The Acapodcast

Reviews For The Acapodcast

I am addicted! Chad includes a wide range of musical styles and tastes to keep you interested. Favorite podcast ever!
It's introducing me to the wide world of a cappella singing (beyond my beloved barbershop that is!). Great song selection, evident love for the singing style. Thanks Chad - but just one self serving plea - could we get a little barbershop in the mix please?
God, that's good! I cannot stop listening to The Accapodcast! Chad picks a very versitle compilation of music that really shows you just how fascinating the A Cappella world really is! I love it. Listen to it all the time. Amazing. Simply Amazing
Chad is providing a great service with this entertaining, broadening podcast. Essential if you like A Cappella
Chad Bergeron consistantly produces a thoughtful, researched, and enjoyable podcast. I have reccomended The Acapodcast to people who have asked about my love of a capella music. Bergeron has introduced me to quite a few new recordings.
Chad exposes a wide variety of Acapella music not just the mellow versions. He lets the music speak for itself, giving just enough information for further research later. Anyone interested in acapella music should subscribe to this podcast.
Chad's knowledge of the acapella world is vast and his personal touch to the show is uplifting. This is among my top five favorite podcasts of all time.
This podcast is such a great way to get exposed to excellent tracks from well-loved groups, up-and-comers, and complete unknowns in contemporary a cappella--perfect listening for the newbie and the longtime aficionado alike. Chad obviously spends time looking for a great mix of top-notch vocal music; his efforts result in a terrific show. Enjoy!
The very best and a wide variety of acappella music! Sometimes I'll hear a song sung on this show that I think is something I've never heard before. But then it turns out to be a very popular song, covered in a style that makes it sound brand new. Chad does a great job on this show.
Chad Bergeron is the perfect compliment to the all-star lineup of college, semi-pro, and professional a cappella endeavors. As a music director of a college a cappella group in MA, I appreciate the awesome choices of songs and groups that Chad makes for the show. You'll be suprised how much you enjoy listening to this!!
I really appreciate the excellent music in this podcast, and show #49 is so excellent I have listened to it over and over. Thanks
This podcast is very neat! Demonstrates the agility of the human voice and has lots of music but still introduces the groups so you can buy them if you want.
Not every song will be your favorite, but if you listen long enough, you will definitely learn to love this podcast. He plays a WIDE variety of music that tends to surprise me every episode on how good it is. Great podcast!
Been listening to this podcast since episode 1, and it is by far and wide the best a cappella podcast that I've found to date. Good balance between music and commentary, and the fact that Chad takes the time to obtain permissions for playing FULL-LENGTH versions of songs is the icing on the cake! Way to go, Chad...keep on truckin'!
This is an excellent podcast. It is professionally done, and the music is varied and always good. The host is a pleasure to listen to. I look forward to this podcast a lot.
Chad is good at finding music and new examples, but as the Acopodcast has gone on Chad has begun to expand to add a bit too much commentary to the program. His most recent interview was good, but either play the music or play the interview. Here's to hoping Chad remembers this is about music and brining new groups to his listeners. We don't need 40 minutes of him walking around talking to people.
I'm a barbershop singer in metropolitan New Jersey, and I love this podcast. Great a cappella music, great barbershop music and a podcaster that GETS IT - Chad lets the podcast be all about his love for the music, and it's a great listen. Thanks!
This is done just right. Chad focuses on the music, not on himself talking. And he keeps the podcasts a nice length (~30 min/ 6 songs). The acappella is greatly varied and always quality. And the best part is Chad doesn't play just college groups, he spans all the groups (college, religious, pro, etc). Keep up the great work! And everyone else subscribe, you won't regret it.
Great a cappella music! If you like listening to different forms of a cappella music, than this is the perfect podcast for you. Lots of great songs and groups. Short but sweet, and tons of fun!
Some of the music presented here uses sound effects, etc. I assumed from the title that it would be strictly voice, and it's not. Disappointing.