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I freaking love this show! It’s such a quick pick me up, words of encouragement, and just a serious boost from my entrepreneurial spirit! Thank you so much Cara!
I love listen to this podcast on my way to work.
Cara, host of the Style Your Mind podcast, highlights all aspects of self-improvement, entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
As someone who accidentally came across your podcast I couldn’t stop playing them and listened to three in a row. I have been in a funk for months and I am ready to pep myself up into the woman I know I am and this is what I needed! Shared multiple times
I’ve honestly never written a review for a podcast before! I just Listened to the latest episode with Leah Gervais and it what is more than what I expected and what I needed to hear. You can tell the authenticity and real passion that both of these women have for life. I appreciated every second! I feel on fire to take real action in my own life!
Cara’s episodes always offer something valuable to reflect on and ultimately help me be more intentional with my time and my energy. Definitely recommend!
And please stop clicking your mouth every couple of sentences. You sound stuck up. And New York wasnt “a different animal” compared to everywhere else and “different”. It was hard everywhere. You’re just self centered so of course you though it was the worst around you.
Each episode is so good! Cara gets to the heart of a topic and isn’t afraid to go deep, asking the questions we all really want to ask. Cool, yet relatable, Cara is amazing at bringing women together (her community is fab) and helping to empower them to be our best selves! Cheers!🥂 Mary Michele Wine Women & Style podcast
Listening to all of the inspirational businesses and activities that are talked about on the podcast are amazing, and awesome! I enjoy the content and how I can use it in my life! Thank you for your time and contributions!! Your awesome!! Lisa j.
Love this podcast feeling so Powerful right now I’m definitely subscribing ❤️
Love this podcast! Cara does such a good job covering a variety of topics. She brings on great guests and they have such good advice too! I would recommend this podcast to all the ladies in my life!
Thank you for sharing this beautiful message!! I needed this reminder. “Run the day of the day runs you”. Love it! 💗Stefanie
I love all of Cara’s podcasts, but the episode with Star Monroe was fabulous! At 48, I completely relate to midlife as being a message from our bodies to take care of ourselves and own our Power! It’s not about what society tells us we should look like, act like; we already hold so much energetic power and we are beautiful inside and out. Listen to this one, it’s like a chat with your two best friends!
Honestly I’ve been skimming for different podcasts that make me wanna jump outside of my own comfort thoughts. I wanted to get challenged and feel some sort of a drive towards life. I found exactly that through this podcast. It definitely makes me questions some serious things in my life LoL but in a good way. It’s so inspiring I dig it! I’m new and I’m already in love with the podcast.
This show is a must-listen for female entrepreneurs. I love that with every episode, the listeners walk away with insights that they can tangibly implement in their life and business.
The last episode on channeling your unapologetic self was exactly what I needed to hear. Currently going through this issue now with standing my ground and the “guilt” that comes with it. Thank you for that episode - it helped me sooo much 💜
Anytime I’m feeling uninspired or unmotivated, I listen to Cara and in that short amount of time I become and feel so powerful.
Great podcast! I love to listen when I’m in a rut, because it inspires me.
I truly love Style Your Mind! It's like having a chat and being given THE best advice by one your besties. Smart, concise, open, but always spot on, Cara Alwill delivers the goods for modern women who plan on conquering it all. She rocks!
What an amazing podcast! I always feel more motivated and clear headed after listening to this!!
Every episode I’ve listened to so far has been so inspiring!
Love your work keep it coming!
Cara always speaks the truth and her podcasts are always right on time! So classy and her words flow so effortlessly! Love this podcast so much!
I’ve listened to several of Cara’s episodes over the last couple weeks. She’s insightful and truly helpful to the female entrepreneur. I very much recommend. I will also add (after reading a lousy review) that I enjoyed the Amanda Frances episode. To me, it’s empowering and also exciting to hear what self-made women have been able to create when they learn how to believe in themselves and get absolutely unapologetic about their desires! Especially when they’re helping 1000s of others along the way! Excellent job ladies! Keep making those millions and sharing how you do it!
I’ve never taken the time to write a review on a podcast but Style Your Mind is everything and more you could ever imagine! She has wonderful guests, her advice and insight is brilliant and, what I like the most, is the fact I can implement the ideas almost always in my day to day life to build a better lifestyle for myself. Take the time to listen, you won’t be disappointed.
My favorite part of Cara’s podcast is every topic relates to me in some capacity and always inspires me. Cheers to styling the life of your dreams with Cara and her guests!
Again- the Amanda Frances seemed super braggy. Normally I love this podcast. I love Cara’s books and Instagram & find her really inspiring. However the last episode with Amanda Frances really lost me. It was really hard to listen to her go on about her millions of dollars, huge home, etc. It all just seemed fake & really lost me. I was looking forward to learning something about money, but it just felt so not genuine & made me not want to give her any of my money.
Seriously. I have never written a review before for a podcast, but this particular episode was like she was inside my mind! I scroll and listen to about 4 minutes of a bazillion business podcasts every night and this one spoke to me. I listened to it twice and took notes. 😜Honestly, I was scared to listen to another because I didn’t want to lose that magic. GUESS WHAT?!? IT DIDN’T! I need more! 2am and I’m off to find all things Cara! Thank you so much for seeing, hearing and speaking to me!🥰
Cara, host of the Style Your Mind Podcast, highlight all aspects of entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
I am a new mom of 7 month old twins and life has been a little bit challenging to say the least. While I was struggling with postpartum depression this podcast truly helped me get into a more positive and productive mindset!! I listen every morning while working out. Cara is definitely relatable and gives great advice. I cannot wait to become part of her Style your mind academy. My favorite episode of many is “Spring cleaning your spirt.” Thank you so much Cara and please give us more. So obsessed. -Xoxo
Whether you’re already deep into your journey of authentic health and wellness, or just getting started organizing your life around celebrating who you are - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Cara does an incredible job leading conversations that cover the entire range of mental, emotional, spiritual and cultural challenges we all face learning to navigate the transition to an effervescent life. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
If you want a podcast to light a fire inside of you to get everything you've ever dreamed of done, this is it. From everything to entrepreneur business tips, health and lifestyle, and having other great minds on as guests. Cara is MY FAVORITE.


