Reviews For On Main Street with Aaron Wallace: An Unofficial Disney Fan Podcast


Thank I am a haunted mansion fan and I will come to Disney world very soon and I love Disney pins and I Miss You guys very much love Justin
I am a huge Disney fan who follows Disney Parks news and happenings on the daily. I am absolutely obsessed with Disney history, art and Imagineering and I’m the person who must know every single tiny detail that goes into every inch of the Disney parks and who worked on them. I found this podcast because I wasn’t getting enough out of my other dozen Disney related podcasts lol! I love Aaron’s strong love for classic Disney films, and the core essences of each of the theme parks. His opinions are extremely well thought out and genuine and his knowledge is incredible. I really feel like this podcast compliments my own thoughts and feelings while also inspiring new thought processes. I’m so happy I found this!!!
Love this podcast! I downloaded it a while back and finally started listening tonight! Now I’m binging shows!
I like how his is very careful about what he says, and say both sides if he talks about conflict!


This is the best podcast ever you are so amazing the only complaint is there is no episode ☝🏼 one ☝🏼 Freak yeah
I am just a friendly little 8 year old. How was your day? I hope you had a great day! How
Aaron does a great job in producing shows that don't just cover the news. He always has an interesting perspective that shows he's a fan but isn't an overly rosy take. It's also a very well-produced show!
Each of Aaron's podcasts paint Disney in a way that you would never expect. ZADDP looks at Disney through intellectual eyes in a way that you have never heard before. If you want to go beyond your normal Disney fandom, and learn more about everything Disney, this is the podcast for you.
Love this podcast. Wish it would come out more often. Love how it makes me think! Thanks for all the hard work, Aaron!!!!!
As a huge fan of Disney parks, I don’t need much from a Disney podcast other than for the hosts to occasionally talk about my favorite Disney rides, foods, and lands, and then I’m happy. But what I especially appreciate about ZADDP is the extreme thoughtfulness that goes into each episode. I can tell how much effort Aaron puts into the show based on his careful wording and the many arguments he gives to support his opinions. And while I might not always agree with his opinions, I always come away respecting them simply because of how methodically and humbly he presents them. In fact, at the end of another ZADDP episode, I usually have a new outlook on many of the things Aaron discussed. If you want to be transported to a Disney park or hear some of your favorite Disney topics discussed, and if you want to do so in a way that gives you new appreciation for those things, definitely check out Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Pod! (Keep up the great work, A Wall!)
It has taken me since the beginning of August, but I have made it through all of the show. Great Podcast. Particularly enjoyed the 100 Greatest Disney songs. Looking forward to more shows soon!
Be it music movies and anything else Disney this podcast is a must for every real disney fan. The hall of fame music podcasts especially deserve mention they are amongst the best of Aaron's podcasts.


best ever!
Smart and incredibly insightful.
Used to be a really good podcast when it came out on a regular basis. Now when a show comes out topics are dated. Growing impatient I've moved on.
Try the Disney Dish podcast instead.
i don't even know how to say it better but its just a great show!!!! Aaron we share names and we share a disney passion… keep up the good work!!!
Please, please keep it up.You really did your research. I was in tears at the end because I didn't want it to end.
Need more shows!!! Lol. I really enjoy this show, its interesting and occasionally I learn somethin'. ;) I've been listening to The Hub in lieu of this podcast...
This is one of the best Disney podcasts out there...but it's been a couple months since the last one and we need the parts 3 (and 4?) of the trip report!
Great podcast that's always fun.
Normally, I hesitate to listen to solo podcasts. But Aaron really keeps things going and his enthusiasm and know-how makes this podcast a real joy. He has also shown continual improvement as a host from the earlier episodes. I particularly appreciate his lists, especially the incredible top 100 songs he discussed over four episodes.


