Otis Twelve and Diver Dan Doomey: The Podcast

Reviews For Otis Twelve and Diver Dan Doomey: The Podcast


By kattang
I love this nostalgic podcast and appreciate that it's being offered for the fans . . . but the last 2 Lance Stallion cases (the Crippled Frog and now the Barking Dogs) have previously been put out. Please check what's been done and find something new if you have it.
Mean Farmer was really funny when I was in junior high and high school....listened to the Z-92 guys on the way to school every morning...they hold up well after all these years...worth the listen
This was great stuff from Omaha radio - I left Lincoln in May '87 for the Twin Cities of Minnesota, thinking I'd find something to replace these guys, but never have. I'm glad to see them release this stuff on iTunes. Well worth your time!