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Content is good but the self promoting ads every 4 minutes between points drive me crazy. Hard to listen to but the content would be easier to absorb without her reminding us what podcast we are listening to every few sentences.
This podcast hasn't been updated in over 4 years and only has 10 episodes! Why is it ranked so high in iTunes?
This is a great show, but I don't listen to it as much as I use to because there are no show titles. It would be great if there was a show title so that we could find previously discussed topics to listen to without much searching.
I have listened to all the iTunes podcast on real estate investing, and this on is significantly superior. Vena gives real world examples and advice and is actually on the radio and this is a podcast of her show. All the other people make a podcast so they can sell you their book, or try and get you to come to a "real estate conference". Vena is truley here to help real estate investors. Thank you!
Great show, and very informative, but it's frustrating when there's limited time with fantastic, insightful guests and Vena drags out insignificant stories of her own personal experiences (sort of) relative to what the guest is talking about. She often interrupts, rambles on and on and speaks slowly, seemingly because she likes to hear herself talk. She can be a bit self absorbed, which often grinds the interview process to a snail's pace. This show should be twice as long so they don't have to cut the guests short. That said, it's definitely still worth listening to.
Very informative...not just for beginners or wannabe's. I am a full time investor and really enjoy this show's off-the-cuff, conversational style. I get lots of ideas and information from this show that I use in my daily business. Great job!
These shows are podcasted from a public radio station, and therefore, the guests are not allowed to sell any products. So, what you get is pure information about all facets of real estate investing without any hype or hidden agendas. The show is well paced and sprinkled with humor. Very informative and well worth your time.
I've listened to this podcast for nearly 8 months now and am usually very pleased. Most podcasts run 40 min. hosts and guests are practicians from which they speak. Put this together with the fact that they're not trying to sell anything and you've got one of the best podcasts I've come across thus far!!
I have listened to all Real Life Real Estate Investing podcast and believe this is one of the best out there for real estate investing. Highly recommend for those that are just finding their way into investing.
I have listed to several of the other RE Podcasts and without a doubt this one is the best. I plan to catch the actual show live this week...