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BrainSync and the science of entrainment is solid, backed by years of clinical work and many of the people Kelly interviews are fantastic. The problem I have is is the interaction between Kelly and her guest are often cringe worthy. Topics often veer deeply into the law of attraction and Kelly comes across as "me too" in this space. I was disappointed with this podcast.
I listen to these podcasts to and from work, at home and anywhere I can. They have helped me so much...... They are such a blessing to the world.
I am so happy to see Kelly doing podcasts again. I love the energy and missed them. I found them this morning and listened to three already. Great information and ideas. Thank you Kelly and all the teachers she brings to us!
But where did it go? I haven't had an update since January, but there are more recent episodes on her website. Unfortunately, I don't know how to download them to my ipod. Such a bummer. It really is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to with headphones while I'm busy with my day.
Thanks Kelly keep up the great work. These podcasts have changed my life I can't thank you enough.
I love her voice and the themes! I am always learning new things!
I love the podcasts and I have your brain sync CDs, I have to listen everyday. I can't wait for more! Thank you so much for this beautiful material.
This had so many good reviews that I was almost ambivalent to try it - so many and it almost looks like they are shills. But I am really delighted and impressed. I feel like she's smarter and more articulate than her marketing indicates, so don't let that drive you away. These are extremely thought-provoking and insightful interviews - I prefer over npr and perhaps even wayne dyer and that lot. Highly recommend.
Kelly is such a good host and the guests are always interesting. Plus the sound quality is amazing. I'm hooked!! :) Please keep these shows coming!
This is positively the best podcast ever! Kelly's interviewing skills are unbeatable, she is so very intelligent, and her voice is beautifully calming and warm. I recently drove over 2500 miles, and I listened to Kelly's podcasts the entire time. I had my friend taking notes for me the whole way, because I was filled with so many insights and thought gems that I needed to be sure to not forget one of them!!! Kelly, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you do. You truly make a very special and meaningful difference in this world :) I hope that you will continue Theatre of the Mind for many years to come. Thank you...and bless you :) Sincerely, A Lifelong Loyal Listener :)
I feel that my mind has much more power now that I have knowledge of the law of attraction. I can wait for new podcasts! Thank you Kelly.
I travel A LOT for my work. It's great to have Kelly and her guest along for a 2 hour drive. I've been awakened to many teachings I was always interested in, but unable to find an outlet that could open them all up to me. Thank you for the podcast! Chris
Kelly is a great interviewer. She does her homework and she allows her guest to talk. The topics she chooses are amazing. I am a very spiritual person with Christian beliefs. I was hesitant at first because of the so called "new age" approach. I feel that Kelly speaks from the heart and freely admits she is on a learning journey with her listeners. She has changed my life and many others!!!! Thank you Kelly :))))
This is a great podcast for everyone interested in building their spirituality. Kelly has excellent interviews with amazing people. I learn something new from every podcast. I started from the beginning podcasts and have now listened to them all and can't wait for each and every new podcast to be published.
Kelly, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this pod cast. before this podcast, your music was the only music i was listening morning and evening, going and coming back from work to calm my mind and channel my energy.since this podcast, i listen to your subliminal music while listening to the podcast. The Heores that you've invited on this show are those who i was searching for a very long time. This podcast is a one stop solution to getting all the resources you need in the field of spirituality and enlightenment. thank you very much for being there for me.
found this podcast while browsing through itunes and am now about halfway through listening to all the episodes, and only on my 2nd week of listening. and i re-listen to several episodes as well. each one is inspiring and stimulating! i love it. awaiting the 100th episode, thank you kelly howell for such wonderful guests and always asking the right questions.
This is the cream of the crop when it comes to self-help podcasts. Kelly has amazing, informative guests and her topic choices are always interesting. I feel blessed that I'm able to get so much good information from a free podcast. If you are looking to improve your life in any way, subscribe to this podcast. Your mind will be opened and your heart will be filled.
