Radio America

Reviews For Radio America

I wish I could give this two ratings. A 5 for content and 1 for production quality. I'm not talking about the original material. I understand the limitations of the old source material. Throughout the series, you hear computer sounds ("Youv'e got mail.") and other notifications. Modern ads overlay content, so the overdub isn't in the source material. Lead-in identification audio is excessively loud comparied to content, so be prepaired to turn volume down to protect your ears at the beginning, then back up to hear the programming. Production problems aside, the old radio stories are worth the problems.
Well, it's ok, you need some more classics like... Bob Hope, some more Red skelton, and alot more ABBOTT AND COSTELLO. So thank you for making these but you need some more stuff in here.
My wife and I love these shows....great for traveling or sitting out on the porch! Keep them comming!
Now these take me back to my childhood... I'm a big fan of Merrie Melodies. Love your podcast of the old radio series "Avengers" too! And "Popeye!" The list goes on... Great podcast, Rik. Very special selection, "Battle of Midway, 1942" a piece of history and a MUST SEE! Keep 'em coming.
I think it's really awesome that this podcast has a variety of quality programs. It made me extremely happy to see the recording of War of the Worlds! Plus with Popeye and the others, this is a podcast that everyone who is a fan of classic radio should definitley check out for themselves.