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Needed now more than ever. Thank you for keeping this feed open.
This is an awesome resource for any poet who wants to learn from other poets and connect with the performance and slam poetry community. Awesome artists all! Thank you for bringing the poetry revolution to the world!
This is a great podcast!! Opened up my world to a new art form!!
This podcast changed my life for the better, as a writer. My best friend turned me on to it. If you're having writer's block, listen to 1 or 2 episodes and start writing.
Tons of different poets from around the globe, frequent new episodes, and great hosts make for an excellent podcast. Check it out!
I always look forward to this podcast. It is the best place to find new poets and amazing performances on the Internet.
I have recently gotten into performance poetry and spoken word and Indiefeed has been an incredible resource. The number of amazing poets I have heard making my way through the Indiefeed collection has been invaluable. I love the commentary, bio's, interviews and of course the poetry! Great job!!!!
The main host has it all wrong. The focus should be on the poetry. Half the length of the podcast should NOT be devoted to reading a biography and bibliography and reviews and lists of achievements off of various websites. Let us hear the poetry reading, let us hear your reaction to the reading, LET US go to the poet’s website if we want more. Give the URL and get out of there. That’s it. That’s all you need to do as a host, unless you have the poet there with you. The poetry readings are great. The poet interviews are great. The poet website readings need to stop. Forever. We come here to hear the passion these people put into their poems. No one comes here to hear a straight reading of something we can find ourselves. Stop giving us that.
i really needed an outlet for my abstract thoughts… thanks... five stars ;)
the poems are great, the poets are great, the art is great, everything you could want in a performance poetry podcast is here except what's added. after each poem ends the awful hosts talk to the poets and all the magic is gone all the words that were sewn into your skin just kind of fray and fall to the ground. i want to listen to all of them but i have to cut them off right as the poem ends.
Definitely come here to get my poetry fix.
So delicious you will lick the drips off your elbow and make Mongo tea from the crumbs.


I discovered my love of spoke word, several poets whom I now call friends and my own talent through this podcast. Love it!!!
I've been listening to this podcast for almost a year now, never missing an installment. I love waking up in the morning to hear a new poem and a new poet a few times every week. Thank you for providing me a glimpse into the spoken word community Indie Feed :)
Mike McGee!!!!! No one does it better :D
Inspiring and always impressive
Love this podcast and I love Mongo. It is nice to have the guest hosts as well for a different p.o.v. My only criticism is that most of the poets tend to come out of the NY area and I would love to hear more from around the country and world.
This podcast rocks, and it is as simple as that. Poetry is what all of us has inside of us, Where it is at is up to us to find and bring out. But here is a place that point out your road... Whether Buddy or Anis or Shappy is the one Or Cristin, or Alix, or Sierra make you happy And fill your soul. Mongo is the dude to whom I bestow The props of the Gods and Men...Out of the park To the core of the Earth...Keep Rocking, Mongo, And thank you for helping me in my road to my soul!
I stumbled upon this podcast about 2 weeks ago, I have already listened to half of the 900 + episodes they have available. Mongo has helped me rediscover a love for poetry and shown me a side of it that they don't teach you in school.
I came across IndieFeed Poetry podcast quite by accident a few months ago. Since then, I have listened to quite a bit of the extensive collection (over 900 podcasts) of IF's pool of shows. Having listened to several poetry podcasts in the past, IF is by far my most favorite and the only poetry podcast I bother to listen to right now. Slam/Performance poetry has a special place in the poetry genre. After listening to several podcasts of IndieFeed I took the plunge and gave myself over to honing the art of slam poetry. In the last two months I have performed three times at two different venues and I thank IndieFeed and the courage to make available these types of poems for others to enjoy and be stimulated by any sense of inspiration to join the genre, or just appreciate the art for what it is worth.
This podcast is awesome. Introduces me to a different side of poetry
Indiefeed has brought my spirits up so many times. It's changed my perception of poetry and often challenges me to better my work as a poet. I thank Mongo so so much! And wish this podcast can live long!
The diversity of poetry shines through on this podcast. I update almost every day, never knowing if I am going to be inspired to action, tears, or laughter. Mongo has consistently chosen pieces that move me in some manner. A great show!


