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I have watched The Office a million times and needed another timesink that made me smile. I m so happy I found this podcast! Its just enough to be helpful and more than enough to make me happy! Please keep them coming.
I noticed that no one has reviewed the podcast in a while. This is a great podcast for youth workers and parents. I started listening a year and a half ago and am going back to the beginning to catch them all. The reviewers that didn't like the podcast didn't understand the p-cast. The banter is just as important as the answers. Thanks, team, for letting me be a part!
Best podcast I listen to. This "Award Winning" podcast realy ligthens up my day (or week once I get caught up) and gives me great insight. I enjoy hanging out with my "fake friends" at our "extended staff meeting."
Oh my goodness gravy this is the podcast for me!! I am 14 and was lookin for somethin to entertain me in my faith and this was IT! I am thinkin about goin into youth ministry and I'm so sure that this is what God is callin me to do this!! Hilarious! Thanks!! Hannah
Although there is some good information on the Podcast, it is too long and there is too much chit chat. Also, each week, the audio quality changes. Sometimes I can hear some of the hosts better than others. It's like all their mic volumes are different. It makes it difficult to listen to.
Wow, I just picked up the podcast about two or three weeks ago and am starting from the beginning. I was Sooooo happy that you all go new microphones and that Matt learned to tone down the clapping and music. GOD has truly blessed ALL of you. This podcast is not just for youth workers, but for all. Download to your heart's content you will not be let down by these 4 fabulous individuals!!!
I never liked the hype around PDYM or Saddleback and had pretty much refused to give anything that came out of Saddleback or PDYM a second look. Well, just like Matt saw the light and bought a Mac (episode 33), I have had a bit of a conversion and am now a loyal fan of these guys (I mean this gender inclusively, Natalie), and their podcast. I am thankful for Doug, Matt, Josh, Natalie (even Andy), and all the great advice they give. It's great to know that there are people out there like them in youth ministry and in ministry to youth ministers. They are humble, honest, wise, and really, really funny. This podcast deserves a listen or 68.
My youth group was estatic that I got an iPod. I was estatic when I found the Simply Youth Ministry Podcast... Its Thanksgiving and I've been cooking all day and catching up on the old Pods.. its been fantastic - I've gotten so many great ideas from this - PLEASE keep up the good work. God bless you all!
I alway's look forward to a new show whenever I fire up my "Mac". Whenever I do listen to a new show I like I'm one of Doug's buddies and I just hanging out at the table.
I have listened to the past three weeks podcasts. The youth content is great. I appreciate the answers to common and not so common issues and questions. However it is easy to miss the good stuff because it gets lost in between the meaningless banter or is preceded by a coarse joke (i.e.drugs are funny). I can appreciate your humor and see it in your SYM material. The podcasts could use what your SYM material gets...Some good direction and lots of editing.


By Knopp
we are going to make a podcast just for you Doug so keep an eye out for the next big
you guys put out a lot of great products that are truly helpful. is this podcast simply a celebration of that?! or is this intended to be a resource? since you have the time to do this because you basically have interns for your interns and seemingly unlimited resources, make the most of the responsibility you have and use this arena to be productive. i appreciate a good laugh just like any other, but i don't want to waste my precious time with all the back and forth banter, because i don't have the luxury of a huge youth staff and neither do many other churches.
As a veteran youth minister and a responsibility of my current position I am always seeking out new and different resources to send out to our Youth Ministers. Sad to say this won't be one of them. I have listened to a number of episodes and was disappointed with all. I was looking for pithy discussion and what I heard was chaotic and not informative. I felt that my time had been wasted. I think it's a great idea, folks, and I think that you are all very talented but reigning it in with a bit more format and structure might be a good idea.
Don't look for Lots of advice from this, but a help support and laugh oh yeah. This is great to see how other youth workers/ministers would talk if they sit around and drink coffee. THis is great, I've learned a lot on many different topics. Rock on
i'm not sure the goal of the SYM podcast...the fact that it's video (taking up huge memory) it seems like there would be more actual content. the content (youth ministry specific) is great. otherwise, it's kinda like watching Wayne and Garth film their cable-access show. natalie seems to be a great part too. perhaps she should be the moderator?
