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I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
Marie, host of the Marie Forleo Podcast, highlights all aspects of self-improvement and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
I've been a fan (and customer) of Marie since 2014 when I started my own business and joined her B-School program (and her Copy Cure program). Across every medium, she consistently and powerfully delivers unique insight, actionable tips, and refreshing advice - all done with wit and personality to boot. Highly recommend her podcast for great interviews on how to have a better, more meaningful business and life. And her book too!
Marie, host of the Marie Forleo podcast, highlights all aspects of inspiration and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Hey Marie! Oh Marie! Jersey and Regular Maries have taught me so much! You have connected me to other podcasts that are changing my life. #TerriCole And you have helped me immensely with 2 businesses I've had. The Milky Way is the limit! Thank you for all the wisdom and energy you bring. 🙏🏼
This is one of the most insightful podcasts that I have ever come across! Marie does such a great job of sharing her wisdom and I love how she leads meaningful conversations with guests who bring so much experience to the table. Highly recommend checking this show out - you won’t be disappointed!
A few years ago I was at a conference and I bumped into Marie walking through the hall and while our interaction was brief it was enough that it left the impact on me that years later I still consider and call her a mentor. I follow what she does and I read all of her books because her authenticity and power as a human being is what I think people need, and I know that I need it for myself. Have a great amount of admiration for Marie and for what she’s doing in the world
This episode was life changing! I feel like I had at minimum 5 different light bulb moments. Thank you for always digging deeper and sharing with us Marie!


By ba/ba
Marie you give of yourself and it shows. I am trying to stay motivated for projects I need to finish. I thank you for your everything is figure out able tips.
Truly one of a kind, Marie possesses an energy and enthusiasm for helping her clients succeed that comes through in all she does. B-school is the bomb, and I love having her podcast as an ongoing resource. Keep bringing the goods! Cheers!🥂 Mary Michele Wine Women & Style podcast
I love listening to this podcast because I learn things and feel more optimistic when I do.
Love. Love love. Marie is my pretend best friend and I literally ask myself, “what would Marie do?” 🧐 and you know works! I hear her awesome voice motivating me and I get my booty in gear. She is a gift in this world and we are blessed to have her podcast and show to enjoy and inspire.
Marie does such a good job covering a variety of topics. You can tell Marie puts a lot of time and effort into making her episodes. Her guests offer awesome advice as well. I would recommend this show to anyone looking to be inspired!
This podcast is epic! Marie’s style, heart, and straight up wisdom Is the perfect combo to lift me up when I’m in a funk or having a bad day. It’s a sure fire way to have a laugh, learn something new, and feel inspired :)
This podcast will give you inspiration, tips, and guidance for creating the best you possible and your best life possible. Great interview with Arian Simone and love her message and approach on how to transition “from fear and lack to faith and abundance.”
Love Marie’s actionable ideas to being a better person!
Always helpful. Love this show
Marie Forleo has helped me so much! Such a great show!
I never thought I wanted to start a business...until I started listening to Marie’s podcast. She helps nurture your intuition, gives you the confidence to think outside of the box, and provides the tools to get you there! Her content and guests have lit the creative fire within. Plus, she sounds incredibly fun, kind, and supportive—she’a rooting for you in the stands like your own personal cheerleader. Maybe someday we can have a dance party together. Thank you for all you do, Marie!!
I have been following u since I was recommended by a coach... it was referred with context when I was struggling to identify my potentials... now it’s going to be an year since I follow... surely u r a part of my motivation.... Wishing u luck n much love Queen bee (Laveena Pinto)
The other day I had a few hundred emails that needed read, of all of them that day one of the ones from you Marie stood out, “stop searching for your purpose” when I read that I knew I had to read more. I ended up on this podcast with Rha and it was exactly what I needed that day. I love the message of going to where the love is in your life. I will definitely listen to this episode several more times! Thank you both💕
I have no idea how it took me this long to find Marie Forleo but now I can’t stop absorbing every piece of content she has to offer. I started by joining the Copy Cure, then read Everything is Figureoutable, and now I’m currently working my way back through every podcast episode and loving every single one so much that I will likely to continue to listen to them all on repeat because each one contains such valuable information. Thank you Marie for changing my life!
Marie, thank you so much for having Marisa on your show. I actually cried…I’ve never been more moved by a podcast. Her story and message are so inspiring and IMPORTANT. Especially in the current state of our world. Thank you for using your platform and voice to share the voices of those who truly deserve to be heard ❤️ Can’t wait time check out scoops of inclusion.
Marie refuses to refund my $1,400 for a course her analytics show I never took and instead of being a mature and wise woman, she blocks me from Instagram and Facebook for asking her to refund my money. She has been using Oprah’s name for years to sign people up for her course, how much money has she made from that endorsement alone, millions? Yet, I am asking for my money back since she has given me nothing but stress and grieve and she says she is keeping my money regardless of what the analytics say or the fact that she never called me or even bothered to find out why I wasn’t taking the course. Why does she deserve my $1,400 for doing absolutely nothing, zero?
I can’t tell you how many interviews I listened to with Dr Edie. I found your interview to be one of the best I have heard. You were amazing @marieforleo. Her story is fascinating and I find listening to your podcast so motivating. Marie you are a true inspiration and thank you for all the wonderful work you do!!