By Bushe
a thinking mans podcast is just perfect for a disney fan of all ages i listen all the time and wait for the next one lets get another one soon
I love listening to this podcast! It love hearing Aaron's opinions on everything Disney.
Even if episodes are sporadic, the ones that are available are lots of fun, and addictive (especially the countdowns complete with montages). Thanks.
I have been listening to this podcast for a long time. Arron seems to be getting a little more negative in his thoughts. I am going to keep listening for a while longer in hopes he stops being as negative. I don't remember him being so negative in the past. Some things are designed for pure entertainment. Everything does not have to be analysed to death.
Hey, love the new album artwork. I was so glad to see another episode! I first started listening about 4 months ago, starting with the song countdown (great btw!!!) and now im working from episode 1 and up, till i get to the more recent stuff. Keep up the great work! Love the montages & countdowns.
Needs more episodes. I listen to these every night while trying to sleep and I have noticed that episodes have died down. This upsets me a bit because there are unfinished "series" and things you said in your videos that haven't been posted. I hope for more soon, but I understand if your busy. Maybe a quick update video would be nice. Hopefully you make some more soon! Please! Thanks
Aaron does a great job of putting this podcast together. The Top 100 Disney Songs episodes are my favorites. I've listened to them several times.
I just started listening to the podcast, but the trip reviews will come in very handy when planning my trip in June.
Have listened for a while but the time and effort to put together the Disney Top 100 very impressive. Keep up the great work.
Aaron is great behind the microphone. He puts thought into every show by giving the listener facts and tidbits you don't usually get from other podcasts. His top 100 Disney Song countdown is a perfect example. I've listened to it multiple times. I hope to be listening to this podcast for years to come.
Great take on Disneyania. Entertaining and simple. Sometimes a little long, but still worth a subscription.
Fun to listen to
This podcast is consistantly excellent, but episodes #51 through #54 absolutely brilliant. Aaron counts down the 100 best Disney songs of all times. At first that might not sound very exciting, but each song in the list is given a thorough analysis of it's context, musicality and lyical significance that will entertain and inform beyond what you might expect from such a list. Aaron made so many superb observations for each song that I found myself riveted through the entire count down. I learned a lot and I am a musician who thought he knew Disney music. No matter who you are (ok, maybe Alan Menken knows a lot of this stuff) you will discover new things about your favorite Disney songs and see them in a completely new light. Like I said, every episode has been wonderful, but the Top 100 Disney Songs episodes are truly epic.
One of the Disney podcasts I try not to miss. Well worth the time to listen.
A fantastic podcast that I can't wait to hear more from. The top 100 disney songs was one of the best podcast topics ever done. Keep up the great work!!!!
its to small world in the countown aron podcast
I recently started listening to ZADDP with episode 45 and since then I have gone back and listened to all the earlier episodes and about caught up. I really enjoy the countdowns and the all the Disney reviews. This show is definitely what it expected to be and that's be a discussion podcast. Thanks for putting together such a wonderful show, Aaron! Can't wait to hear more!
I love this show. I am a huge Disney fan and am planning my next vacation in march. Thanks for all your great ideas. I especially like your countdowns. They have been a major help in planning out my days. Keep the podcasts coming.
If you are a fan of all thing's Disney the is one of the best Podcasts to get. I have now played all off the podcast from the first the the last one and love them all. My last WDW this pod cast was a big help in planng. Thanks!
Aaron is well spoken Podcaster Whom I've been listening for years.The good thing about His podcast is Aaron Doesnt try to be Funny, but He Offers Great Insights on Every Topic. Aaron does his research, and his unusual but entertainting takes on countdowns keeps the audience listening. I Wish All Disney Podcasts Were This Well Made. Keep Up The Great Work!
This is a great Podcast. Gets you your Disney Fix, and yeah its awesome. Im a new listener and love it.
Another great podcast Aaron. Glad to hear another podcast from you. I like your review on your top EPCOT attractions.
Aaron, glad to hear to you are back... I really enjoyed your podcast, and you are an origanal... wish you luck and hope for more shows... love the top tens shows like your top villans... keep it up if you can... take care
This podcast is very informional and flows great. Some podcast just dont move at a good pace but this podcast was definatly an impressive acception.
Aaron are you going to continue your show?
I really enjoyed this podcast and hope that it comes back soon. I think the author said he is going to law school and maybe doesn't have as much time right now but if it does I'll be anxiously waiting!


What happened to the show?