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I love this podcast and learn something every episode! I love how Carrie keeps the episodes short and to the point. Perfect for while in the car running errands or running the kids around!
I love listening to this podcast, always good information that I can incorporate into my business immediately or to think about for the future. Very encouraging and inspirational.
Informative, engaging, and inspiring! She Means Business has quickly become a favorite on my feed.
From inspiring stories from female entrepreneurs to incredible tips and tricks for getting your next venture off the ground, She Means Business Show is the podcast for you!! We could not recommend it more over here at GoodGood Investing!
From idea inspiration, to tips and tricks on building your business + lifestyle + passions, Carrie should be your go to girl and She Means Business should be your go to podcast!!


By JoieKya
Carrie delivers and her energy is inspiring ….
I love Carrie’s energy that she brings to each episode whether it is a solo episode or with a guest I always learn something new about myself.
I started at the newest and I am working backwards. I am on 94. After I listen to a few episodes I feel like I can conquer the world!!!! Thanks for your leadership and inspiration.
I have listened to the She Means Business Show for quite some time and always look forward to new episodes. Carrie is equal parts inspiring and informative.
Listening to carry is like getting a phone call from your best friend! She is so encouraging and authentic!
This is just what I needed to keep me motivated and not give up in my business. Trust this process and keep the vision
Really appreciate the honesty and humility that Carrie has as she shares her own ups and downs, even after having achieved massive success. This is the podcast I listen to when I’m in need of a pick me up.
I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
This podcast has been SO helpful in mindset shifting for me as I’m in the beginning stages of a new business. There have been some dark times and lots of self doubt, but every time I listen to an episode I feel better and walk away with new ideas. Thank you!!
I so appreciate how Carrie shares the good the bad and the ugly of the early days of building a business. Hearing her story truly makes me feel like I have what it takes to build the life I want if I choose it.
Carrie, host of the She Means Business podcast, highlights all aspects of entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Whether you’re well established as an entrepreneur, or just getting started carving out a profitable niche that’s ready to grow - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Carrie does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breath of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving business - and life you can be proud of - with leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
Thanks to Carrie for creating a show discussing such interesting & helpful topics :)
I love this podcast and Carrie is amazing. She is very knowledgeable and are her guest. She clearly understands the way to maximum success and wants to see all of her listener's and students thrive. She gives very actionable strategies and shares from her own expeirence. A must for growth as an entreprenuer!
If you do, this is a must listen. Carrie goes so far beyond formulas to increase your engagement on social media or build the perfect sales funnel. So much of the work of becoming a successful entrepreneur is done inside our minds and beliefs. Carrie encourages us to think about the person we need to become to reach our dreams and goals. Not something that can be measured by Google analytics or the number of Instagram followers you have. If you want success on the “outside”, you have to start on the “inside”, and Carrie’s the perfect one to help you do just that!
Kudos to highlighting women’s struggles that are often overlooked in the workplace. Equality has gone a long way - we’re almost there, but not yet! Thanks for contributing to a better future for everyone! To the hosts, awesome source! Love the energy of every episode!
Carrie is so inspiring and her episodes are always exactly what I need to hear. She also has the most fantastic guests that provide massive value. It can be lonely and difficult to be a solo entrepreneur, and I feel like Carrie is my biz bestie! So happy I found this show!
It’s so evident that Carrie cares about the people listening to her show! She delivers tangible advice, and brings on guests who are not just inspirational, but have a heart of service and care about what they do! Well done, Carrie!
I love Carrie, have been following her for years. Not everything is for ME, but I’ve always seen myself as an entrepreneur so I find her very relatable and appreciate her knowledge and learning because I always feel like I learned something meaningful or helpful after listening to her or reading something from her.
Carrie Green is conditioning me for success and helping me to get out of my shell and create the life that I've been dreaming about. This podcast has become a part of my morning routine.
Just listened to the how to make a million episode and I found it so inspiring and motivational. I can’t wait to dive in to all the other episodes! Thank you so much Carrie!!!! XOXOXOX
And I’m binging every episode! Love it.
