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This is by far my favorite quilting podcast. I've come to adore Alex and wish I'd been into quilting back when she was doing Simply Quilts. I'm a long-time seamstress, but new to quilting. Thanks for inspiring me to try my hand at a new 'branch' of sewing.
I am an admirer of Alex's from back in the Simply Quilts days. Actually now that she is out from under the HGTV's thumb, she is more interesting. Her podcast is more natural and unscripted. No matter what the topic is, it's fun to listen to Alex's take on it. Her podcast is never too long so she doesn't lose the listener. Definitely worth a listen for all quilters.
It's just like having Alex over for coffee. Now the I don't get cable and Simply Quilts is going away, I can still get my Alex fix. Keep up the good work.
The podcasts by Alex are wonderful. I listen to them on my lunch hour, while waiting in the car, and at school games. Her information is informative, interesting and I learn so much, just listening to her. I'm so glad I can still get my "Alex fix" and I hope she continues to do this for a long, long time. Alex Anderson is the BEST.
I've just emailed my quilt guild about Alex's podcast. I'm very happy to be able to take her with me throughout the day. And I'm even more happy that we'll still be able to be inspired by Alex now that there won't be any more Simply Quilts. I've learned at least half of what I know about quilting because of Simply Quilts and I've been inspired to no end by the wide array of guests she's had on her show. Now, if we could only have a video podcast my dreams would be fulfilled! Thanks so much for continuing on.
For the legions of Simply Quilts fans, your quilting books, and now podcasting I want to express the love we have for you, Alex. We all wish you great blessings in this new endeavor and will "spead the news" about your podcast.


By S. Cain
This is such a fun informative podcast for us quilters who need their "Alex" fix!! I'm letting all my quilting friends know that my favorite teacher is still inspiring us! It's a happy day!
I was so excited to hear your first and second podcasts! I've been a regular listener to Simply Quilts for many years. Alex is knowledgeable and always a pleasure to listen to. My only wish is that the podcasts were longer. I listen to them while I walk, and I'm sad when they end. Keep up the great work!
I'm liking the podcast, but how about doing video?? Since no more new shows on HGTV this would be great venue. I will tell my quilting buddies anyways to tune in!