I am a new listener and I love all the Kelly Howell podcasts. My favorite is Radical Forgiveness; an understanding to forgiveness in that we are all learning and sometimes people enter our lives to help us grow and learn - and sometimes not a pleasant experience. A good insight into forgiving others.
Awesome show. But now I'm starting to realize certain episodes cannot be downloaded from itunes. Am I missing something ?
I love this podcast. The only problem I have is there is no indication on the text or audio of when the podcast was recorded. I would like to listen to these in order but my MP3 player only lists them in alpha/numeric order. Kelly, I know you will read this. Can you put the date in the title of the podcast for better archiving? Thanks Keep up the good work.
I LUV listening to Kelly Howell I have been listening to that sweet soft voice for years now and believe me she is the best at what she one compare I have tried to listen to them all but I keep going back to my Kelly...way to go girl....u got it!
Always looking forward to the next podcast. Very inspiring.
I came across Kelly's show about a year ago and absolutely LOVE it! I listen to her shows over and over again hearing something new each time. She always has interesting & insightful guests. I highly recommend this show! Please keep up your amazing work, Kelly!
I don't know how this happened but I just found out that not everyone thinks the way I think , knows what others can't when talking to another , the whole 9 yards. At first , I thought that podcast was a joke. But I am 38 yrs old and Dr Honas knows exactly who I am and my parents think there is something wrong with me , I can't put im words what this just did for me. Thank you. Now I will be a singer outside of my home.
I've found "Theatre of the Mind" podcasts extremely enlightening! Ms. Howell is an exceptional guide through interviews with truly fascinating, exceptional and knowledgeable persons in the field. Each podcast inspires me to seek out more information on the interviewee and subject discussed. I've gone back through the archives and downloaded all the episodes available. It's that addictive! This is one series well worth a listen! Thanks, Ms. Howell and team! I definitely look forward to future episodes.
If everyone listened to Kelly the world would be an INCREDIBLE place. She is helping spread the word of learning how to resonnate on a higher level and manifest only good. She is a hero of mine. Thank you for helping me and many others live a joyful and prosperous life!
Kelly has some great guests. The best of them point out that the political stresses are created by both sides of the spectrum and that neither really has the answer to moving mankind forward. She regularly misses that point and falls back to defend liberal politicians and ideology. I see this too much in people who consider themselves "progressive spiritual thinkers". She sounds kind of funny when she completely misses the point her guest is making. For good examples see the Terry Cole Whitaker and Colin Tipping interviews.


By pmlaker
Yeah you must listen to Kelly's podcasts. I find them so interesting and I listen to them over and over. It really has made my life better in all sincerity. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this podcast! Kelly, thank you!
I think that this podcast is one of the best on Itunes! I recently stumbled across Kelly Howell's work at a time when I was really looking for a better way to live my life and along with Brainsync, Theatre of the Mind definitely pointed me in the right direction! This show is wonderfully informative and never lacks for interesting topics. Kelly is an extremely talented woman and when you're listening to her you can just tell that she was born to do this. Love your work, Kelly. Keep it up!
Kelly is a good host, sound quality and production are great. The content is another anything-goes, New Age free for all, no hard questions, no backing up anything claimed. It's an intellectual can of Spam.
This podcast features lots of interesting, fun and brilliant guests... who deserve a host who sounds more interested and engaged in the conversation. This is a really great resource if you're like me and have an insatiable curiosity for this type of subject matter. It's been a wonderful starting point for finding new perspectives and encountering topics that I want to research further by the time the show ends. Audio is really high quality as well, which is always a plus. The thing I have to get past episode after episode is the way the host seems disinterested and generic after each answer, as if she's bored and not motivated to try to convince anyone otherwise. I would think she'd want to really stay present and enjoy the privelege of conversing with these individuals! Anyway, this isn't a big enough problem to keep from listening, obviously; I'd definitely recommend people check out this podcast.
Wow, I can't say enough about Kelly's interviews from the vast array of subjects to her wonderful guests. My only complaint is that she doesn't do a Podcast every day!