As a female entrepreneur I often feel alone and a wee bit lost. It’s lovely to see a podcast dedicated to including me into the sisterhood of business.
Listened to a few episodes and already got some great new ideas and tips. Helps get me through my work day for sure!
This is the 1st time that I have listened to the She Means Business podcast but after listening to episode 83 I can tell you that it won't be the last time. Listening to this podcast felt like meeting with a coach! I highly recommend subscribing to this podcast and following the Female Entrepreneur Association. In just 18 minutes, Carrie made planning simple and provided real help, not fluff. Normally, when you hear the words business plan, you think complex. But, when it's broken down into 4 clearly defined steps with examples, tasks like handling social media and marketing and are no longer too complicated to master. Thanks Carrie!
She means business is an amazing podcast, episode 75 was perfect speaking to creating success through adversity. My new favorite podcast it is informative, real and hit homes on entrepenueral topics.
It takes a lot for me to want to listen to a podcast back to back to back, but this one has me hooked. I’m almost glad I didn’t find it right away so I can listen to several episodes!
I’m not even sure how I stumbled across Carrie’s podcast. Must have been a gift from God! I listened to 5 the first week and immediately signed up for her membership. This is exactly what my health coaching business needed! 💗
I love listening to this podcast! The stories are incredible and Carrie always does such a fantastic job. This is one of my go-tos when I need a little entrepreneurship inspiration!
Carrie Green’s quiet brilliance is just what the entrepreneur podcasting space needed! Together with her guests, she shares information that helps women seamlessly integrate life with business. I love it!
This channel is amazing! I really enjoyed the “How to Create Your Business Success Plan”. Carries does a great job at explaining why planning is important! I am excited to keep listening to her other podcasts!
They are so informative and upbeat! I love listening to this podcast in the morning on my way to work. It gets me excited and focused for the day. Highly recommend!
Carries a Greens book, She Means Business, was the first book I ever purchased when my business was just a blip in my mind. Her planner is a part of my every day journey and my roadmap to hitting my goals and now her podcast is part of my morning education to help me start my day! If you are a small business owner I cannot recommend her podcast enough!
Download this podcast if you really want to take your business to the next level. I love how simple and clear she elaborates the steps needed to make a business successful .


Very informative, a lot of great advice
I’ve been listening to podcasts for about a year and always struggle to branch out to new ones. FEA makes all of the information so relatable and easy to understand. I can’t wait to learn more and make my business better!
I read Carrie’s book, and have been following her for a few years, and she’s seriously one of my biggest business role models! This podcast feels like we’re getting to sit down for a cup of cocoa, and I always walk away from the episodes with so many new ideas I want to implement in my business! I love this podcast!!
I just discovered Carrie Green & FEA through Stu McLaren’s Tribe. Carrie’s members LOVE her and I can totally see why! Really enjoying the podcast :)
I have been a member of Carrie Green's FEA for a few years now and I love her work! She is a great resource and offers a wealth of information. Her podcast has been so inspirational and empowering! One of my favorite episodes is #81: How o Build A Succesful Business By Growing A Tribe of Suber Fans with Allie Casazza; it was AMAZING! I would highly recommend Carrie Green's FEA membership and her podcast to any woman who wants to improve their mind and their life!
I can’t get enough of Carries sweet style and real advice. Love listening to her podcast.
This podcast is seriously filled with so much beneficial content. It is so uplifting while teaching you how to successfully grow your your personal brand and business into something successful.
I love this podcast! I found Carrie’s after her book fell off the shelf and landed in front of my feet at a book store. Reed the first few pages at the store, bought the book and the rest is history! I’ve been following her and listening to her SMB Show podcast ever since. Whenever I’m feeling uninspired there is always something or someone to help encourage me in the FEA membership community which is also a great resource!
I have really enjoyed Carrie greens podcasts. I like the one about no one starts with perfection and how to create a simple membership site. She means business podcast is the best by far I have found for stating an online business.
The podcast is very powerful and inspiring for women in business especially on social media! Keep inspiring Carrie!