HIGHbrow w/ Matt Cohen

Reviews For HIGHbrow w/ Matt Cohen

Matt took a subject I knew nothing about, and now I know things about it! Highbrow is a shortcut to brilliance! Your mind will grow like a weed!
Informative and entertaining!


always waiting for whatever these peeps talk about. #cabinboyz w/ a z.
Matt and Shawn are known for being a couple of dumb stoners and I've gone on record as saying their last podcast had some significant logical incoherencies, but I think this new one is a great idea and I'm glad they are doing it. Episode 1 had some of the best coverage of the Berkeley protests I've heard or seen anywhere. The Women's March made it clear that we have the potential to unite whole new swaths of woke progressives along all kinds of intersectional alliances, and I think everything we can do to make resistance cool and easy and fun and social is doing the lord's work. Good job, boys!