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This is an amazing podcast. Just viewed the 1st one - Episode 4 on Ravenswood. Totally interested in the wine because of this. Great job. We are going to check out more of these. This is fun and informative.
The Wine Dude comes across as approachable and gregarious. I love the fact that I can get in-depth visual info or tours on wineries I'm considering visiting outside my local area. With gas prices and travel at a premium these days, it's nice to have a 'buddy' go there and get the low-down on the wines before I plan my next wine country visit. Would love to see more about Wine Tours and maybe some specific pairing info or wine history notes.
Not much here worth watching
I am by no means a wine expert and it seems that the wine dude is not as well. There is far more educational wine podcasts available.
The Network Demo rocks. The wine dude is the anti wine snobs everyman. He reminds me of why i like to drink have fun. He has fun with the wine makers ,who can sometimes take themselves and their products way to seriously. Keep it up wine dude i want to see alot more from you on podcasts and on TV. Keep it fun. Blogie
Love the Network Demo - Can't wait to see you on TV - I love your show!! I like the fact that I can enjoy my wine, any wine and travel along with you to the different wineries. Thanks for all your hard work....can't wait for the next episode
I think this is a great concept and I think the Dude has SNL's Horatio Sanz notes in his finish. And it playes like a really well done vacation home video. However, If I hear you say your catch phrase "Tasting as you Go" one more time I will gouge out my eardrums with a cork screw. I am currently playing a game with my buddies; each time you repeat your catch phrase; we drink a corked 2006 NY fingerlakes blend!
An exceptional podcast that brings the coziness of the winery experience to your fingertips and with the perfect host to bring it to you. From the perspective of a Wine Educator at a Sonoma Valley winery, the podcast gives wineries the opportunity to share our personalities and passion for wine in general and esepcially to share our winery gems and "babies" with subscribers. As a subscriber, imagine how excited I was to have The Wine Dude visit our Sonoma Valley winery to tape a podcast. While I cannot officially represent the winery in this review, the opportunity bring a little bit of us to you was rewarding to say the least. We hope to see you at our wineries. Regardless of which of the featured wineries you visit, let the winery staff know that The Wine Dude podcast brought you to us!