By Lsmarc
I am addicted to this podcast


The only podcast I need, this has opened my eyes to dozens of poets. I even managed to catch the Night Kite Revival because Mongo clued me in to the tour schedule. This is perfect.
Any fan of spoken word poetry will find what they are looking for in this podcast. As a High School Speech Team coach I recommend this program to ALL of my students, both as an example of how effective poetry can be when read aloud, and as reference material for pieces they might like to perform. Thanks Mongo for all of your hard work and dedication to the spoken word. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
this site is diligently groomed to present the best array of poets. great springboard for inspiration and best way to plug in, get solitary with some great works. been a listener for a few years and have enjoyed how the poets tweak their styles over time.


Thank you for existing! I am now in love with hydropods and scott woods!
I've loved this podcast for years. Start with Buddy Wakefield, Derrick Brown, and Anis Modjani, and let Mongo take it from there. There are so many great poets...artists out there I would have never heard of without this podcast!
Good entertainment
Love the Naima poem. As a big Coltrane fan, it's a natural fit to me. Thanks again Mongo for your tireless and enthusiastic presentation of these ultra-cool and dare I say ultra-important works. Doug Rohde (rhymes with Bodhi ... satva, ha ha) Minneapolis
I would like to hear more from cj Leon, the suicide kings, and Nathan curnow. Awesome job Mongo!!!!!
I have always had a love for poetry and the beauty of well-delivered word, but until I happened across this podcast I had no idea that such a thing as performance poetry even existed. From the first show I was hooked. No other podcast has kept me such an avid follower and shown me such an intriguing and unseen world as the world of slam. I'm even considering doing my own slam poetry somewhere down the road when I'm living on my own. Thank you Mongo and iTunes for such a great podcast!
Great Podcast!


By Dproff
This is the best podcast in all of iTunes.
I am a poet myself and it really helps me to find my true feeligns when I can listen to those who I admire(i.e.: Alix Olson, J.W. Baz, Buddy Wakefield, Carlos Andres Gomez, Big Poppa E., and Derrick Brown). I love listening to all of the different genres and ways the authors express themselves. Mongo, I also love your opinions and how you love the poetry you feature. Thank you. -Bexy
This has quickly become my favorite podcast. Stunningly great poetry from today's top spoken word poets. Mongo is the perfect blend of host, fan and friend of the poets that he chooses and does a great job of letting the poems speak first...and do they ever. At different times, these poems have made me laugh outloud, reduced me to tears and shudder in disgust....all while riding the train and listening to my iPod. Keep it up!
An amazing podcast that thrills the listener and forces one to step beyond pre-conceived boundaries of comfort. Listen. Think. Write.
So much great material, this is one podcast I never miss.


By jhnr
It's so great to hear fresh, new voices and pieces that actually move me. Not every poem resonates, but there are those that you will want to listen to over and over. What a great find.
this podcast really opened up my understanding of poetry, specifically slam, and just allows you access to the vast genious of the poetic mind. great stuff
As a NYC-based poet who has personal contact with some of the poets featured on this channel, I love the support this podcast brings to them and their work. Furthermore, as someone who wants to know what is happening in different poetry scenes elsewhere, I love that I get to hear new voices frequently on the channel. The great balance between the staples of the scene; Andrea Gibson, Anis Mojgani, Derrick Brown, etc and the poets who are just emerging nationally, like Sierra DeMulder, makes this podcast something I look forward to three times a week. Thanks Mongo!!
A beautiful, truthful, inspirational podcast! Heartfelt performance poetry that hits you where it counts. Every night I walk my dog, letting this beautiful art fuel my mind. In addition to worldclass poetry, IndieFeed gives you a backround on the poets, and where you can find more of their work. A great podcast! Thank you for sharing this art with us, IndieFeed!
The artists that are aired through this podcast are absolutely amazing. I am young and an aspiring spoken word poet. This is by far the best podcast that features poetry of any kind. 5 stars from me and the encouragement to continue to air this podcast.
I have really enjoyed this podcast. It keeps the poetry coming in different styles and genres on a regular basis. They also supply the listener with a bio of the poet after the performance. If you like poetry then you are definitely among friends and talented artists.
With classics like Ginsberg and Plath, big names like Andrea Gibson and Marty McConnell, and budding talents like Shira Erlichman and Carrie Rudzinski, what's not to love?! This is, by far, the best podcast I've subscribed to. Thanks, Mongo!
I've been listening to IndieFeed for some months now, as seeing as the area where I live is a cultural dead zone, it has become my only was of hearing spoken word, or any other poets for that matter. I look forward to each episode and can't wait to hear the artists that it offers.
The orchestrator of this wonderful podcast deserves special props. Mongo walks the laser fine line of bringing personality and life to the feed, while not making it the "All About Mongo Show." The cast is about the poetry, but it is flavored by Mongo's analysis. Excelent!