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I've been listening to Cez for about 2 years now. Excellent- he mixes it up the genres and it all works.
Can you please list the song/artist as you have before? I enjoy your selections!
Enjoyed the May podcast the most!!!
Excellent transitions. Up and down the list this podcast destroys all other attempts at just good music
The dicitonary defines eclectic as "selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles," and that defines this podcast, too - all set to a great beat. Well thought-through transtitions, and no egocentric DJ interrupting the dance. I like it best when the individual tracks are labelled.
When it comes to good, I mean really good Electric based music I usually get my recommendations from friends who produce music but this was a recommendation that came from click surfing the itunes music store / podcast section and the result a Gem, I'm going to recommend this to all my friends.
This is a fantastic music podcast. The mixes that are put together flow perfectly from one track to the next. If you love electronic music this is the podcast for you.


By GLT72
Fantastic work! Thank you for taking the time to mix and share. I like the "Buy" link while tracks are playing. Keep it coming!
Listened to music since I was able to walk....this podcast is the reason I-tunes in on my computer...Always a pleasant surprise, great flowing tracks with no interuptions--- simply perfect.
really great mix of grooves and beats; one i look forward to listening to! Highly recommend if you want a good mix of electronica, funk, hip hop, soul and downtempo
The several episodes that I sampled had such a soulless repetitive sameness to them, it seems unimaginable that the word eclectic is used to describe this podcast. The many rave reviews have left me even more confused. I'm glad it has made these listeners so happy, but for those hoping to discover varied and interesting music that is written - not programmed - I would suggest looking elsewhere.
I knew Just Good Music was good when I subscribed. When I heard the "Comfort Control" mix(released on 10/24/06) I knew that this podcast was a MUST HAVE! The mix is incredible and its a mix that I can not imagine ever deleting.
The only thing holding this back from a five star rating is the fact that you can't skip ahead in the podcast if you're not feeling a song.
Great choice of music. I must commend your taste of music. Fine and refined. I use it as background music while studying and I must say that this music keeps me going for hours. A concern: Could you do it more often than just once a month? Maybe twice or even thrice?
just goooooood.........nice choices here Cheers...!
Your mix of "best of" scientist totally spanked.... I listen to it all the time. Bring more Scientist
Excellent Mix
deep, intelligent...I am a Dub lover...and this is soul beats...a perfect mix..Cez has reached enlightenment...
yea, i like this music.....
The transitions are fine, but the real reason this is so good is the choice material. I was led to this because iTunes featured it with a lead banner on its "Podcast" page: thanks iTunes! And thanks to Cez, the creator. Please keep it up.
I stumbled on to this. So many crappy podcasts from crappy DJ's. But this is simple and to the point. Great, deep and always interesting.
Great work, Cez! These mixes are unfailingly groovy, impeccably paced, and shaped by a finely-honed good taste. I'm always grateful to you when I catch myself grooving on a much-improved mood while I listen!
I think most people must wonder why I am tapping my feet and bobbing my head as I work on writting a paper or finishing some homework. . . .The answer is simple, Cez and Just Good Music is awesome to study to and makes you want to dance at the same time-- you have greatly contributed to many A's, thank you :)
This podcast is like a wonderfuly created playlist, with out the work. Weridly enough, it actually is just good music, and regardless of how prestigious that title may be, it lives up to it. I was skeptical when I saw it, but once I heard the first few it really proved itself. There are diffrent types of music on here for sure, but all along the same line of taste, and all of whihc many people will enjoy. The songs are repetitive enough so that you dont have to pay to much attention, or expend excessive amount of energy on listening, which is relaxing and nice.
This is perfect background music for writing. Thanks Cez!
Great taste and indeed eclectic. Keep up the good work.
Special detroit sauce. Love it.
Consistently bringing the beats. This last episode (may 8th) was my kind of catnip. All the others have everything from cool dub to electro groove and my favorite house music..bringing it on DEEP. Thanks for the booty shaking beats!