, geekdom and he evangelizes in a way that all listeners, regardless of organized faith (or lack thereof) can enjoy. As he says, "You don't have to be Catholic to enjoy the show.” As a Catholic I get extra enjoyment from this show. He influences me as a podcaster of my show Wargaming Recon.
Enjoy listening! The content is great!
I try to follow a lot of podcasts and often get behind and end up deleting some every week. But never Fr. Roderick's The Break! It’s been 3 years since I wrote that and The Break is still my favorite podcast:-)
This is a great podcast regardless of your spiritual walk. Rev. Roderick is a great host. Thank you
An amazing podcast with all the professional jingles, different segments about his passion. I'm always looking forward to listening about the newest games, TV series, movies, occasional cooking recipes. I am nowhere near to be religious, but even enjoy the Peculiar Bunch segments :)


It's a excellent show. I originally sterted to listen to the podcast because I wanted my teenage son to get interested in the content of the show to get a broader perspective on the church; well, I got hooked myself too. Now my son and I look forward to the weekly podcast.
I love this podcast! I like the way Fr. Roderick is simple, and I like the amature-esque of him telling you every single detail. There are podcasts that don't, and when I feel in the mood, I listen to those, but I have been a steady listener for two years now, and I love all his stuff.
I love The Break and SQPN. I've been listening to The Break for a couple of years and always enjoy Father's segments. He's informative and entertaining. There is something for everyone in his segments. ENJOY!!!
I thoroughly enjoy being a loyal listener over the past 7 years back when this was the Daily Breakfast. The reason I need several hours of podcast fixes every day from my 22 subscriptions is because of Father Roderick and the rest of the SQPN contributors. Every episode lifts me up makes me laugh and makes me occasionally shake my head and chuckle "really father" Please keep up this amazing ministry and I wish you and SQPN the best for 2013
A great listen!
I love this podcast! It really brightens my day. Thank you Father Roderick.
EH - KYU - MEN - IZM. Otherwise, a VERY entertaining podcast. Thanks!
This is a fun and entertaining show with a mix humor and seriousness. Thank you for this show. K, bye
Amazing podcast!! If you are a catholic who has a good sense of humor you will love Fr. Roderick! He talks about interesting, funny, and weird things and puts a catholic spin on it. Thanks Father God Bless, Ricky
I'm more hooked then a small mouth bass on a kaypo in a Sunday afternoon :)
Hi Fr. Roderick; I'm still listening to your wonderful podcast. Though I don't watch many of the TV shows and movies you talk about, I do find your descriptions entertaining and interesting. Please do keep up the good work. I pray for you and all other SQPN podcasters and supporters daily. God Bless, Don from Newport News, VA
From the Simpsons to the Sacraments and beyond...Of all my favorite shows I still enjoy this one the most as it combines the best of popular culture with the incredible depth of Catholic thought and tradition....the perfect blend of Fun and Profundity!
This was the podcast that introduced me to podcasting, over 6 years ago, and I'm so blessed that it's about living the faith! Father Roderick is a down-to-earth Priest that shows us how to be present in the beautiful world God created and still remain true to our faith : Catholic. I especially like the "Curious Brunch" of the podcast. Aloha!
Father Roderick discusses culture, movies, tech and yes, religion. Great stuff!
Always fun, always interesting, always learning something from Father Roderick.
I've been listening to Father Roderick as long as he's been podcasting, and believe he's one of the best podcasters out there. If you're a geek who appreciates the spiritual side of life, give "The Break" a listen. You'll hear about everything from Macs to movies to the virgin Mary, and everything in between. This is truly one great show!
Started listening to Fr Roderick's "secrets of Harry Potter" and got hooked on him. A nice balance of movies, tv, geek stuff and Catholic "stuff". Look forward to it every week
Very entertaining and gives us a warm look at what goes through the mind of a wonderful priest
I always look forword to this podcast. It is always interesting. Basicly the main things that are talked about are Stuff that is going on in your part of the world usauly a listener has called in for this part The they do TV and Movies Sometimes they do the Peculiar Bunch were they answer a question about somthing Cathloic related And then some Tech and Geek stuff.
Enjoyable and informative. Check out other podcasts by Fr. Roderick and SQPN.
I started listening to Fr. Roderick back in 2005. He is wonderful! In no small part, due to his very fun and informative podcasts, I have just celebrated my 5th year anniversary in the Catholic Church :)
Great blend of content delivered in a positive and enthusiastic way!
Fr Rodrick's and SQPN's many podcasts have brought me back to my Catholic faith... his gently way of explaining the faith has open my eyes to search for more. I have grown so much in my faith in the last year since I found Fr Rodrick...Thank you Fr Rodrick
The majority of the podcasts that I listen to are made my Fr. Roderick and this is my favorite one! Interesting information on many topics, not just Catholicism. People who aren't Catholics will still enjoy this. Keep up the good work Fr.! You're awesome!
This podcast is in my opinion the best mix of relevant information and catholic inspiration that I have come across. Keep up the good work and I will pray for you and the sqpn community.
Fr. Roderick brings all of his personality to The Break. What a beautifully entertaining and educational podcast. It is for Catholics and Christians no matter where you are in your personal faith journey. He offers something for everyone with a personal connection. From learning about movies, Dutch food, priests, video games and all aspects of Catholicism - he covers it all with humor and energy. This is a must-listen to podcast for everyone.
I LOVE this podcast. Fr. Roderick is entertaining and full of interesting facts about all sorts of things. Keep up the good work.
I absolutely LOVE this podcast!!!!!!! Very entertaining and full of humor and great insights!!! Fr. Roderick is amazing!
My wife and I never miss a single release
The Break was the first Catholic podcast I listened to just after my confirmation at Easter nearly two years ago. Fr. Roderick is knowledgeable, worldly, and quite a priest but he has a great sense of humor. His ministry is vital to the universal Church. God bless you, Father!
This podcast is a lot of fun. It is nice to be entertained and spiritually nourished in one place.
Have been listening to this for years now. Father Roderick is entertaining and true to the Catholic Church. From Faith to entertainment to technology, this podcast is always a must for my subscriptions.
The Break is a great Podcast. I listen every week!
I really enjoy this podcast! This is a great podcast that every Catholic, Christian believer, or anyone and everyone should listen to! It is truly enjoyable to listen to! I heartily recommend it to everyone and anyone! Fr. Roderick's inspirational words and tales are an inspiration for me and I love each episode! This is one of my TOP podcasts that I love listening to! Keep up the great work, Fr. Roderick!
thank you very much for Ministry, i pray to God that He may continue to Bless you and all your staff. your words, your trips"soundseings" are just unbelieavable. , May you continue blessing us with your words. i would like to see more videos. please continue yous ministry.you made it to the Hot 10
Fr. Roderick, I'm one of your podcast subscribers here from Philippines. Really loved your episode on "Clergy in Crisis". Was moved by how you defended our Church from those shepherds who, maybe due to weak interior life or doctrine, wanted to water down our Catholic doctrines/teachings and give in to the trends of this world. Aside from giving reviews to good movies, apps, etc, could you also point us to good media resources (movies, books, etc.) to enrich our christian life and love for the Church? More power to you and the whole SQPN team.