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Also the host has such bad energy. Agree with others. The podcast would probably have much better listenership if he was replaced.
here to join the many people who have taken the time to review this podcast and note the clear as day gen x misogyny just oozing from the pores of blaccent perpetrator jon caramanica. his vast music knowledge takes a backseat to his obvious and crippling biases, most clearly displayed recently when he went out of his way to make light of a female popstar using her work to process the fact that she had been groomed by a grown man/predator. humiliating that the times cannot see what a liability this clown is and how perfectly capable the many women he brings on as guests could be at taking the reins. fingers crossed higher ups become aware of this soon because without him, this show could really be something special.
These are not “young women” those were girls. Do better. I mean SO MUCH better. This rapey language is part of the problem when it comes to violence against girls and women. An adult man raped girls. Call it by it’s name.
Love it


Hello why are you not writing about the pop phenomenon that is BTS? Or have I missed this episode?
I love the fresh perspectives on music that this podcast gives! I love the different guests that are brought in as experts!
Nearly every NYT podcast is essential listening — The Daily, Still Processing, Rabbit Hole, etc. This is the exception. I gave it a chance. I really did. The host has a great voice and at times is amusing, but overall he tone is condescending, pedantic and, well, insufferable. I hate giving bad reviews, but this one is a swing-and-miss from NYT.
This is a great show with some really fun and interesting episodes! Keep it up! :-)
i learn so much! thank you popcast!
It’s neat.
Love the show. It’s my favorite podcast.
Great concept for a show, awesome guests, great selections. The host’s tone of voice and lack of ability to review music objectively is pretty frustrating, however. Someone else mentioned that it sounds like Rogan is hosting it and now I can’t shake that feeling. 🥴
This would be an entertaining and informative podcast if listeners didn’t have to put up with the host’s obnoxious aural blackface. Look for the episodes with guest hosts - otherwise skip it. John is just the worst.
And other woke nonsense, this is the podcast for you. You get to hear 50 year old men pretend to love Pop Smoke and Saweetie, it’s great stuff.
Just to listen to this podcast for the first time, figured I’d check out the reviews first. Almost every single review has a similar comment on the main host - misogynistic, condescending, obnoxiously bro-ish and not in a funny way. Like, in a really bad way. Sounds like a great premise and was looking forward to starting the new pod, but considering the majority of comments mention how awful listening to this host is, and the fact that the NYT has refused to address these comments, looks like it’s gonna be a no for me dog.
evermore episode was lacking
The host of this show spends about half of it just making rude jokes rather than actually analyzing the music. Do yourself a favor and skip this podcast and listen to switched on pop instead. They actually get into the music instead of serving an hour long standup routine that nobody asked for.
This really is a smart, interesting, and fun podcast about pop music. My biggest concern is the main host. The way he speaks about women sometimes, his words like bro, dude, man, yo, dawg, are almost triggering and the opposite of what I want to hear when discussing pop music. Joe Rogan has that kind of thing covered. The ablsolute best episode of this series has been when there were 2 female hosts discussing the Katy Perry and Lady Gaga albums. So much more intelligent and cohesive than the rusty current host. Content 5 star Host negative 5 stars
John has always seemed a little sexist, but the problem becomes glaringly obvious in the recent episode in which a male critic, a female critic, and John all reveal their top 10 lists for 2020. The woman shared her list first, and John interrupted her incessantly, derailing the flow of her ideas so often that I just about lost my mind waiting for her to get through all 11 albums on her list. Then immediately afterwards, the other male critic delivered his list more or less uninterrupted. It’s really obvious that John is a guy who thinks his jokes, hot takes, and braying jackal laugh are more important than anything any woman has to say. Dudes of the world, stop doing this.
I’ve been a huge fan of the pod for years, but these recent episodes- especially the Britney one, are straight up mean. I loved this podcast for their appreciation of pop music. Recent episodes are no different from twitter trolls. Very disappointed. You lost a longtime listener.
Perceptive commentary by people who know a lot about the music. But the episodes with fewer interruptions by John C and less self-referential chitchat are so, so much better.
Look, I love this podcast and it’s very well made. But Jon caramanica has some issues with female artists. Don’t take this as an insult, he’s still a very good writer and podcast host! But the insistence on calling Billie Eilish “Billie eyelash” comes off immature and condescending, and the fact that there’s so few episodes about female artists while Charlie puth and Ed sheeran and evening Justin Bieber are getting tons of positive attention is disappointing. I just think this podcast would be great with some more female guests and more episodes about female artists. Especially when pop music is such a female driven genre. Please just like respect women a little more!!
This podcast is pretty informative if you’re looking to keep abreast of important issues in the ever changing music world. My only gripe is that it’s lacking in female perspectives. I recall an episode where Jon and his co-hosts were tougher on female pop stars like Katy Perry than they are on male counterparts. Other than that, not a bad gateway podcast for new or old music nerds.
Amazing podcast! I’m in no way a music junkie, but I still nerd out with Jon each week. I appreciate that he cover the hits. I skip the other episodes...which can be a lot. Eek! Jon is the most lovable guy. He’s the beat!


