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Voices and suspense music and setup are great...then no substance. Totally lame! Def skip this waste of time. Wondery is usually so much better-can win them all?
For Hitchcock and Psycho fans this is a must listen. Great creep factor mixed with interesting facts and information.
This was amazing and well told. I can’t wait for season 2.
PLEASE do Texas Chainsaw Massacre
This was a very entertaining podcast from the 3 min trailer to the finish of Ep 6. Any fan of Hitchcock and/or true crime will appreciate this podcast. Oh, and the narrator sounds like a bit of a psycho himself (and that’s a compliment to him AND a complement to the story).


Completely binged in one sitting. I love this movie and the story behind it was so interesting!
By way of qualification, I love podcasts and audiobooks, in particular Wondery-produced podcasts. Moreover I drive often (and far) so I’m always looking for new content. That being said, this is why you should mos def avoid those one. First, it’s just not particularly interesting with the exception of the first episode. That was good and macabre and compelling. But the real reason you should pass is because the narrator, who I think is also the writer and producer (show runner?) reads in the most affected and annoying way. He pauses between words constantly for emphasis but, like any other technique, he over does it to the point where my wife and I were annoyed beyond measure. For awhile we even talked to each other like him. Me: Do you Her: I think I’m...ok. It’s ridiculous. On the other hand, there were times when he’s simply reading bumpers or promos and he’s soooo much better. I wish he starts reading like that as he continues his career.
Loved the story and information in the podcast. But the narrator told it in a very weird way that was distracting. The stories are weird enough without needing to act like the podcast is taking place in a haunted house.
Different and very entertaining
Couldn't get into it. The way it's narrated with unnecessary with unnecessary pauses is just painful


By El Mub
Well done. Very well done. Thank you.
The actual content of this podcast is okay. I wouldn’t really say it’s a deep dive of Psycho tho. The thing that is most bothersome is the pauses the narrators makes for dramatic effect. Any bit of dramatization has been absolutely lost because they feel the need to dramatically pause before the ending of almost every single sentence. It’s so bad and frustrating to hear that it compelled me to write my first podcast review in over four years of listening. Also, the couple spots where the story takes us through dream sequences, why?? This isn’t a work of fiction, and even if these dreams are documented it is a colossal waste of time. Every episode I’m left disappointed that the interesting parts of the episode weren’t what I was left remembering.
I loved this podcast!! So much detail about the movie Psycho. Hitchcock was a brilliant director. I highly recommended


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Great job! Can’t wait for the next one!
Another great job by Wondery. Please keep it up, your podcasts are the best!’
Classic movie, and the narrator clearly has a passion for it, but he doesn’t let the great story tell itself, he has to add spooky music, spooky re-enactments, pointless spooky....pauses, and so on. Too much. He does sound exactly like Jeff Daniels, however.
Many 🙏🏽 for the entertainment!
I was pretty disappointed with how boring this was. I had high expectations
Love the narrator’s voice and cadence along with the sound effects. All of these are great
While I applaud the narrator’s enthusiasm and obvious passion for Hitchcock, the storytelling is cringey. Interesting details about a classic movie, legendary director, and the real life psycho.
I’ve always loved Hitchcock’s work and this and a great insight into his most famous work.


By JH383
The storytelling is not good. There are a million dramatic pauses that makes it hard to listen. Also, it’s just not told in a way that makes for a compelling complete story.
I loved the historical context, easy to follow story telling, and music! Absolutely recommend
Love the content and storyline. But the overly suspenseful music, pauses, drama, etc is too much. It takes away from a good story and sounds cheesy.
Loved everything about this one including the music!!!


Why do all the podcast sound fast forwarded?
Really enjoyed it. Have been a Pycho fan for years. Lots of fun facts!
A lot of good content and an interesting story but all the suspenseful music in the background and dramatic pausing made it unbearable to keep listening after episode 3. “You could hear a pin.......*suspenseful sound effect*.....*long pause*.......drop.” Get on with it! A real bummer because the podcast could have been so much more enjoyable without the theatrics.
These podcasts are great! It’s a great dive into a classic movie that follows an interesting timeline of pop culture history and incorporates many biographical elements. I hope there are more of these to come! I also love the theme music.
Oh, honey, your writing is not interesting enough to warrant the hundreds of thousands of dramatic pauses. You’re talking about the master of suspense himself, couldn’t you have studied up a bit? The music would better suit a podcast about American Horror Story or the Human Centipede, cheap thrills... but not the greatest horror movie of all time. Sigh, white boys.... will you ever get sick of the sound of your own voices? Because I am.
The story is great, but the way he tells it is so embarrassingly dramatic that I couldn’t finish it.


Over dramatic reading, creative license and poor research is the hallmark of all these Wondery series.
If you enjoy movies/psycho/great podcasts then you will LOVE this one, no question about it!
Thank you for making this Podcast wondery!!
Fascinating series!! I was sad when it was over!!!
New respect for Bernard Herman.
I didn’t know much about the story behind Psycho before this podcast, but now I feel like I know as much as I would from reading a book about it. Entertaining and informative podcast!
i just listened to both episodes, thinking they would be much like the Inside Jaws and Inside Psycho podcasts. Now, drowning in my own tears, sitting next to a pile of used tissues, i see i was wrong. The other 2 were immensely entertaining and informative. This was emotionally captivating and exhausting, much like the movie itself. The smaller stories within the main story are uplifting. Beautifully told and narrated.
The story telling in Wondery pods are great!! The very last one of the psycho series had my heart racing! Awesome!!!
I appreciate the attention to details and story telling. A ton of behind the scene facts I didn’t know. Thanks
I was completely engaged the whole time binge listening to this. I love Hitchcock and this is so interesting. I loved learning new stuff about the movie and Hitchcock himself. Great story telling. Please keep these types of podcast coming.
Wondery and it’s narrator, writers and production staff are the masters of Pod Casts. Highly recommend! 5/5!!!
Fascinating story about the making of a great movie. How he chose the actors and his attention to detail..
Someone should make this into a film. This podcast is not only a journey into the making of one of the greatest films of all time, it’s also a beautifully woven tale into the masterful mind of Hitchcock. I was only sorry there weren’t more episodes. 10+