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Passionate, heartfelt, wisdom and great insight! Lee Ann delivers her message with love and grace!
Stillness, Winter Weeps, On Your Knees: these are all absolutely wonderful podcasts of a spiritual nature. Then there's the nature aspect which Leanne reminds you to think about every day. She transforms poetry and relates to the every day. Her thoughtful spiritual journey is one in which all of us can find some meaning and compare it to own lives. She has the loveliest voice, and you hear true compassion coming through with each story she tells. I just began listening to podcasts and I find that the idea of looking for the notion of "Hooray" in troubled times like these has been a wonderful way to figure out and think about what is good about life. I look forward to each spiritual nudge that accompanies every podcast. I'm so glad Lee Ann brought her theatrical talents to a necessary podcast for people who want to think about and reflect upon what is wonderful about life. A podcast like this is essential in 2017. My favorite thing about Hooray Weekly is the way Leanne includes some aspect of describing nature in her stories.
A dose of positive thinking and practical understanding to get through you through the week - even if you are not particularly spiritual.
Wonderful, practical tools to help manage the craziness in our lives! I love the stories and insight! Much needed in a time where we all need a little (or a lot) of support!
I just finished listening to the podcast on Stillness and feel a lovely sense of calm and centeredness. Even better, I have both Lee Ann's wise words on how to bring this Stillness into my life and her own energetic stillness embedded in me now as a model. So many thanks.
Lee Ann Hopkins's Hooray Weekly podcast never ceases to lift my spirits high and remind me of the Truth and what's truly important. Lee Ann infuses each episode with nourishing and practical wisdom, spiritual guidance, and loving support. Listen to each episode and you'll understand why she never gives up on any of us!
So happy with this podcast because I need comfort in these times and she delivers it! I'm feeling the love! Thanks.
Thank you.