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I absolutely luv anime! Princess tutu is my fav
They haven't put out anything new in years. Get them off the site.
I will admit I understood the guys only wanting to put out a great podcast so, when they said that most of their podcasts died in editting, I thought, "great, only quality is going to be heard." I now see that was an excuse. I know these guys aren't professionals but, new episodes in a year & only 2 in 2009. Sloppy - lazy - whatever you want to say. If school/work/family is getting busy/crazy/demanding, take a break but, TELL YOUR LISTENERS! How hard is it to post, "very busy, will podcast when we can, thank you for listening, please stay subscribed"? WOW.....that took me all of a few seconds. Their views were original & that will be missed however, I won't miss the monotone mumblings of these 2 reviewers.
im pretty sure the "when in china, listen to your tour guide" one is refering to ranma 1/2. ranma and his dad were warned by there tour guide not to go into the water but they did anyway and after that everytime ranma got wet with cold water he would turn into a girl and his dad a panda.
cause of his news and reviews i saw some pretty good anime im not goin to lie what was the song at the end of podcast number 12 i loved it please somebody has to tell me


Great podcast it has slot of amazing things about it bit it doesn't really have alot of episode for being on as long as it has but still amazing podcast keep it up
I think you need to make a podcast more than 2 a year in order to make it a good show. One episode in January and the next in July? How does this show have so much popularity on Itunes? It stinks...
Like I said... pretty intense...^^ Anime is wicked!
well i been into the whole listening to anime podcast and i have to say Anime+ is one of the best out there. its funny and its not all about facts with them. They joke about alot of things that i would in animes! and saying the all of pokemon was filler esp... so true! XD Rock on u guys!
I love this podcast, it is one of my favorites. I was really surprized by vespaholic's review. I really would encourage people to check these guys out before they settle on an opinion. Even their first few episodes, which are not as good as the most recent ones, DO NOT match up with vespaholic's opinions at all. I do not even think he has listened to them. Anyways, what is really awesome about this podcast is that it tends to shy away from the animes that get enough attention already. They tend to review new realeases and ones that may not have gotten enough attention. I have really had some good times watching animes such as Noein and Last Exile. I would not have known about this animes if it were not for Anime+. Thanks guys. P.S. I love the background music.
meh not the best anime podcast out there, I do remeber that Alex bashed FMA for having a potential gay character. "anime plus" sounds like another podcast I know of, that seems to have a more balanced system of reviews. Seriously these guys sound like they're still in high school.
It is Very Good