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I’m a Filipino living in the US, aspiring to learn a foreign language (or two). In January this year, happen to stumble on one of Alexa’s videos on YouTube while looking for a video tutorials for another language. And since that day, listening to her on YouTube has become part of my daily routines. I speak 2 of my regional languages (and taught my toddlers to speak those too) but I’d love it if I could speak and understand French as well. I know French is not an easy language to learn, but thanks to Alexa for making it very interesting. I’m glad to know she’s got Podcast too, I can listen to her lessons without interruption while doing housework and caring for my toddlers. Thank you very much, Alexa! And I’m really hoping that before 2022 ends, I can at least understand and speak simple French sentences. ♥️♥️♥️ ~JosieD
I love the new podcast. Thanks for bringing it back. To add to the verlan discussion, I know of one pig Latin word that has become mainstream in American English. The word is ixnay which is an informal way to reject something, and is the pig Latin word for nix. I am not sure if ixnay is used in the UK.
I studied French in college, but it’s been longer than I would care to admit since I’ve spoken it. My pronunciation is more than a little rusty. The content is a bit simple for me (and would therefore most likely be a good match for actual beginners), but it is her speaking and pronunciation practice that I love. She speaks slowly, enunciates clearly, and gives lots of time to practice speaking. Merci, Alexa!
I really like this podcast and how she does rush the lessons. I love how she also includes follow along documents of the lessons. Very good way to learn French to hear and see. 👌🏾
Alexa goes over crucial concepts to actually get me speaking french! She gets me to say things out loud. She covers the rules clearly and I love that I have immediate opportunities to open my mouth and try them. So many language learning tools have helped my listening comprehension (Duolingo & Rosetta Stone) and I can understand way more than I can speak. But most programs don’t actually get you speaking. Merci beaucoup, Alexa! I continue to go back to your practical, relevant lessons!
My god please stop with the 3 minute introduction and the long song at the end
This podcast and Alexa are awesome!
She does not allow enough time so that you can repeat
I’m hooked on this podcast and have learned so much after just the first 4 lessons! I’ve been wanting to learn French for years and Alexa makes it fun and enjoyable. I highly recommend!
I’ve used Duolingo for a year and these fifteen and short podcasts have improved my French by sooooooo much more! I finished all of them in about a week too.
I’ve listened in the car during commutes, on the airplane during travel and at home. Having the worksheets accessible with the course is my learning style and let’s me work on recognizing the word in text. These 15 lessons are a great starter kit to preparing an understanding of French grammar and language, and her videos on YouTube assist these same lessons. It’s easy to take these lessons anywhere and I am grateful for the gift of language lessons she’s provided for the modern learner.
Very articulate, efficient and extremely helpful!!! I am learning a lot very quickly. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to learn French. Even if you have NO experience with French this podcast will greatly benefit you because Alexa speaks clearly and slowly plus she’s uses a lot of repetition! This makes it so EASY to grasp the language!!!!
I have gone through several of Alexa’s lessons. They are clear, concise and of sufficient duration. She doesn’t overload you with too much material at one time. I wish she was my private teacher.
I couldn't take the sound effects & music past lesson #4. As a video production person, they are annoying. The 1st 3 - I adored. Simple, quick, short pauses. It's too bad - because I enjoyed the way Alexa taught - but ultimately they were distracting to the point of driving me to search for a new podcast / website. Keep the production simple Alexa, you're a wonderful teacher.
This is my favorite Learn To Speak French podcast. I like the length. It feels as though I've actually had a class or some good practice. There are worksheets as well so you can review written french, not just spoken. Sure she has a blurb at the beginning to promote her podcast but it is brief. This is the best of all the ones I've listened to. I wish I could take a class or private tutoring with Alexa.
My husband and I tried Rosetta Stone, Rocket French, French Pod 101, Duo Lingo, Coffee Break French, etc etc. None of them come CLOSE to Alexa's French lessons. If you really want to get a great foundation in the French language, and not just learn some tourist phrases or random sentences that won't really help you, than this is the program for you. She is an actual teacher, a really GOOD teacher! Sooo much info, so you can listen and read all of her pdfs, do homeworks, reading comprehension exercises, dictiation, it goes on and on! It has really helped prepare us for our move to France, merci beaucoup Alexa!!!!!
I'm just starting to listen to the podcast, but I have been watching some of her youtube videos. I think she's one of the best online instructors I've come across. I wish I could afford her lessons. I highly recommend this podcast!
This is so awesome. Just what I need :)
I feel bad giving this a bad review because I love this podcast and Alexa is an amazing teacher but basically you only get up to lesson 15 for free. There are constant adds for her website. The course is great though.
Thanks...I have been searching for good beginner French lessons for years...this is the best...really.
If you are wanting to learn French, this is the way to learn the language. Before you know it your speaking sentences, understanding the grammar, and grasping the why's and how's. Highly recommended! Thank you very much Alexa!


