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It isn’t up to date
Since the recent changes at Sportsmemo the podcast has gone down fast. Listen to the 10/15/18 Teddy Covers segment. Sounds like it was recorded in a barrel. The new hosts don't seem to be as informed as the previous.
Very much enjoy being subscribed!
Good insight
Love the show! Great tips!!
If this show were on ESPN it would have hundreds of thousands of listeners.
ER and Teddy covers make the show. Lange pushes the product/website a little too much, but that's his job. Can't hate in him for that. TC & ER...fellas, have to start giving away a free pick. Not as good as Pregame, with Bell and VR. Scott S. is smoother than Lange. Andrew is good, but Scott over at Pregame is a little better. Pregame video are really bad, but Scott runs the podcast very smoothly. Keep up the good work.
Precisely what I looking for-cappers who aren't afraid to get into the finite topics of capping and don't push the sale. Exactly the information I want before my tickets get printed.
These guys know their sports. U won't go wrong if you go with their service. They make sports wagering fun and easy. Really solid podcast and fun to listen to!!!!
the best capper are rite here great info please keep up the great work
Great podcast with excellent cappers, very entertaining! Highly recommend to others