Kelly great job with all of your interviews. I believe these podcast have, and will contine to help many individuals like me with our spiritual journeys. Incredibly thought-provoking to say the least! Keep up the great work and positive energy.
I have nothing to say except for the fact that I think this podcast is amazing! Kelly, keep doing your thing, we're all listening.
I cannot even begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed this podcast series. I have been a student of the human mind for some years now, and I have tried to constantly find new information to study, once I found this series I have not been able to put it down, with it's vast range of topics and information. I want to thank whoever came up with this series, you have no idea how valuable this has been for me and my life.
I can't say enough about Kelly Howell and these podcast interviews. I find Kelly's mediations a gift and these podcasts broaden my exposure to life, spirituality, Thank you Kelly.
Awesome! I love this podcast! very well done with a good balance of material. It is the first one I always check for new updates. Kelly knows her path well. Because of her research and knowledge, I have purchased additional downloads. As an ADD adult High Focus is very effective. I use it at the office... often. Keep up the great work!
Kelly Howell's line up of guests on this podcast are outstanding, highly interesting, and able to offer real world applications for true spiritual growth. I've become so enamored with the show that I'll listen to numerous shows throughout any day just as I might have listened to music. These podcasts have opened me up to a universe of possibilities and help me to know my self and find my own path. Highly recommended!
I love this podcast. It is great listening, and has so much good information. Keep it up Kelly!
Wow what an amazing show! I really love these podcasts - they are always very enlightening!
Kelly Howell provides a tremendous service to those of us who are interested in spirituality, the mind, and new science. I.e., if you enjoyed What the Bleep you will love this. She brings on a diverse array of experts in everything from the more mainstream to the more "out there"--but all respected experts in their fields. I love listening to these podcasts on long road trips. I have found many helpful books, new ideas, and inspiration from this podcast. This is some of the most intellectually-sound, thought-provoking new science and spirituality material out there, presented in a very smart, savvy way. Keep doing this podcast, I love it!
For the most part I am a sceptic when it comes to most of the topics that are presented but I listen with an open mind and hopefulness that there is some truth within. The topics are very interesting and I have listened to allmost all of the episodes and several of them more than once. Keep up the good work Kelly!
I love listening to this podcast as I commute to and from work. New to a lot of the subjects, I feel so much more enlightened and positively energized after hearing - so much so I even have favorite episodes now I listen to again and again.
Kelly thank you so much for keeping me informed of new books and events that keep me on my path! Keep up the amazing work!
This podcast is life changing! I love the new perspectives, expert advice on how to take control of your life, inspiration, and new fields of research to think about that are consistently provided with every episode. The way the information is presented is also interesting. Each expert interviewed is passionate with what they do, so the interview isn't monotonous or boring, like many interviews can be. I hope the episodes keep coming!
I rarely write reviews, but I really enjoy this podcast. Kelly presents a broad range of ideas, most which interest me, and I find the podcast to be a great introduction to many fascinating topics and authors. I haven't been impressed with some of the interviewees, but that's fine. There are enough that click for me to keep my attention. I wish there were more podcasts like Theatre of the Mind. I don't understand why some of the reviewers would be so offended by Kelly inviting her guests to plug their books, sites, workshops, etc., or by a few seconds of sponsor mention at the beginning. It's a free podcast, people, and the plugs take up a small fraction of their time! ...and they don't interrupt the program. If you enjoy the messages, help the messengers make a living (or at least don't complain when they try to)! I'm sure you get paid for the work you do, right? ;) Anyway, thanks, Kelly! Nice work.
I came across this podcast i believe by accident. 2007 was a year of such trials, and heartaches and life lessons to be learned. Divine spirit brought me to learn with miss howell. This is an amazing thing she is doing. you have uplifted my spirit and soul with your interviews. To everyone, just listen to any of the episodes. you will learn something and apply it within your life. Thank you kelly. May GOD bless you and your family. Thank you for this, from the bottom of my heart i sincerely thank you thank you thank you!!!!