I found the lessons too slow for me, and the detailed grammar explanations too long and boring. I guess it is ok of you prefer that kind of structure, but I am a fast learner and need a faster pace type lessons.
I loved this podcast , Alexa has a very easy way of explaining everything
why does it keep sayingthat the server isnot configulated right?what i am i supposed todo?
This is first of all easy to follow for brand new beginners. It is clear that she has a firm grasp on how to teach French, how to accelerate the learning while keeping it easy to follow, and how to make it fun. She loves to teach and knows how to do it so you are the one benefiting. To comment on another review about pauses-- after every word or sentence one has a quick opportunity to repeat it. Very important. Another great tool is it comes with settings to play it at half the speed, or for review at 1.5 or twice the regular speed. The pdf follows the lessons exactly and is great.
Easy to listen to, well edited, and simply packed with French learning goodness
I'm a beginner and this is teaching me French in a well executed podcast This podcast was an amazing learning experience for me I just want to say, I wish Alexa could speak more clearly in some episodes
This is a great podcast for just starting out, she explains everything and goes slow. I love this podcast because she makes it easy to pick up and easy to understand.
Very well structured lessons. Not too fast. A lot of time spent making sure you understand the basics. Plus, Alexa is a wonderful personality. I like when she says "I am very proud of you". I listen to the podcasts whenever I have a spare moment. Seems to be working.
Alexa made the great job with this podcast - the lessons are well structured, it is easy to understand and follow the instructions, the included songs are cute and sometimes it is also fun. I am listening to this podcast in my car while driving to my office and it makes my boring commuting useful.
I do like this podcast, and I'm learning a lot. But I'm getting tired of the ads to buy her other programs/lessons - she has them in every lesson 1-15!! It's easy to skip through because it's on a chapter system, but still. It's the same recording over & over again. Also - the music gets a bit irritating after awhile, too, because it never changes. I liked it at first, but I wish as the lesson progressed there was some new music to hear - or at least teach us the lyrics so we could understand the current music! I've found a few places where she forgets to give the English translation (for example in Lesson 6, chapter 3) - but overall I like this podcast because it doesn't treat you like you're a child. It is actually pretty challenging & engaging. A lot of the other podcasts teaching beginning French spend a lot of time teaching you Bon Jour and all the easy words most people already know, but Alexa actually has you forming sentences within the first few lessons. She teaches a variety of vocabulary, and goes over grammer & the exceptions where applicable. The biggest recommendation I have for this podcast would be to label the lessons and chapters with the content so that it is easy to know which lesson/chapter you need to review without having to listen to it over again or get out the PDF sheets to find out.
This podcast is great for people like me who need for the language teachers to speak slowly. I am studying Italian and French and French is by far the harder of the two (in pronunciation anyway) for me so far and I am more advanced in my Italian than French. I love that she speaks slowly and clearly. I also love the positive tone of the lesson. The quizes help me remember more too. Merci Alexa.


I've learned more french in the last three months using these lessons than I have in the last year. This is one of the best I've heard yet.
I enjoy this much more than any other French podcast I have found. There are a descent amount of episodes, but at the same time there is not a new episode every day as some of the other podcast. Most people are not able to learn by hearing something once, which is why I enjoy this podcast as it gives a review and is very advanced in the chapter marking system as far as the podcast alone, making it easy to find something you have forgoten.
sorry i couldnt give a higher rating because if i could it would be probably close to the number infinity squared!!!! i have a friend in orchestra thats is french and speaks the lannguage fluently and it is really cool to be able to talk to her in french!!!!
Just want to say thank you for such an amazing podcast! I was able to make a lot of progress on my french. :)
Alexa est magnifique
I took French in High School and College but lost it from unuse. I have been searching and searching to find something that worked for my hectic lifestyle to get my head back into French. I have tried French computer programs, books, flashcards and on and on and on. Nothing was working until this podcast! This podcast is so well thought out and executed that adults quickly find themselves picking up french and craving more of it. It combines with the online information sheets that you easily printout and reinforces the lessons so you are getting the written and the vocal/hearing parts making it well rounded. It gives you tips that make the grammar easy - worth the cost of the over-rated Rosetta Stone program right there! I can't praise it enough - but give it a try and find out for yourself.
I never took a french class and decided to try on my own. These are great short lessons but in a very short time you have accumulated a lot of french. Put them on a cd or an iPod and spend all day with Alexa. It's a great way to learn french.
I started lesson one just as a joke to impress my girlfriend, but I downloaded the rest of the lessons after that and enjoyed every minute of it. I feel like I've learned a lot! Also, I am a movie buff and I'm definately going to try and see at least one or two of Adam's movie recommendations! Merci!
This was a great learning tool. I was able to pick-up the language and continue to learn at a beginners rate. They provided good explanations and user friendly language. A+
My only complaint it that it isn't continued!
Great Work !
This has helped me so much to learn french. Most of it is review but it is great practice and pronounciation. It would be great if there were even more lessons so I could build up from the beginner level and start to become more advanced.
The show structure is just great. It's entertaining and I love to listen again and again just for the entertainment value. On top of all that, it's educational. The hosts are so pleasant! Definitely recommended.


By frrweb
This Podcast is amazing. i was bored one day, and decided to "Try to learn a language," so I browsed through some podcasts and found this. I've never spoken and hardly even heard French before. These lessons are easy, fun, and not too hard to memorize. I only used to know Bonjour, but now I feel i can speak French fluently. Thanks Alexa and Adam!!!!! These are GREAT!!
I have a busy schedule; this podcast makes it easy to learn french. I would recommend it to any high school student trying to brush up on their french before the big test.


By ValyGrl
I wanted to brush up on my french (I took 4 years in high school, 15 years ago) so I can visit France in the fall, and this is perfect for a (re)beginner. Learning phrases and numbers is very helpful!