The Daps and Pounds Show

Reviews For The Daps and Pounds Show

Love listening to Daps and Pounds Show! So much music gets released each week and this show helps me sort through it and figure out what’s good!
These two have quickly jumped the ranks in my listens to where I put everything else on hold when they upload their latest episode. They make it feel like us as the listeners are right there apart of the conversation! They keep it light, they keep it funny, but most importantly they keep it real. So give them a listen and you won't regret a second of it!
I listen to this show as soon as it's released every Monday. Always relatable whether the episode is talking about music, tv, or movies. Great tips on new music every week and valid opinions on new albums and songs.


I absolutely love this podcast, Doby and Malcom have fantastic chemistry and make the show very easy and fun to listen to. They've got some dope takes on new music and always bring fresh and hilarious perspective to pop culture. Shoutout to these guys, can't wait to keep listening and watch this thing blow up
I'm a host for this show. Can I rate it 5 stars? Ohh well I love our show and I think everyone else will too! Our friendship is 13 years strong and you can tell.
Like they said, straight up two normal guys who speak their minds on music, movies, sports, and everything else in between. Love it, really gets me through my work days. Always looking forward to the next episode.
Really fun show to listen to!! I love all the diversity of music you guys cover. I'm looking forward to more and more!
These guys are some of my good friends and know a ton about pop culture. If you want a good podcast with fresh content and a different perspective on culture and music, listen to this podcast!
Y'all had dope personalities and sounded really good for your first episode. Y'all played off each other very well and there wasn't a lot of dead space. Great episode looking forward to the next one!