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Reviews For The Wildlife Photography Podcast

Just listened to my first podcast of Gerry’s and really enjoyed it! Engaging, great speaker and a wealth of knowledge. These will be my go to driving to and from work everyday 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Very smart and informative!
I’ve been listening to these podcasts from the beginning, they’re a fantastic teaching tool & confidence builder. I had been engaging with Gerry & the Wild Eye guides for 3 years, before the stars aligned I went on a photo safari last year, I’ll be back. They’re extremely helpful & generous with time & information which is invaluable. I luv this company.
Super inspirational and entertaining. I’m getting little nuggets of wisdom that I haven’t heard anywhere else. Real world common sense advice with even realizing you’re learning. Plus his pace and energy are never boring.
I started listening to Gerry's podcast over a year ago when deciding whether to join a Wild Eye Masai Mara safari. I'm glad that I found this podcast and continue to listen to the episodes and to travel on safari with Gerry. He is a dynamic speaker and very passionate about his work. Gerry has a way of imparting knowledge & useful tips regarding safaris, photography, ect. in an entertaining manner. I look forward to new episodes and is definitely worth listening to!!
I started listening to the podcasts when we planned a multigenerational trip to Kenya. I listen while I walk 2 Huskies. I also follow on Instagram. Thank you, Thank you for all your wonderful tips and intro into the culture in the Maasai Mara. After we entered the gate to the Mara last week one of your vehicles was going the other direction. Our guides spoke: Jambo. I got so excited to see your vehicle that my crew teased me about it. Super fun. Can’t wait to go back, maybe just with husband next time for wild eye safari. Thank you for all you do to help educate us about the animals and how to capture them by camera.
Gerry is great!!! I love how he explains things simply and in plain English without a bunch of techno babble. I’ve really learned a lot from this podcast
Yes, subscribe now! Whether you are a photographer, wildlife enthusiast, traveler or just enjoy a good story, Gerry keeps it real - and keeps me laughing!
I really enjoy listening to Gerry and his insights and discussions on wildlife photography, guiding, ethics and his interviews with the people he works with. His every 10 episode Q&A are very informative as well. I always look forward to the next episode.
Hands-down one of the best wildlife podcasts out there. Gerry is a fantastic host and teacher. I would highly recommend!!!
I’ve listened to the first 70 podcasts over the past 2 weeks. It’s fantastic. If you are like me - an enthusiastic amateur wildlife photographer - you’ve found your podcast. My wife and I are currently planning a self-drive trip to Kruger later this year, and this has been perfect to get a feel of what to expect. I really enjoy listening to Gerry, enjoying learning from his experience, and sincerely hope I get to join him on one of his photography safaris in the future. Until then, I’m just glad I’ve got at least 100 more episodes to listen too.
The Wildlife Photography Podcast (TWPP), presented by Gerry van der Walt, is a must for every serious, not-yet-serious, want-to-be-serious photographer holding a camera. As well, anyone who wants to improve not only their photographic vision and output, but their business success. Gerry is a dynamic speaker. A ceaseless thinker. A consumate professiona. Someone to listen to closely and learn. The TWPP is one of the absolutely BEST podcasts riding the digital wave on the Internet. Every podcast is 100% useful and 110% worth your time to listen to; many of them over-and-over-again. Do yourself an all-around favor, SUBSCRIBE and LISTEN often. Do Enjoy.
Jerry is so enthusiastic and informative in his podcast. Love listening to them!!
Gerry, thank you bro. Buahahah I'm at work and I did an absolute Spit Take with my coffee all over the desk off of Episode 67! LOL I'm with ya brother. I'm so sick of the words "Brand Amabasador". I've sponsored myself around the world twice. Indonesia/Europe/New Zealand on and on and I've never asked for a dime. Your quick wit, suprise use of a couple 4 letter words always throw me and I deem them as important as spot removal and croping a shot, it's necessary. Listen mate, I've been aroud the world of Professional Surfing my entire life and I've seen pro ho's come and go and they're all the same. About the same talent as the next guy and all struggling to call it their profession! And blame Patagonia for the Ambassador title. It started as their way of roping in retireies like Gerry Lopez while he snowboards in Oregon!. (Respect Ger, just saying) I will subscribe and follow, can't wait to go home light up a change of attitude and crack up! Sill Learning
Gerry doesn't mess around. This podcast covers real-world shooting scenarios and practical advice for those who actually get out and USE their gear! Always entertaining...makes me want to travel w/ Wild-Eye someday!
Fun podcast to listen to if you ever had thoughts of going on a photographic safari in Africa or just love cameras. Gerry's energy and passion is unmatched by most. His knowledge of photography and African wildlife is shared intensely with the listeners. Some times his passions sparks raw emotions and that is how you know this is not a stuffy rehearsed podcast. Give Gerry a listen to and I think you will want to go to Africa and join him.
I absolutely love listening to Gerry van der Walt's podcasts. I have learned so much by listening to him. He is extremely informative and passionate about wildlife photography. He is not a bore to listen too...he is funny and he keeps it real!!!!
I have watched all of Gerry’s YouTube videos and was so excited when he started these Podcasts. I really like the range of this podcast. Talks about everything that is related to photography. I've been lucky enough to meet Gerry and see he is the real deal. I love his style and attitude in life. It’s truly inspiring. I always look forward to the next episode. It gets me so excited to get back to Africa and/or get out a practice photography.
I traveled with Gerry in Svalbard June 2017 and I learned so much about photography. I listen to all his podcasts to further my education. They are always full of great information. He is quite entertaining to listen to at the same time! Go Gerry! @toriebohn
Gerry and the Team keeps it real. They are straight up about wildlife photography and safari business. Fun and very informative to listen to. Also a HUGE bonus to hear them say there is value in taking the time and engaging with their followers on the social platforms.
Gerry van der Walt is one of the most dynamic people you will ever meet. He is in real life, the same as what he appears in his videos and on his podcast. He's experienced and seasoned - so he knows his craft and how to create 'The Shot'. He knows his equipment, tools, the subjects and is adept at focusing in the most important point for making YOU a better photographer. And ready to maximize YOUR time in-the-field. Most enjoyable. 110% Userful.
Simply phenomenal! Gerry is a fantastic teacher and these podcasts are rich with valuable information on wildlife photography!