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Best podcast ever. Best stories , best storytellers, funniest dudes . 10/10 recommend!!!
Such a fun, friendly podcast. Excellent stories and interesting banter. My new podcast addiction
I’ve listened to this podcast since the first episode and can say it is my favorite! Brennan and Ian were meant to work together! This is obvious in every episode and especially in the outtakes! Their intro music has a special place in my heart because every time I hear it, I know I’m going to have a great time listening! To be %100 fair, if I had to name one thing that I don’t like, I’d have to say it’s having to wait for the next episode :) Keep it up guys! You’re the best!
I admit this was the first real podcast I ever listened to. I was trying to find something to do while doing other tasks and it was the spooky season so searched for some ghost stuff. I was instantly hooked, to the point that after listening to the first couple of episodes I had purchased their books and the book of a guest. Great story tellers and great conversation!
Tbh I didn’t really like the podcast at first listen. For some reason I didn’t want to shelf it so I kept listening. After about the 3rd or 4th episode I found I was hooked. The guys are very funny and they have wonderful podcast voices. The stories are pretty creepy but not too creepy which is perfect for me. As a mom of 3 small kiddos I need my escape, but I also need my sleep.
I often try to find educational pod casts because you know what they say...knowledge is power. It’s even better if I can find funny educational pod casts because I tend to remember the stories better. Having said that, I also love ghost stories and have every since I was a kid and had my own experience. One day I was looked up the topic of ghost and found the Ghost story guys logo. I liked the logo and thought heck yes let’s see what these guys bring to the table! At the time they were about 6 months old and oh my gosh! I love how they tell the stories, the music they play, and how they like to give additional historic background information to the places they have been, and they will both tell you about their intuitive abilities about places and people. I also love how they pick on each other! The some of the best gems can be found at the end when they give brief little funny outtakes of their recordings. Additionally, talk about their struggles in life and I honestly appreciate knowing we all go through things even these two famous guys. (I want Brennan to feel special so I added this part. Ian doesn’t need his ego stroked. Lol) I feel like I know them. I can’t wait for the next pod cast and often force myself to wait a few extra weeks just so I can enjoy more than one episode at a time because I’m always sad when the stories end after one pod cast. I listen to a lot of pod casts but this is my favorite one hands down! Just so you know they love to read these reviews (and is also the reason I’m putting this in). They make my day better and I have to tell you I’m thankful for them. I will be making a trip up to Canada one day to meet them. (I’m an introvert so the fact that I would go out of my way and willingly meet people really should tell you how much I like them). By the way they also are published writers! You will learn more in the pod casts as well. Another fun gem with Ian and Brennan. Take a listen. They are amazing!
As a listener in the U.S. right now, all I can say is thank God for our Canadian friends in the North. This podcast, with its superb storytelling narrative, easy delivery of the hosts, and disarming and charming humor offers a much needed respite from the world. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work!
My, at the time was a one year old baby girl, had some major surgery. I found your podcast as I would take my few naps during that week,listening to you guys. My son asks me why you’re my favorite show. I started listening the day they took my baby in. And I haven’t stopped since the.
My only complaint is they don’t do enough shows. Once a week would make me happy! My favorite ghost stories podcast! ,
I love listening to these guys. The stories are great and the banter between the two guys are so much fun to listen to.
I walk alone twice a day to stay sane during the Corona virus pandemic. Since I had exhausted my “go-to” podcasts, found this one. The friendly banter but believable scary tales keep me hooked and laughing. Love it!
Raised on Hans Holzer, I have 50 plus years of loving true ghost stories, and Brennan and Ian tell the best. I have listened to nearly all paranormal-haunting-ghost podcasts, but very few can match The Ghost Story Guys! Just enough banter, excellent story telling skills, and a genuine understanding about paranormal experiences.
I love the way Ian and Brennan read the listener stories. They really make the stories come alive. Love this pod cast!!
I just started listening to this podcast and These 2 guys are a tad annoying too much chatter and who’s the one with the laugh? I’ll keep listening but I’ll fast forward the annoying parts. Great stories guys.
These two are a total joy to listen too. I promise that if even at first you don’t love them, you will.


What a great show. I’ve had several experiences that I’m going get to these guys and share but, wow, ghost encounters told by “normal” everyday Joes who tell it like they feel it. No fluff with this pair. So sit back and enjoy.
If you’re looking for stimulating conversation on the supernatural, look no further...The Ghost Story Guys can be your one-stop-shop! Brennan & Ian do a fabulous job in sharing their personal experiences and providing knowledgeable commentary. Sure, a lot of ghostly podcasts offer the same, but it’s the way Brennan & Ian deliver their opinions that make their podcast worthwhile. Their clever banter, unique (bro) chemistry, witty barbs, and brilliant humor leaves listeners looking forward to the next bi-weekly podcast. The more of their podcasts you listen to, the more it is apparent how passionate they are about the content and the music that they’re sharing. Their open-minded, non-shaming regard for their listeners’ experiences, lends to a comfortable environment during the hourly podcast. The two can be cocky, but humble; silly, but totally entertaining. Further, their combined radio voices make listening to them very easy, unlike other podcasts whose hosts have irritating voices and/or annoying idiosyncrasies. Occasionally, the two will try a new format to shake things up for their listeners or bring in guest speakers who are equally funny and just as entertaining. Kudos to Brennan & Ian for consistently producing one of the best supernatural podcasts year after year!!
This is my favorite podcast; my go-to for listening over and over again. The content is great, the format is smooth and Brennan and Ian are hysterical. And I dig the tunes. Awesome stuff.
