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By dkdfjk
Very informative

By Pcelo
The drop in this music.... 👍
Most software engineers I know have deep pockets of expertise, but not in every area. This podcast does a great job of providing a broad range of topics at an understandable level.
It seems like a lot of the glowing reviews were from years ago. The episodes I have listened to so far have been uninteresting. Often the interviewer seems uninterested and asks extremely basic questions. The guest is clearly selling their product or service and it’s a shame.
I have really enjoyed some of the episodes, such as the CAP theorem from a few years ago, but most of the episodes are not useful for an experienced engineer because they stay at the introductory level for the topic. The interviewers often have zero experience with the topic, so their questions are not helpful. It’s common for an interviewer to spend 2/3 of the show stumbling through the background to try to understand what the topic is. This may be useful for brand new developers, but it’s frustrating for experienced developers who really want to learn about a topic from an expert. Even in the best episodes, the interviewers miss important questions. The show could be 10x better with some new interviewers who ask better questions, and think more critically rather than letting the show be a marketing platform for the guest.
With a deep, interesting backlog of shows that span technology and practices, I love SERadio's focus on practical topics for the "working engineer".
After listening to this podcast I feel that I could recommend this to anyone looking for interesting and new innovative ideas.
Interesting and relevant interviews.
So much value! This is hands down the best software engineering podcast out there.
This podcast will get you up to speed on the latest thinking on all kinds of technology topics, from modern database architecture to workflow analysis to developer tools. It is technology agnostic and covers a whole range of areas that you are likely to encounter as a software engineer or manager, no matter what technologies you use day to day. Listen now!
Too many “technical” podcasts shy away from the nitty gritty details. I’d say Robert Blumen is the best technical podcast host around.
Shows contain great information and hosts are well-prepared,The content is in depth and topics are relevant to students of computer science work. I hope to learn a lot from it.
Love this show
These guys know what they are talking about and deliver the content in an interesting way and enjoyable to listen to. I have learned tons that I use on my job. Highly recommend this podcast especially if you are a geek like me. Thanks guys, for all the great podcasts!!
I'm a CS undergrad with on-off industry exposure. I am currently listening to this podcast from the beginning (I'm near episode 100) to expand my knowledge beyond CS fundamentals. The hosts are great and they find great guests. They are very company-agnostic, but many episodes discuss specific technologies making it very practical. Highly recommended.
This is an excellent resource for me, a software developer, to get a sense of what is happening on a broad range of issues that I would otherwise never hear about. This podcast is interviews with mostly professional developers and covers a fair amount on software design, development, and testing methodologies, as well as software technologies. As should be expected in a niche podcast, the interviews are not always smoothly edited and the interviewees are not professional speakers, so do not always speak clearly.
I've been listening to all the old shows and the cast is very good and format of the show really makes it interesting. Some great interviews with prominent experts in their Software field. If you enjoy programming, do it as a profession, or just like to geek out. This show is a must.
If you are looking to brush up on a subject or looking to keep up to date on new technology, this podcast was made for you! Thank you so much!
This podcast is not afraid to dive into technical details which makes it a very useful podcast. It isn't always the easiest to listen to while trying to do other things due to the high amount of content packed into each episode. They've done a great job in making a podcast that can help keep software engineers up to date and learning about new things. A task that we often forget neglect in our busy lives. Definately a podcast worth your time. Thank you for making such a good podcast!
Love hope faith trust In god we trust
Anyone calling themselves a professional software engineer will benefit from this series. Managers of same will as well.
You will learn a lot. Great show!
I'm a Computer Science student and SE Radio is a great source of exposure to the field.
I've listened to almost all (100+) of se-radio episodes. This is the best way to catch up with trends in software development. Highly recommended.
Being an American, I found myself straining to understand the German accented English. After the first 2 episodes, either I got over it, or they sounded better, and I have been a fan since then. If you are a software engineer and need to know the ins and outs, the acronyms, and the explanations of today's software development technology, you need to subscribe to this podcast now.