First Assembly NLR Audio Podcast

Reviews For First Assembly NLR Audio Podcast

Pastor Rod puts all his messages into our Dailey living .He knows how to get the point across.
I always have Pastor Rod's sermons on my iPod. I love his honesty and his humor! Truly a man annointed by God. His messages will change your life!
Those of you fortunate enough to hear him speak will not find a fearful Pastor compromising the words of the Bible with the ideals of the world. However: Pastor Rod is gifted enough to NOT sound judgemental at all when he speaks! (Sarcastic at times, but this just helps hammer his points home!). Be prepared to think on the Word after each message, and I hope you can listen and draw closer to the Lord as his words have helped me to do.
We love our pastor rod!!!!
I have the great fortune to worship at Pastor Rod's church in North Little Rock. He is one of the most interesting, life-altering speakers of our generation. His sermons are extremely applicable to everyday life; I look forward to listening to him teach us God's word every Sunday! A must listen for anyone looking for God's guidance on contemporary living.
I was lucky enough to see Pasor Rod Speak at the Dream Center in Los Angeles, and have listened to several of his sermons' since. He has been a man that has really touched me with the words of GOD. Pastor Rod has made me feel great after listening to his words, and left me with knowledge that GOD is speaking to me and has strengthened my faith in times when I have felt fear enter me.