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One of the best.
Thank you for the terrific interview with the filmmaker of the United States of Amnesia. If I hadn’t heard the interview, I would never have known the movie was out. I am just learning about this great American and am so glad to have found Truthdig. Thanks for all your hard work.
What a breath of fresh air. Especially fond of Chris Hedge's observations and analysis.
Only source that covers LGBT, handicapped, undocumented immigrants of color.
A nice alternative news perspective to listen to. A honest and needed news source.
I listen to several news podcasts and just downloaded truthdig because it had a familiar ring to it. After 10 minutes I remembered -- Robert Scheer, who is a guest on another podcast I listen to. He's long winded there and he's REALLY long-winded here. Of course truthdig is his baby so I guess he's entitled to drone on and on but gosh he hardly takes a breath! Sorry I couldn't keep listening. Had to unsubscribe.
Great interview(er)s, guests and discussion. Shame it's only on once a week. Wish it were updated more frequently.
Very informative podcast. They have excellent guests and Truthdig is one of my favorites!
I listen to this and Alternative Radio every week! It is one of the most informative programs out there. Having programs like this may avert Sheldon's idea of a non-informed public and help keep us all caring about the way our country is run.
good stuff thanks for the podcast
Smart, skeptical commentary and original reporting from the perspective of the non-elite.
ILove the show so I would give it 5 stars but it is disappointing that it just drops off in the middle of a discussion after about 5 minutes. I won't bother to listen to the podcast until I can hear the whole show. I will keep checking back.I will load it from my computer meantime as that seems to play the whole show.
If you are well steeped in today's questions about labor and class and economic justice then this show is for you. It's a step up from most of the liberal shows online.
'Iraq from the inside' was truly an inspiring look at the hopes and humanity of civilians within Iraq. Another fantastic offering from Truthdig, which puts out high-quality episodes on extremely important issues.
It makes no difference if I agree with the facts ... long as I know the truth of the facts.
Robert Scheeer is a hero of mine. I wish I had known of him when I was growing up in a fundie church and in a military family. ( in my up bringing I was told that secular humanists/liberals/universities where of "SATAN") Truth has a certain ring to it when it is expressed and that ring seems to emanate from Truthdigs blog/podcast more than most. Robert has the best and the brightest on his Truthdig blog/podcasts and I always look forward to hearing his views. Thank-you Robert for your courage over the years. Podcats from Truthdig (when they post them) are great and worth every minute.