Reviews For TV Series Finale Podcast - canceled TV shows, last television episodes

I hate it when I get hooked on a show only to have it move or cancelled without notice. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!
Love the detailed behind the scenes info. Well constructed and fun.
All the latest information presented in an enjoyable way!
If you have a favorite show and you wait for the new season only to find out it has been canceled? You would be in the know and not wasting time looking if you listened to this podcast! Great show!
It's a really helpful and timely show! I like to know what's going on with "my" shows! This podcast is a fantastic resource!
If you want to keep up-to-date with all the latest TV show cancellations and renewals along with other TV show news, then this is the podcast for you. Clear, concise and very informative. I listen to a lot of TV podcasts and this one is always in the rotation.
This is a quality podcast that provides all of the behind the scenes information about your favorite tv shows.
Great podcast but so irregular, more normalcy would of got another star. Interesting facts about the forgotten TV shows of the past.
I look forward to every episode. They're professional and have a lot of information about cancellations, backstage stuff, ratings, and last episodes. The interviews ask questions that I would want to ask! Great!
I'm a big fan of this podcast, I just would like to get it more than once or twice a year. He used to release it every week or two, but I think he got lazy and quit recording them. The new fall season is almost here, so I know there's plenty of material to talk about. WHAT'S HAPPENING TO MY TV SHOWS???!!!
I just listened to the Jonathan frakes interview. Great interview and a great podcast. Glad I found it. Looking forward to more!
Very organized and articulate. Thanks!
Its well put together and informative. I look forward to every episode!
There hasn't been an update in almost three months. Personally I hope Trevor comes back with a whole new batch of podcasts soon.