Gosh I don’t even know where to start, the podcast came up as recommended for me so I decided to listen to it during my workout, I ended up binging it! The episode with Sheri Riley and Arian Simone were incredible! Exactly what I needed in this season, they spoke to my soul, encouraged my spirit and I went and got both their books for myself and friends!! Thank you for creating a powerful platform Marie, full of encouragement and faith!!
Marie not only gives the best advice for creating a successful, heartfelt business but she’s also a role-model for me as a woman. She’s self-confident, real, curious, and she exudes passion for helping others. She’s generous, kind, and a strong assertive woman. I’m taking my time with B School, digging in, and taking notes. With Marie on my side I have confidence in my ideas because I know whatever happens I am resourceful enough to figure it out!
I became obsessed with Marie. Not only her wisdom is guiding me through my life, but she is also funny and very real. She is one of my favorite humans and I don’t even know her personally. She is inspiring and inspired. I love her <3
Disappointed. Marie did not figure it out. She just gave up and walked away from 31,000 people who loved her and believed in her. As a white woman, I was so proud of how she was showing us the way, being vulnerable, learning, changing in front of our eyes. I was making changes and learning as well. Then she just walked away. It was much too hard to figure out. Very disappointed.
Thank you Marie for being the voice who encourages growing and following ALL of your dreams. In a world that tells you, you only have to be one thing and can only achieve one thing at a time you break the norm. I appreciate you and your beautiful soul! I’m a huge fan and can’t wait to learn more from you and support your amazing work!
Thank you, Marie for sharing your copy writing magical tips and also your fun personality. I was engaged the entire time and I really learned a lot. Thank you for sharing great and super practical tips! I feel so much more confident about tackling copy writing just from your 11 minute podcast! Sooooooo many thanks❤️, Denise
Great interviews that make me want to hear more. ❤️
Marie is my go-to for solid business and life advice! Her strategies are simple and actionable. Her personality is quirky and hilarious. Her heart is enormous and always in the right place. 12/10 would recommend this podcast
Marie’s fun spirit combined with great content makes every episode a listening experience. Her YouTube videos are also great.
Marie shut down conversations online about race, showing her prejudice through her complicit silence and her unwillingness to pay for extra moderation in an emergency. There was always something I couldn’t quite get into about her, so it’s nice to have the validation that her content is a definite SKIP #BlackLivesMatter, #JusticeforFloyd, #BreonnaTaylor, #JusticeforAhmaud, #TonyMcDade
Absolutely fantastic, just like everything Marie does ❤️ I love how she makes sure concepts are explained and I can pretty much see what is going on. The subjects always hit close to home and are helpful and fascinating. Thank you Marie 🤗
This is a fun podcast to listen to with so many actionable takeaways. Great guidance with high quality content.
While you tend to see that same interviewees on a circuit at the time if a book release, CD release, etc. Marie brings a fresh approach to her interviews. I’ve seen the same person interviewed by different hosts and her guests respond to her upbeat energy and offbeat questions, you can hear ir when they let their guard down and get real instead of responding with the same talking points they hit on most shows, her genuine interest in people shine through!


By baharra
Hi , I have started listening to your podcast on 6 pm while working on my website till 1:50 am ( that’s right now). Love your energy Bahar with love from Tehran, Iran
Marie says it as it is, genuinely no BS included, & she speaks from the heart. Grateful for your true blue honesty, interviews, & candid advice. Everything is figureoutable, Put your A** where your Heart wants to BE”.
I’m extremely thankful for finding Marie Forleo and her amazing work. This is the first time in my life I feel this desire to express myself through words, especially written words. I’m inspired to to see how I can crossover to the other side of fear and see what it is to have people read my work.
Marie, Thank you so much! You’re amazing. I love you and I love all your content. You are so funny... you seriously crack me up! Thanks for being so generous and authentic. This is one of the BEST podcasts out there. Love you!
Thank you for your presence, showing up every day and giving back. You are hilarious and downright real. As a New Yorker (and fellow Sicilian) I appreciate your candid nature & bubbly personality. Your podcast has been really helpful- especially during this time. I’m more than halfway through your book & it’s been a game changer for me. Thanks girl ✌🏻 Love ya, Catherine
Marie Forleo, thank you! You’re doing a great service to the world in the work you do. I’ve been following you for at least four years and your way of cultivating love, integrity and conscious action into running a business has helped me bring my dreams to life as I offer service to my community. I run a yoga studio that specializes in Yoga for Backcare & Scoliosis. I love what I do and feel grateful to be able to work doing what I love. Thank you for the MANY offerings you share - you inspire me and so many others and help keep things on point with love and good vibes!
I finished this whole podcast in 1 month! That’s 320 something episodes up to today!! Keep them coming Marie! Thank you for all these gold!!!
Your podcasts are so much fun and have great practical advise. I love your wiley ways and intelligence.
I love the show, my only complaint is that I wish there were more longer episodes. With that said... I totally love everything you are doing!
Best way to get inspired is to get a quick boost of reality! You always dish out some great advice with tons of vavoom! I’m Loving the podcasts and ideas. Thanks
It’s so useful to have reassuring voice who can remind you “you can do this”. And beyond that, I get the details that no one else is putting out there. It makes business joyful!