Sort Of


I can’t handle Jon’s sanctimony and misogyny.
love the hot takes
Sometimes I get the feeling that they they are contrarian just to be contrarian. Gets more hits that’s way I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️


Used to love this podcast. Now it’s just them being mean and complaining. Next.
The host is so bad. He talks over women constantly and never lets them finish their thoughts. Why does a straight man get the privilege to host a podcast about pop music? This isn’t a genre for him and he doesn’t need to be here.


By Nadnerb
Hot takes tbqh
Love this podcast. In these times of Corona boredom I’ve been perusing the Taylor Swift catalog. Would you be willing to rank all of her catalog and defend your rankings.
This show is informative funny and awesome. It’s great to listen to and I love the music commentary!!


John C. is anti-prententia, which is why some don’t like him. I love his no holes barred takes
i’m unsure as to why the NY Times insists on having Jon Caramanica as their representative of music criticism. his insistence on being “edgy” is grating, and belies his Peter Pan syndrome. Jon, you’re 45 years old; stop acting you’re like a walking “How do you do, fellow kids?” meme.
I've been listening for several years, largely as a NYT loyalist, but it's time to step away. The focus is oddly narrow, and returns to the same Taylor, Drake commentfest literally every week. It's cringey and sad when there is so much music being produced right now, good, bad, innovative and rehash- whatever - it all would make for interesting criticism. I wish John P or Karen G had their own shows, because the perspectives are articulate and educated, but mostly I wish that John C would stop trying so hard to be hip, stop the incessant snark, and stop cutting off others. I know his actual age, but I feel like I'm in the radio presence of a 14 year old boy whose trying to make sure everyone knows he's cool, he knows Brooklyn, he's lived in London, he knows more than any girl in the room, and he thinks he is so funny.
I love listening to critiques on art, on music, on the nuance of newer artists. The insistent Billie “Eyelash” pronunciation — why? What does it add to the conversation? I felt compelled to listen longer, for the clever and fresh outlook by the female critic. But the dude repeatedly and purposefully mispronouncing Eilish — I don’t get it. I was hoping to subscribe to another music podcast, to listen to while I paint. Going to just stick to the respectful speakers of Switched on Pop.
Why John? Just why.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a year now and I’ve always found the host to be a hater who talked over his guests to state his own grating opinions, but kept listening because I do like guests such as Karen and Joe. I’m writing this review because of the host’s comments on Billie Eilish. I’m not even a huge Billie fan. But reducing her accomplishments by saying any teenage suburban white girl with a mental illness can become her...I’m in shock the New York Times would allow their critic to say those things about a teenage girl. The reason why Billie was apologizing for sweeping the Grammys is because of men like you who claim she’s only successful because of a schtick.
If you want some interesting insight into music and its criticism definitely give it a listen!
Much better than all songs considered
A word of advice— let the woman host on this episode discuss ‘The Man’! Consistently interrupting and speaking over her as she tries to talk about the message of the song is quite ironic.
Love the podcast! Can’t help but notice it’s almost impossible for a female guest to finish a sentence without being talked over. I’m sure it’s not intentional but more work needs to be done there.
Please fire the guy and get someone who actually talks about pop music. If I wanted a straight out of touch guy to talk to me about pop music I would ask my dad about Taylor Swift
All of the people on this podcast sound jaded and faded and tired. I consider it less reviewing and critiquing- mostly complaining and poking fun at everything they particularly don’t have exposure to.... and for that, I can’t take it too seriously. Sounds like TMZ.
I really enjoy the conversations that are had and the guests that come are always top notch! Jon is very cynical and judgmental in a way that makes the listener feel alienated, but he kinda makes up for it by the breadth of knowledge he has. I just wish he didn’t feel the need to remind the listener and interrupt his guests to let them know that
I love this pod! I’ve been diving into to the whole catalogue and have been consistently entertained and informed. My fav thus far has to be the treatise on Ashlee Simpson (parts 1 & 2). It showed how well-versed and open-minded and critically curious Jon and his amazing guests are. It made me think contextually about music and also realize how many bangers “Autobiography” actually had, lol. It was before its time!!! Jon is awesome and thoroughly passionate and he always brings on some of my favorite music writers and journalists — it’s so cool to hear them aloud. I don’t believe they’ve done this before, but I request a Lana deep dive if possible! Would love to hear their thoughts.
F###&$$ FIRE THIS GUY ALREADY. 🔥 NYT, you can do better. Nearly unbearable listen every time.
That podcast is to long I can not just sit there for like an hour watching one podcast I mean i watched part of it but I had to do other things so I had to leave it that’s why the bad review