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Pamela Paul is the fantastically smart aunt we would all like to have.
This podcast just gets better and better, and I love listening to it regularly. I learn so much about times present and past. I enjoy getting to know (as it were) the NYTBR editors. It’s a blast listening in on a conversation with a favorite writer or a new writer whose book I simply must read, this very weekend. Five stars—end of story!
I have been listening to this podcast because I love the host Pamela. She asks great questions. She’s enthusiastic and inquisitive. She brings out the best in her guests. I don’t care that much which book she’s discussing about because I know the podcast will be interesting. I love that she’s so enthusiastic about all kinds of different types books as well. I feel that she’s the kind of podcast host I would want to be.
Title is self-explanatory. Please give us more stirring fiction and truly new and insightful non-fiction. No more political tell-alls about current events. Seems that half of each podcast lately is about this trash. That is not why I subscribe.
Listening is like discussing a book with your smartest friend. Simply excellent.
I’m addicted to this podcast. Since it’s impossible to read all the interesting new books, this podcast keeps me up on what’s happening in the publishing world. The in-depth interviews with authors cover such a wide variety of literary fiction as well as memoirs and other nonfiction.
So nice to listen too especially during pandemic. Always glad to listen makes me feel sophisticated just like I feel when I visit NYC.
First: Caste by Isabel Wilkerson-Fabulous interview which hooked me.Just listened to Daniel Mendelsohn discussing David Mitchell. The interviews are interactive. I feel like I am eavesdropping on smart people’s conversations. Love listening to people who love books.
Listen to TLS’s podcast instead.
Terrific in opening the door to areas I want to pursue moser deeply and ones I don’t, but am able to be enriched by the thoughtful glimpse. Insights into the publishing world and the eclectic reading of the NYT team are enriching too.
Insightful and entertaining with wonderful interviews on a wide range of books.
This podcast is a wonderful way to end the week. The interviews are informative, and the portion about the book industry is interesting. I especially like the new, more informal discussion about what the editors are currently reading. As soon as I heard about Rennie Airth’s mysteries, I knew that I wanted to read them. It was refreshing to hear that even editors need to escape from politics and pandemic with a comfy historical mystery. Thanks so much!
This is my first experience with regularly listening to a podcast, started making it a habit a few weeks ago, I try to listen every week, somehow it makes reading the Sunday New York Times Book Review even more interesting. Usually I listen to the podcast a day or so before the Sunday Book Review, sometimes after, and sometimes I listen more than once. It’s much much better for me than it would be if I was listening to this sort of thing on the radio, just today I couldn’t make out a date, I hit the rewind and heard “1963.” And I love the fact that there are so few commercial interruptions. Thanks very much for doing this. It feels a bit like making a new friend.
Just found this podcast. It’s 10 stars!! Hosts are excellent interviewers; guests so interesting. Love that they pick books I want to learn about but may be too lazy to read and love the recommendations.
My favorite podcast about books.Moderator Pam does a masterful job of interviewing authors and I also I look forward to the round tables where reviewers talk about what they are personally reading. I never miss an episode and have discovered so many books and authors here. It’s also a great way to keep up with what’s going on in the world of publishing .A highly entertaining and literate way to stay in touch with the literary world.
One of my all time favorite podcasts!! Literary, charming, makes me think...I could go on. Pamela is a great host and I appreciate the variety of guests.
Every week the discussions are deeper dives into the reviews I will be reading in the Sunday Book Section. This podcast is a rich tasting menu to prepare me for what’s to follow. Pamela Paul has such a warm style of leadership that she has made me fall profoundly in love with all her reviewers. I have so much more background understanding when I read their reviews. I feel like I’m part of the team. Thanks for my weekly joy.
This is a terrific podcast with a charming host. It has a great informality despite the important literay topics.
Once I found this I believe I have listened to over 12 in 2 days…can’t stop!
Look forward to it every Friday.
What grabs an author’s attention and interest doesn’t necessarily translate into being a wonderful book to read. There might be a plethora of information, some new, but that by itself does not give the book merit. I imagine Bolton’s book to be a boor with a few interesting tidbits. When I read Fear, shortly after it hit the shelves, everything Woodward said was old news and written as flatly as the paper it was printed on. I am glad that Inskeep found his story and research interesting, I did not.
The Book Review is one of my favorite podcasts. Pamela's interview questions are always outstanding, and it is a wonderful chance to hear from the authors featured in the hardcopy. I also glom onto each book mentioned by the reviewers in the roundtable at the end of each podcast--John Williams especially has brought me so many books that I would have missed otherwise. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this podcast. I don't know how you do it in addition to putting out the hardcopy and newsletter ...not to mention all the reading. WAY TO GO!
This is one of my must-listen-to podcasts week in and week out. The discussion and the opportunity to hear about books which otherwise might escape my notice. The conversations with the authors themselves always sheds new light. If you don’t listen to anything else, listen to this.
I am newly introduced to this podcast. If you love books, if you love intelligent conversation about all kinds of books, if you like to hear authors interviewed, this is the podcast for you. I look forward to it every Friday and only wish it came out twice a week.
Been listening for a few years. Great guests and way to learn about books and authors. This episode with regular Host Pamela being interviewed was great as was the author on Parenting informative. Whatever level you are at in your love of books or reading, you’re sure to enjoy time spent listening to this podcast.
I look forward to this podcast every Friday and it helps me guide my reading list.