I’ve enjoyed your podcast for over a year...bought both of your books and enjoyed the experience all the more!
This duo never fails to crack me up! Their sense of humor and approachable, down-to-earth natures are delightful and remind me of my late father in the best way - he would have loved their show! These two are wonderful storytellers (just ask them about their books!) and their Patreon is well-worth the money. They also tend to find a lot of stories that will be new even to seasoned paranormal fans, or familiar tales made new with their own unique points of view, and their own personal stories have affirmed a lot about my own experiences. Keep up the great work, guys!
I really appreciate Ian and Brennan’s approach to story telling. Brennan and Ian speak compassionately towards people who've submitted stories describing the mostly terrifying paranormal events experienced. Both men give examples of when they’ve been afraid after reading a submission. This just goes to show us listeners how these 2 actually care.
There are a lot, A LOT of horrible podcasts out there. This is by far one of the best ghost story and “paranormal reflections” audio presentations available. Thanks guys, you are sincere AND hilarious! Lea


Jerry & Tracey sent me!! Hooked from the first episode I listened to that said, CAMERA ADDS 5 pounds not INCHES !! You guys are great together! Refreshing to listen to ADULT content cast that is funny and not filthy!! Luv the laughter!! Kimmy:). And once again, I Love love love you both!!! Fantastic chemistry!! Does that one guy ever STOP with his book plug???? Keep Plugging that book! I love the show!!!
One of my favorite podcasts, just like listening to my cousins and friends sharing ghost stories, laughs and general bs around a fire pit in the summer... keep it up guys 👍🏽
Extremely POLARIZING and uneducated. There are far better podcasts out there.
I discovered this a few days ago. I love it. It mixes great stories with Great Humor. If you get offended easily (French) don’t watch but if you wanna get creeped out and have a great time I highly recommend.
I love listening to these guys! The banter between them is great and the stories they tell are awesome. I hate having to wait but it is always always worth the wait.
Love these guys. Just the right amount of on topic banter, great stories and music!
I discovered Ghost Story Guys while on a road trip through the Smoky Mountains in October of 2019. We listened to it for the whole trip. I love that they don’t take themselves too seriously and aren’t afraid to call BS when they hear it. Ian and Brendan are a very entertaining duo. I have never laughed so hard while being creeped out.
Just started listening a couple weeks ago - currently in the middle of season 2. Entertaining, open-minded, good perspective - Keep up the good work!
Humorous. Intelligent. Sensitive. Spooky. You’ll laugh, cry and get a serious case of the heebie geebies. If you are thick skinned and opened minded, you will adore this podcast. The guys have a great rapport and leave you wanting more. Which Is why I binged it all from start to finish in less than 2 months. Stop reading this and give it a go.
Love the show! I work in accounting so life is pretty drabby. This show has a great mix of spooky stories, history, and fun tangents. It’s nice to have a paranormal show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. And the food recommendations are always fun too.
Ghost story guys is hands down my favorite podcast! I love the banter between Ian and Brennan and the listener stories they do from time to time! Very entertaining material, I’ve listened to each episode at least three times and I keep coming back for more! Keep up the great work guys! Thank you for what you do
I love a good creepy podcast, so well done. I also love one that makes me laugh good job there too. I live in Washington State so now I feel the need to go on a “Haunted Tour” with Ian and take Brennen out for some wings and things (remeber it’s legal here) 😂. Keep up the good work. I love the listener stories and the last minute or so when we get to hear how funny And snarky Ian is. THE BEST!!
These guys always do a great job. Lots of research, well educated and thoughtful comments about stories. That being said they also have some incredibly good humor and always make me laugh.
I love this podcast! Awesome content!!
Ian and Brennan are incredibly funny and talented. Im always looking forward to a new episode!
I absolutely love this podcast. My favorite one and I listen to it every day.
I love this podcast. I binge listened to every episode. Can’t wait for the next one to come out!
I don’t often listen to podcasts/episodes which I haven’t downloaded onto my phone (because I am slightly technologically disadvantaged and exist without home wifi — the horror!), but I find myself unconcerned with data fees when the GSG feed switches to streaming. The guys make me laugh and I love that almost more than the spooky stories they share. Kevin from WNTTAG suggested this one and I’m glad he did (thanks, Kev!). Excellent hosts, interesting tales, fun spooky times!
You guys are great! I commute 60 miles to work everyday, you make my travel a joy!
This is my first time to listen. I am disappointed in the manner you talked about the homeless man. I thought it was disrespectful and condescending. He may be homeless, but he is a human. I understand that homelessness is a huge issue... but we still can show respect.
Just recently found this podcast and it’s giving my OCD a workout! The hosts are funny and lovable! I could totally hang out with them! My sense of humour! The stories are enjoyable and presented well. Love Love Love this!
These guys are extremely funny and the stories are high quality. Keep up the good work.
They are the perfect pair for good listening-my kind of funny, the stories told are creepy and mysterious. The feelings you’re left with are mixed enough for you to still sleep okay at night haha.
This podcast is awesome!! You guys make me laugh like a fool...great spooky stories. Thanks for this podcast!
I absolutely love this podcast and the dynamic of these guys! I also love the outtakes at the end , always good for a laugh!
Gave up after ten minutes of chit chat. Blah blah blah.
You guys are so funny and compliment each other’s personality very well. The stories you tell are very entertaining and I’ve heard about spirits that I’ve not heard on other podcasts. I’m so glad I found this podcast when searching for ghost story podcasts. Im in the middle of binging your shows now! Great job and thanks for making this podcast 👻😃