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Love the podcast. Only started listening to podcasts a few months back. Along with EA, VF is one of my favorites (Matt's "Sundae" on podcastle is still my single episode fave). Facts are obstacles, half-truths are labyrinths, fiction is both beginning and end. Somewhere in the in-between is the reality we seek…imagination…just imagine.
Love that Noah story. Such an interesting tale. Very creative.
It might not be what the creators would rather I say, here, but it bears saying: It's not about the stories. (Go ahead and skip to the last bit, if you like; I get preachy sometimes, I know:) The stories are fine; they're cleverly or thoughtfully conceived, maybe occasionally inspired, and they are consistently well-written, and well-selected. However, it's not about the stories. In this current timeframe, thereis no shortage of excellent fiction zipping and zanging around the internet to sing of its creators' hopes and dreams of a 70s-style 'famous author' lifestyle (...ain't gonna happen. sorry. I wanted it, too. Those days are over, like the 'no-cell-phones in sci fi' days, or the 'thank goodness for Soviet Russia' fish-in-a-barrel spy novel days - time marches on!). I mean, I am the first person to really criticize a thing to death, and even I have to admit that the fiction available in podcast form is top notch. Even the smallest podcasts of that certain special genre have a massive pile of submissions to be picky over, and the editors are able to avoid scraping any barrels for their content. Plenty of hopefuls out there with plenty of talent and lots of clever or meaningful or sentimentally satisfying things to write about. Our world does not lack pathos, and there is not a shortage of unaccredited, highly articulate, and at least occasionally motivated speakers to milk it. (resume here:) It's the production quality that earns those five-star ratings, my friends. It's the polished presentation - it speaks of true love. It's that care and attention lavished on mood, sensitive sound design, and *consistently* excellent engineering (something even the flagship fiction podcasts coughEscapeArtistscoughcough seem to have a lot of trouble with) ~ and, yes, it's the dulcet and disturbingly serene tones of Mr Rick Springer. It wasn't until this recent update that I realized how much I've been missing this team's contribution to the podscape of fiction. Miss you, folks.
I've been listening to 'casts from a variety of venues including escape pod and the like and I really want to like this 'cast and its stories but the background music that is dubbed on each 'cast is really ruining the stories. It is so distracting,, it left me very put off this ... frequency.. and that is too bad for the artists, i suppose. Stop dubbing the dippy canned music over the narration and i'll be happy to return and recommend others to do likewise.
This podcast is great! Each story stands alone and I have yet to find one that I didn't like! Keep up the great work!
Rick Stringer's Variant Frequencies podcast consistently thrills. His readings are silky and pitch perfect; the stories sublime. If you like your stories dark and fantastic, then this is your kind of podcast.
The writers and presenters of the Variant Frequencies podcast have managed to deliver a vast array of intense sci-fi and horror stories. No matter which writer's work they present, it's always a great production and an even better story. And Matt Wallace's work is some of the best of genre fiction, hands down. The Failed Cities Monologues is far and way the most engrossing parallel universe story that holds the mirror up to our "now" to show the reader despair, destruction, and anarchy. As you travel through the tapestry of characters, listening to each one tell their parts of the story in turn, you are left a deep sense of who they are, why they are, and more importantly, where they're ultimately going in life. Wallace's genius of the tale is to finally turn all the mayhem into a sense of hope. I highly recommend this to anyone new to podcast fiction or looking for the ultimate speculative fiction fix.
Consistently intelligent, entertaining stories performed by an excellent staff. This podcast is an excellent addition to anyone who enjoys fantasy, horror and/or scifi. The only thing lacking in this podcast is quantity, I have enjoyed the vast majority of the stories I have listened to from this podcast.
I subscribe to many short fiction podcasts, and this is one of the best . The stories are of high quality, the readings are wonderful, and the audio is always good. I can't believe there are so few reviews! I just wish they came out more than once a month (though, as often as not, you get a bonus episode.) Very well done podcast, all around.
This podcast has excellent sound production, vocal talent, and some of the best new fiction out there. Bravo.
Great mix of sci-fi, horror and just plain wierd stuff. Excellent writing and narration. Production quality is some of the best out there.


By RpRpRp
This is some of the best story-telling I've found being podcasted.
one of my favorite podcasts, this feed produces great works of fiction each month, and are always worth the wait and often worth keeping. If you like audio books, you will LOVE this podcast. Very varied in their stories, this podcast isn't afraid in getting down into the grit. Looking forward to more!
Great stories! Always somewhat disturbing. Dont miss out on the Failed Cities Monologues....WOW. Its really refreshing to hear stories that arent afraid of adult content. This well produced podcast defintely helps me get thru my work days. Keep up the good work!
I made the mistake of starting with their earliest stuff and gave up on them. Then I saw they won the Parsec Award for The Failed Cities Monologues. I gave them another chance and never once regretted it. It was nice coming in on Fail Cities once it was complete. I download the whole thing and listened to it on an extended business trip. It got me through a week of boring meetings far from home. What a phenominal story! I can't wait to hear more from this team of very creative people. Excellent stories. Great sound production.
The Failed Cities Monologes, which is one story told by this podcast is nothing short of amazing. The writing, the voice talent, and the production are all top notch and I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys superb storytelling.
I love this podcast.The stories are always uniquely dark with surprising plot twists. Very well written and an excellently produced. One of my Favorites!!
Consistently excellent writing coupled with high production values and excellent reading/voice acting througout the podcast have made for a very exciting and enjoyable listening experience. The Failed Cities Monologues dystopian world is both repellent and captivating, and the people that tell the story of the city are also repellent and captivating. Well worth every minute listening.