Must Go Faster: Pop Culture for The People

Reviews For Must Go Faster: Pop Culture for The People

For anyone interested in TV, movies, music, and other pop culture mediums, this is the podcast for you. There was so many jokes and insights that I was surprised to find it’s only two guys. Give it a listen and you won’t be disappointed.
They are dorky and excited which is exactly what I appreciate. Tons of information about a wide variety of pop culture topics. It’s a must listen pod for me.
I listen to this podcast mostly for the movies and TV talk, less so the music. Really easy to listen to, the sound quality is great, hosts are fantastic. I love it when they splice in little clips to remind you about what they are talking about. Ben definitely drives the narration and then Rob comes out with these encyclopedia-like facts that blow me away sometimes. Loving it.
I’m a new listener and couldn’t be happier with how smart and engaging Must Go Faster is. The guys don’t try to entertain, they just do. What interests them interests me - a podcast I don’t have to work at listening to. I want to tell my friends about this podcast. Keep up the great work! - Brad R, Reston, VA
Great new addition to the podcast scene. In an age where new songs, TV shows, and feature films roll out on a daily basis, this sort of critique is a nice way to distinguish between what you have to make time for and what should be left for the birds. The pace and structure also make this a great podcast to multitask to, whether it be while working or sitting in the car on the way to work. Very refreshing to have a pop-culture piece that omits reality TV foolishness and political banter. Looking forward to the next episode!
I really enjoyed the first episode. Looking forward to the next one! It's a great, casual listen that is also super informative!
Fully entertained from start to finish! Excited to take the time to watch and listen to the recommended tv shows, movies and music. Can't wait for the next episode!
Ben and Rob seem to have great chemistry on air. Really like the vibe and pace of the pod.
What a great podcast for people interested in film, music, TV or any other type of pop culture. These guys really did their homework- lots of good, informative tidbits, great recommendations and they have a very smooth, easy going back and forth that makes it feel as though you are eavesdropping on a two interesting people at the table next to you. The hour flew by! Highly recommend.
I don't like a lot of podcasts because they seem like unorganized banter - like I am just listening in on someone else's conversation. This was organized, to the point, and had great production value. I felt like I was listening to friends talk. :)