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Mrs. Bali is a hard working heart full person. Every day I see her helping the people who need people like her the most. Please get to meet her soon. She is the best.
Niti is an absolute inspiration for people looking to bring local farming back to our communities. She speaks from a real-world perspective in a non-preachy way. It's a level conversation for people who want to change their food and properly nourish their bodies. She is well informed, the topics are very relevant and very relatable. Every week will leave you wanting to do better for yourself, your family, and your community.
Love this series!!
This podcast can save your life! When it comes to food education it's #1. Take a listen and get out of the darkness!
Niti is THE best in the business for providing real information about our food sources.
Information is power and Niti delivers it! I love her knowledge, honesty, and passion! She has been able to turn her personal tragedy into a movement that has personally saved my life!
I'm loving the Farmacist podcasts! Niti is a mom who has intimate knowledge of the American food system and her interviews are smart and informative. Highly recommend!
Niti is a pioneer in food education and I'm so glad she has this podcast! She is very knowledgeable about eating healthy and cleaning up your environment and anyone who wants to learn about how to impact their lives in this way can learn an immense amount from this podcast!
Raw truth, helping families live the best in a 21st century healthy food holocaust