The UND AeroCast (HD VIDEO)

Reviews For The UND AeroCast (HD VIDEO)

Great series that engages and teaches with hopefully many more to come. Cannot recommend highly enough for student pilots, experienced aviators, and wing nuts alike. Kudos UND!
Reviewed these casts numerous times during my training this year. In many cases better material than the King Schools curriculum.
Great job! Some of the best instructional video/podcast's I have seen.
Even though im not a pilot this is a very good informative podcast
impressed....very good already got my license but good pilot is always learning and polishing skills right? any instrument stuff coming?


Not much more to say except, great use of video and simulation.
The mashup between real footage and x-plane trainning is perfect. Recommended!
As a pilot from the Los Angeles area, I am always looking for ways to continue my "flying education." Mr. Bottini and the University of North Dakota Aerospace team do a great job of presenting information that is entertaining and educational. Keep up the great work and keep the Aerocast coming!
As a private pilot who is attempting to return to the skies after a few years on the ground, I found the podcasts extremely helpful. I would like to thank UND for making these available to the ipod community. I believe that you are doing General Aviation a great favor and hope that other pilots take advantage of the great tools you are providing.
Could you do a podcast on holding patterns? I am trying to get instrument current again and I am having troubles with holding patterns. Your presentations are the best and on relevant topics that need constant reviewing. By the way, you end each of your podcasts with "Fly safe." Shouldn't you be saying "Fly safely?" Keep up the great work!
Of all the podcasts that I have come across this has to be the best one yet. It is concise and to the point, with a very charismatic cast that makes it very enjoyable to watch.
Anyone who downloads the UND video podcasts will not be disappointed. These are some of the best training tools that can be used by both pilots training for their advanced ratings and CFI's who are providing the training. The professional content and the graphic description are accurate and well done by the UND staff that seems to know how to use computer applications in creating these engaging video clips. Consider the complete download to add to your training library. Tom Gilmore Stuart, Florida
After recently purchasing my 1st iPod I stumbled across this sight and their FREE podcasts. As a Private Pilot I love anything related to flying. Then, to find this sight and to see that in addition to it being free it is educational, carries amazing scenery and it puts you in the sky on the days you are grounded with the flu....What could be better? Thanks for this podcast UND --- Please, keep it up.
These Really help teach manuevers to students, even if they are flying different aircraft. I strongly recommend then to anyone that is teaching Commercial Students. I would like to see some Private Pilot podcasts!
These aerocasts are by far the best supplemental teaching material I have found. I especially love the spin training; the aerial photography really makes an impression on pilots who have never experienced a real spin.
Really well-executed videos on maneuvers. Even if you don't fly Piper, these cover the basics and help with the checkride knowledge.
I've been waiting for this ever since I began my training. Though it may be aviation heresay to say it, the King Videos need an updated angle, UND does it well with these, I hope there are more to come.
A great way to refresh current students as well as show prospective students something about UND. Keep up the good work Bottini!
Very well done. Gives a great sense of what the aviation program and its courses are like. What a great and easily accessible form of education. Looking forward to the next podcast.
These instructional videos are a great way to complement your flight education and are a must have for current aviation students and just general flying enthusiasts. Keep up the good work.
I think that this will make a great supplement to training. If you can cover technical areas ranging from weak on stage/check rides to local area opeations to common misconceptions. Also general technical subjects and systems would be a great area to cover. I think that students and the general public alike could really get a lot out of these Podcasts. I also think that it is great to get UND aerospace out there as a cutting edge leader in aviation education and technology. This is a great way to show that we are up to date with what people are using for technology, research and study. I have seen students with the steep turn Podcast on both their computers and on their Ipods. I know many people are awating the next addition to the Aerocast series. Keep up the good work.
Great show. These guys have pretty cool graphics integrated with their lesson. I wonder if this is a classroom material from North Dakota? Either way, it is a must-see for any real aviation enthusiasts.