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I loved this podcast so much - great content, great guests, very insightful commentary. I would listen to it on my daily commute. But I had to subscribe recently because of Dan Loney’s whistley-breathing noises. I tried to ignore it. I really did. For months. I thought, surely the editor knows this is unreasonable? Surely Dan knows he needs to switch off his mic when someone else is speaking? Surely other people find this unacceptable too - they must have gotten comments? But alas it seems none of those things are true. So, regrettably, I have had to unsubscribe. I will happily resubscribe when either the editor fixes this issue or Dan switches off his mic.
Really enjoyed the China / Tariff discussion
Wharton is fantastic and this podcast covers a wonderful variety of topics. I want to love it. Unfortunately the host, Dan Loney simply has to chime in endlessly on every topic. He is enthusiastic, but doesn’t ask open or probing questions often enough and seems driven to exhibit his knowledge. I’m sure he does good research, but the impact is disastrous and often really undermines his guests. Maybe he could get some training to help, but after months of hoping it would get better I will likely move on.
Tons of interesting topics. I learn tons and not always just business and finance stuff.
Along with Harvard Business Review's IdeaCast, [email protected] is one of my favorite audio podcasts. The line-up of topics and guests is incredible. As host and producer, when I began to work to launch CEO TALK RADIO and CFO TALK RADIO, I took (and continue to take) a lot of inspiration from [email protected] as well as HBR's IdeaCast. This is an amazing program and -- other than the shows mentioned in this review -- there are few, if any, that compare. Great job!! AAA+
Captivating podcast that provides exceptional advice. Really interesting for an aspiring Wharton student.
These podcasts are well done and informative and take the form of a typical B-school case study type discussion. The "experts" sometimes are not so expert at doing their fact checking though like in the DRM one where the comment is made that Rhapsody is not available on the Mac. Bzz. Wrong. Their choice of topics is more interesting than the Harvard podcast which has many episodes focusing on CEO/Org changes in companies such as Dell.
Expert opinions on the market. I listened to the June podcast and he basically predicted this mid-September run in the market. I want useful info. If I want to be entertained I can listen to a comedy podcast. Excellent!
This series of podcasts comprises of interviews with business achievers that are regular, varied, well structured and insightful. Guests are interesting and know their stuff, which makes for interesting listening and reflective learning.
Thanks to Wharton for providing these excellent summaries of [email protected] articles. The writers seem to be very knowledgeable and I LOVE the British accent! While the podcasts is a great way to extend the value of [email protected] content, I would love to see some of the videocast from [email protected]