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Huge fan of this podcast. Been listening to this podcast for over 6 years. Amazing music every week! The 2 hour quarantine mixes were awesome. Keep up the good work!
The best podcast ever! I'm about to buy an iPod just for these podcasts! Love your DJ's. You just keep getting better and better.
This podcast is bada$$. Spinning all the classics of yesteryear and today. Keep on spinning I’m a fan for life.


By fflo5
Best house music ever!
I live in the United States (San Diego California) Sam Devine come visit us here.
House Music All Night Long!
Great sampling of artists, and I love the various playlists each week!!
Sam divine is the best host / DJ love the show πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»


By Neutek
The most consistent on updating weekly! Really love when Melvo is up! Love the radio voices too;] This podcast gets me through cubicle life, gym and the humdrum. Luv from Sa, tx!
Keep it coming and thanks for the awesome music!
I love defected and every artist on the label. Sam Divine is Queen! πŸ™Œ


When I subscribe I don't see the cover of your podcast. Can you fix it?
I'm not able to skip tracks any longer. I've been listening to this podcast over a few years. However since October 2016 I haven't been able to skip tracks. It's only one long continuous track. There is no description of the titles any longer either. Something has changed and I can't get my message across. Very disappointed about this bc I use to be able to skip tracks and replay tracks in my car.
I love this podcast
A must listen for all House Music Lovers. Deep and soulful dance music! Enjoy
Best house music I have heard since 2003/4, where has it been hiding, I thought house music died...... I was very wrong
While the music is undoubtedly great there are problems getting to it. Downloads are SLLOOOWWW and previous shows as early as dec aren't accessible anymore. Eg. The three shows with last years top 50. Most of the time previous shows won't even download of they're over 3-4weeks old. I love this podcast but they need to sort themselves out!!
Defected is the bomb! This is my main source for getting the latest and hottest house music. I look forward every week to listening to the Defected podcast. I miss Aaron Ross,but the Copyright boy's are holding it down!
You guys must have a slow Internet connection because mine downloaded quickly on my IPhone. I love it guys keep the good music coming!
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...downloading an episode is sooooooooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooooow
Why does this podcast literally take hours to download? I'm subscribed to dozens of podcast that all take only a few minutes to download while this one can take up to 8 HOURS. Please sort out your defective podcast!
Lots lots love guys!!! I just can't stop listening!! Keep it up!!!
Almost a year knowing about u in Cairo And for me and all my friend u are the most hot wicked dancing podcast that I will never stop listening to Thanks for uor hard work
Lovin it!!


Great show every podcast is smackin' good beats. Love defected.
Got hooked on Defected ever since I saw Simon Dunmore and Shovell at ZoukOut back in 2009!! Awesome podcast, keep it going :-)
Long time listener, always a great podcast! So how can I get my hands on the "Rolling in the deep" remix played on the latest show?
Wanna check out upcoming Defected video podcast. Will there be one soon, it has been awhile since.
Where are all the newer podcasts at?!?
But from time to time is full of distortion!
Absolutely love these mixes. Iphone users have an amazing user-friendly menu with complete track listings and selectable songs. Bring in more "In The House" sets for 2010!
this is a great way to showcase the new and the old! with podcasts like this, HOUSE will be back big time! thanks for serving us these beats!
I have been a subscriber to this podcast for quite a while now and it seems as if almost every time I try to download a video podcast, they never either start or they just download about 1 meg and then stall. I surely hope you guys can fix this as I really dig your podcasts.
What tind of podcast is this that last for 8 min.????? Whats the deal??
Keep house music alive. I love your show.
this has to be the best podcast so music rules ....a definit must have
Dat house music thang. . .you see. . . it's it's it's it'sa a spiritual thang, you dig me?. . .just makes you wanna. . .give you body up to the music. . .it makes you wanna. . .shout! shout! shout!. . .it makes you wanna te te te-stify (Can I get a Witness?). . .it's house music, HOUSE music, HOUSE music, House music, when you down and out. . .HOUSE MUSIC. . .when you ain't alright. . .it's HOUSE MUSIC. . .it's house music at the SHELTER @ 9 a.m. on a SUNDAY Mornin'. . .it's HOUSE MUSIC. . .and you can dance! dance! dance! Dance until it feel alright! It's House music and it's on Defected! for Love of House for Love of Beats just for the Love of House Music Now. . .do you know House? Peace -IbouDiop
Defected in the House .......Defected in my MIND!!!!
Defected in the House: You give the world a fat beat and a big smile.
House/Dance music is alive and strong and is making a major comeback thanks to labels like Defected. Some people don't truly understand House's a feeling..a body thang..and soul thang. It's one of the only forms of music where you can dance how you want, wear what you want and be who you are and no one judges you. The podcasts are awesome! I just wish they were longer!....Tim from Trenton, NJ
Thank God! Defected brings the swagger to itunes. Where are the full length cd releases????
Finally! One of the best House labels shows love to their fans. Defected keep e'm commin. Maybe an exclusive two hour set would be nice.
This is a great sampling of the artists on the Defected label. Great grooves!