New Classical Tracks with Julie Amacher

Reviews For New Classical Tracks with Julie Amacher

If you like classical music (even a little bit) you will enjoy this podcast highlighting new classical music releases. Julie covers a variety of classical genres from new releases of old standards to some stuff that is "on the edge" of new classical.
I enjoy Julie Amacher's reviews of new classical releases. She provides background for the music or performer, and an explanation of why this particular release is interesting or exciting. She also plays samples of the music. I have purchased several of the albums she has reviewed. I only wish iTunes would carry all of the new classical music she reviews. The latest release by Ensemble Caprice with the Vivaldi Gloria!, for example, is missing from the iTunes store.
Julie Amacher and her cohorts achieve something amazing in this podcast: a reunion of the general populace and the fine arts, and a gentle setting aside of the past hundred years of American segregation of classical music. It is a superlative example of people who love classical music for what it is -- and not as a vitamin, a tonic, or self-help. Lightly held, lovingly described, wonderfully conversational in tone. Cheers!
great music very well presented with interesting explanations and historical setting information, also artists' commentary/responses. so many appealing temptations to hear and hope to add to my library--when I can't tweak the budget any more, I'll hit the public library with new requests ...