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no really i did. this is alyssa. i saw the one where you went to the store in new york city. it was neat! and i especially liked the parts where 1: i got to see new york and 2: you showed the video thing on the screen. that was cool, and even though i don't really know anything about computers i will still watch your super cool show! keep it up!
When you have a macintosh computer, you need information to go with it, because everyone knows PCs are designed for the, shall we say, less complex-minded, and they don't care about such valuable stuff as knowledge. And wheen you're seeking knowledge, God forbid you get it from someone who isn't Jason Katz. Oh, and if anyone gives this podcast a bad reveiw, it's anti-Semitism.
All Things Mac is one of my favorite things to do in life.
The presentation has a few rough edges, but the content is very good. Lot's of short and to the point Macintosh news stories. Injections of humor help keep it light.