The Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Podcast

Reviews For The Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Podcast

5 Elements and Yin and Yang! I loved it. How everything can be infinitely divided into yin and Yang.
Really fun to hear a Chinese medicine show
The TCM has a good and self convincing theories. The effort is good Enough but need more explanation. Primary work. Keep it up. Thanks.
i am a student @ acupuncture school & i was hoping this could be interesting cast to listen to but it's a miss. it's a great idea to give people insight to the fundamental information to acupuncture but just not enough to catch my interest enough to subscribe to it.
I saw the reviews were low but i was still hopeful based on the topic. this is a REALLY BAD podcast. There are so many great ones out there and you take for granted those great ones. i suggest meditation oasis and mythoughtcoach. for more on acupuncture check out Knowledge of Healing DVD or asian health secrets dvd blessings.......
the actual content is great, but there isn't enough ! I'm in med school, and I really like learning about different approaches to medicine. Please make more ! Have a good one !