Y'all do great job of mixing the right amount of content with pure wackiness. I love it. I've even been getting other youth workers at my church to listen. Keep it up and God Bless
I'm new to listening to podcast. I'm a baby Christian, and i just found all these free christian podcast and they really help a lot. I'm only on episode 4 and I can't stop laughing. I love hanging out with you guys, and i look forward to catching up to the latest episode.
Too ligit
These podcasts are so Chim (however you spell it) that I am already making my way through them for a second time. I guess I have no life, lol. But seriously, I listen while I am working and get so many bits of advice that I have to be sure I keep short notes. Thanks so much guys/girl. BTW, WHERE'S THE NEW PODCAST!!!! :)
While I am extremely busy, the highlight of my week is driving to and from school on Thursday nights listening to Matt and the gang (oh..yeah, Natalie, Josh, and Doug too!). Thanks guys for putting out a great podcast, and give us youth workers some great advise (at times)!
Really? Do I have to listen to all the joking just to get some good insight on today's youth ministry. Isn't this guy famous for helping other youth ministers and then to put out something as sloppy as this? He could do much better. Maybe he's too busy with his youth ministry to devote more time to this podcast.
It is hard to believe that these guys are leading youth, but then again people say that about me... I absolutley love this Podcast <-- One Word... It is worth starting from day one...
Give this podcast a listen, actually give it a few episodes, if it doesn't grow on you I'll give you your money back (actual downloading cost, no ipod charges, or internet service fees). I started with episodes 24 and 25, then went back and within a week to week and a half listened to episodes 1 - 23. I've now caught up, and will be anxiously awaiting each week's new episode (even though they are apparently often uploaded late). I'm now hooked, and kind of feel like I know these guys (and girl), even though I could walk past them on the street without either of us noticing the other (strange what the internet does, isn't it?). In any case, I hope this podcast is as helpful to all of you as it has been to me.
Your podcast is GREAT! It's funny and informative. I'm a volunteer junior high pastor at Church on the Rock in Grand Junction, CO and listen to the podcasts....which I just discoverd so I'm listening to all the episodes from 00 to my day job. I have to restrain from rolling on the floor laughing sometimes. You guys are very funny and the chemmest pod cast out there. Corey
i've been on the road for the last nine weeks traveling from camp to camp spreading the love of Christ and having fun. for the the last two weeks of my trip, i was traveling 17 hours a day in a van with three other people and i watched every single episode from start to finish-very informative, very funny and i totally think even God watches for natalie to give him a shout-out with her perfect 10 rating =).
After spending the last three days catching up on the last 24 podcasts. I have found some new friends. However, they don't even know I exist. Kinda like those who know ALL about God but never have a relationship with Him. This podcast that once started so innocently has been become now a staple in my life. Even if they do bash the pentecostals. ;) I don't like to wait for things much to come around but this is definately worth waiting for every week. Best and cheapest youth ministry resource around. And of course its SO CHEM. Just had to be like everyone else.
I'm just guessing, but I was wandering if Doug was in charge of posting the podcast this week since it didn't automatically download this week. Just a thought, but hey this stuff is great especially for a brand new youth pastor as of this coming Tuesday! Justin Marchione Monroe, NY Calvary Assembly of God Valley Forge Christian College (no bell)
So, yeah, the title's a little lame, but yeah, I just got hired by my first church and I'm really enjoying learning from Doug and the gang. There's enough youth minsitry to help a young minister such as myself, and enough crazy antics and sarcasm to make anyone laugh hysterically... Beware listeners: Matt's sound effects do scare you at high volumes. Definitely check this podcast out! It's worth it!


By StuRev
Oh my gosh - hilarious...and I hate 'talk radio!' And the best part is hearing your 'team' coming through. I laughed outloud in my office (and I'm not sure, sadly, that has happened in a long time, if ever.) Thanks for the refreshing. :) Darren in Florida
This is a great podcast. The day after I discovered it and downloaded all the episodes to get caught up, however, my iPod died. BUT I was so hooked on this podcast that I went out and bought speakers for my computer so I wouldn't miss it! Indispensable fun!