This is a fabulous program. Pamela has incredible interview skills, always ending with my having learned so much from the authors. I particularly like the mid-end of the program when the critics talk about the books they’re reading- so informative and helpful to me as I consider the next book to read. And I very much like the diverse subjects they read about.
If you love books you’ll love this in-depth podcast. Pamela Paul is terrific.
You’ll like this podcast. Great host, knowledgeable guests, excellent recommendations.
Pamela Paul is arguably the best interviewer working today. This podcast is consistently great, informative as well as entertaining
A great podcast! I wait for it every week and it doesn’t disappoint. A must listen.
The Book Review is an erudite, albeit at times stuffy, podcast. My biggest compliant is that it seems that most of the books that are reviewed are written by the writing staff at the New York Times! The podcast takes on the appearance of a self promotion scheme, where fellow employees are given center stage to promote their works. That does not appear to be any form of book review. Instead, it comes off of more of a QVC home shopping channel for the well bred.
Guys, can you please write out longer outlines in the episode notes? I like the podcast, but sometimes I have no interest in the topics. Sometimes every interview is right up my alley. I find myself skipping an episode more often than jumping around, trying to figure out where each interview starts and ends. I’d love episodes outlines, as well as links to the books, recommendations, lists, etc. Please!
I just love this podcast. Pamela Paul has a warm, calm, genuine, humorous voice, which she brings to her insightful author interviews and her wonderful conversations with her colleagues. The discussions among the group are delightful. The respect they have for each other, allowing for the occasional laugh (at themselves or each other) and the clarity of their conversation are so great. There's just no pretense. I look forward to listening every week - it's my Friday-night-dinner prep companion. Pamela, I have a vision of you in your cleaned-out closet/broadcast studio, and I am so very grateful. Wow! Somehow some of the clearest, truest voices of our society have found their way out into the world from amongst your hanging clothes. Thank you!
This is my favorite podcast of all the podcasts - and I listen to a good chunk of them. I love the interviews and the roundtables about what all the interviewers are reading. For book nerds, across categories, that love to think critically about what they’re reading — this is a must. I look forward to it every week.
This podcast is among the most enjoyable moments of my week, together with cycling on a spring day, finding peonies in bloom outside my door, and planning for a picnic with our 30-something children after a period of isolation. I love the broad range of topics and the frequently light-hearted banter of the editors and reviewers. A timely reminder of how reading opens new vistas and enriches life, even when bounded by quarantines.
I really, really look forward to this podcast each week. The only other one that ranks as high on my list of favorites is the BBC’s In Our Time. As a bibliophile and collector of many years, I’m surprised by how often they mention an author or book title that is new to me. This is not to say that Pamela Paul and her colleagues are experts in the obscure. They cover the books and authors you would expect plus some rising stars and add additional context by being able to relate them to other authors, trends and genres past and present. In short, they really know the book world (as you would expect from NYT staffers) yet it’s all kept very conversational and accessible. You’ll come away better informed, entertained and with maybe a few new entries on your book shopping list.
Great interviews and a wide variety of genres, authors, and topics. My favorite part is the conversation at the end between Pamela and her colleagues.
I am a regular listener to The NY Times Book Review podcast. It is a painless way to keep up with new books. I get some useful perspective not only of a variety individual books and authors but intellectual life beyond what I read and hear elsewhere. The personalities of the host, reviewers and guests come across in this format very well. This podcast is my 2nd most eagerly awaited literary podcast after the outstanding though infrequent New Yorker poetry podcast.
Perfect length and frequency. I probably read only 1% of the books discussed, but just listening to the reviews and interviews is informative and entertaining.
Sometimes, when I see the title of book being discussed on the podcast, I think “Oh, I’m not interested in that.” But I listen anyway, and 9 times out of 10 end up wanting to read the book. It’s always a pleasure listening to Pamela Paul and her fellow book reviewers. Their interest and enthusiasm and knowledge keep this podcast at the top of my “favorites” list.
I listen every Sunday morning to this knowledgeable and interesting set of conversations Very well done.Such a great to welcome us back to the podcast. Thank you
Pamela, love to have you all back. Keep reading Dorothy Lee Sayers.
You have been missed! Glad you’re all back, stay safe and healthy so we can keep hearing from all of you. Missed you!
I love it. Missed the show a lot the two weeks of reruns. But now it’s back! Thanks Pamela and all who make the show.
This has become one of my absolute favorite podcasts, for discovering new books, hearing from my favorite authors, and getting background from fav critics like Parul Sehgal. I miss it SOOOO MUCH right now, during the coronavirus crisis. I need books more than ever and wish this podcast was helping promote all the great new books that can no longer go on tour during this time. Please come back!!!
Outstandingly outstanding, don’t change anything, reading preference is nonfiction but your podcast broadens my thought and interests... now I embrace fiction and poetry... it was you
This is a wonderful podcast. I always enjoy the interviews - Pamela does such a great job talking across a wide range of topics. It’s fascinating to me especially to hear from the authors themselves and about how their works often evolve and change in the process of the writing. I also love hearing about what the reviewers are reading in their personal reading time, and those conversations have given me good ideas about books to read ... or to re-read. I’m sorry they have had to go on hiatus during this crisis but with the tragedy now affecting NYC I completely understand. I know they’ll be back as soon as they can and in the meantime I’ll enjoy the old episodes.
Long one of favorites, NYT book review podcast has punked out during the virus crisis while other book podcasts like BBC and Guardian have soldiered on from home. Shame!