The Miami Roxxcast Podcast by DJ Roxx

Reviews For The Miami Roxxcast Podcast by DJ Roxx

DJ Roxx captivates once again with his podcast series. The music is simply amazing!
You can taste the energy when you listen to his podcasts. Thanks!!


By fbgnclv
awesome! always!
I can jam to your groove anytime, anyplace with your podcasts. I will not miss the next time you spin live. Turn it out, honey.
This is great podcast BUT it would be better if Gayjoy would shut-up and let me enjoy the set without breaking the beat; OK Gayjoy-I know it's the Miami Roxxcast, you've told me fifteen times already!
Roxx, love the can you please tell me where my yellow pages are and etcha-sketch? Love you, xoxo
Great beats papi , keep um coming !!
1.Congas – Pier Bucci 2.Darkness - Miguel Campayo 3.Crysalis – Color & Legaz 4.I Don't Want Nobody - Roland 5.Back In Love - Lee Cabrera (Mynt) 6.What You Do feat Stephanie - Tone Depth 7.Crash - Absolut & Blade 8.Turn On The Music - Roger Sanchez 9.My Humps (Black Eyed Peas) - DJ ROXX Remix