By not-fan
This reminds me of nails against chalkboard.
I found Cara’s podcast while searching for inspirational podcasts to get me out of the extreme funk I have been in. A new business owner, a momma to a 2 year old, and 15 weeks pregnant with my second, just bought a home, I should be SO thrilled right? Well I haven’t been. I’ve been so burnt out and totally unmotivated. After listening to just one of her podcasts I already felt motivated to work towards bettering my mindset! I have a bunch of the episodes downloaded now! Thank you so much Cara!
This podcast helps my business and my life through mindset. What a master Cara is in her craft.
Hi, Cara I love your podcast. Although I’m still catching up on episode, I let it play so I can catch up on episodes and I came across the one with Stephanie. I really needed to hear this. I have used an avatar method for years that I am now creating content to get out into the world and this was a big help. I am a big believer in if you have an idea and don’t act on it, it will passed along or get to you another way. I love your vibe and work. I can’t wait to show you my work as well as maybe work with Stephanie.
Cara never fails to make me feel inspired. Her words are genuine and are always close to heart. She really opens my mind to a different world of positivity. She is the mentor/friend I’ve always needed!
If you imagined a bunch of cliche Pinterest quotes put together that’s what this podcast and her books sound like. Really wanted to like her but it’s a waste of time unless you are into the genre of “#GIRLBOSS”. Wait that might actually have been the title of one of her books? HA.


By Storo09
A friend of mine sent me this. Loved it. Could have not listened to it a better time. I suffer from major future tripping. I’m constantly over thinking everything without it even happening. School tends to be what usually triggers it for me so it was really nice to hear that is okay to feel anxious about thing sometimes but is good to come back to the present.
This podcast gives me so much and I truly enjoy every episode. Thank you Cara!
Cara lights the way for us to live a life that blows our minds, and not feel guilty about it!!! This woman is the real deal!
I absolutely love Cara and the Style Your Mind podcast. I’ve been listening for a couple years now and she’s so honest about the entrepreneur journey and about success as a writer. She’s inspirational and really wants us all to succeed and be happy.
I really enjoyed “speak it into existence “ that’s something that I’m currently going through. So this podcast helped a lot. Thank you!!
Cara is a real deal ! A strong leader with clear vision how to help you to assist you and guide you till you are able to succeed on your own ! Thanks for the inspiration! Vlad , OG TALK NYC


This was very detailed. I like how I got a lot in a just a few minutes. Thank you
I’ve only just recently started to listen to this show, I’m new to podcasts altogether, but I have already fallen in love with it! I’m so grateful for her to be sharing so much insight with the world! Cara has shown herself to be so helpful and focused on motivating and guiding women to be the best versions of themselves. Thank you!!