I'm not sure there are enough adjectives in the English language to accurately and positively describe the dougfield's podcast with his zany and loving friends. It's like happytreefriends without the blood, violence and nightmarish antics. Okay ... I guess it's not like that at all. Great stuff guys ... it's encouraging, it's zany ... and okay to get caught with! Kind of.
God bless, this podcast is just such a blessing, people think im crazy when im on the subway giggling cuz of some joke or bid these guys do. God is using these leaders in a great way to give advice and minister and make us laugh! in the most simplest ways...thank you for having a podcast guys! yet i would recomend anyone who listens to have at least read one book by doug fields to really understand where he is comig from with his crazyness and to know he means well! DONT EVER CANCEL THIS PODCAST! X0)
Hey I love this podcast I listen to it every week. I am subscribed to both podcasts. But a lot of times I can get it on the website earlier then I can on itunes. Love you guys don't ever stop, all youth pastors should listen to this, or watch it. Oh hey and you need to answer my question.
I am doubly addicted to the podcast (one word). I need to listen in the car with audio, then watch the video to see all I missed. Thanks for reminding me why I love youth ministry. You show is good for the heart. Dave Winner The Baptist Temple Blue Bell, PA 19422 (near philadelphia)
I've come to use this podcast as a reward for myself. If I can survive our Wednesday staff meetings (without a full time pastor, our church currently runs with a 70+ year old interim pastor, a parish nurse and myself, the youth director...), I can shut my office door and turn on this podcast. It's such a treat! Highest recommendations for anyone connected to youth ministry or just looking for a politically incorrect but rather wholesome chuckle.
There's Doug as Strongbad, trying to get through his emails; Josh is Homestarruner, interjecting absurdities throughout the episode; Matt's The Cheat - he's got his own little world going on over in the corner; and last but not least, Natalie is mild-mannered, always optimistic Marsipan. Sheesh, I hope I don't get sued for this!
I received an IPod for Christmas and have downloading podcasts of all kinds of ministries to help with my drive time to and from work. I recently found your podcast and have downloaded all of the episodes. When I get home from work I cannot stop listening to your podcasts. I have burst out laughing so many times I cannot count them. They just look at me and shake their heads. I can appreciate the wisdom that is shared between four people who obviously love to work together. Thanks for letting us all join in the CHEM with you. Kevin Maddock Southeast Baptist Church Salt Lake City, UT
Has anyone tried to play the SYM video podcast on their video ipod? I've tried unsuccesfully. I like this podcast and want to take it on the go to watch...
I love this wonderful rambling team of youth workers. Ive been listening since the start and love every mintue of it. They have great ideas for the questions they answer and thier wonderful relationship with each other just spills out in the podcast - for the good and the bad. Keep up the great (I refuse to say other word...) work!
I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard as when I listened to your test audio podcast. Now I'm addicted to your video podcast. I don't miss a single minute! You guys and gals rock!!! Scott
I love these guys. Fields & Co are witty, creative, entertaining. But what about us in the audience? You'd think that we youth pastors are all struggling (or failed) comedians who desperately need to be loved for our humor -- and if we can't get our students to laugh, maybe we can get other youth pastors to laugh! Keep up the good work, Saddleback/SYM team. By the way...where can we buy those Purpose-Driven Placemets, Airplanes and Hot Dogs? I need to add them to my collection...
Mike Yaconelli was my hero! You guys have captured the spirit of Mike in Youth Ministry! Stealing stuff from each other...laughing at each other...creating a great atmosphere for youth to come to know Christ as their Savior! Some people don't, but you guys just "Get It!" Your podcast is enjoyable and fun to listen to. Please keep it up, it encourages me to know that you are there for those of us who are in the trenches of youth ministry every day. Aloha from Hawaii, Daryl
Great podcast guy's and girl, keep up the good work.
I love lamp. I not even mad... I'm impressed actually.
This has to be the best podcast I've subscribed to yet! Completely Chem!!!
There are no words to even adequately describe how great this podcast is...oh wait, there is one word...chem-tacular! Thanks guys and girl (natalie).
Not since Homestarrunner have I had something to thank God so much for the internet. Stuff like this make the commute to seminary not only bearable but looked forward to.