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WARNING WARNING WARNING *this review has one very minor spoiler* I’ll get the negative out of the way first, so that I will finish on a high note. This is an incomplete story that was left off on a cliffhanger in the eleventh episode. I hope that some day the writer will find a way to finish the story, but after so many years of waiting I’m doubtful it will happen. Now to the positive stuff. COTG is a fantastic Sci-Fi adventure, that is well written, and voice acted, along with production values that are truly top notch. The sound effects combined with professional sounding voice talent help to make your listening experience immersive and fun. Even without a complete story the eleven episodes that do exist are well worth listening to. There are also a few locations online where you can find a few “mini” episodes (about 2-3) where you are able to hear a few tidbits of additional information on the main character and the Alien he comes to know as Fido*. If you are in the mood for some excellent Sci-Fi story telling and can live with the possibility of never hearing the stories end then COTG will scratch your story-telling itch.
Leave us hanging like that! That is just plain mean!
That’s it? What happened after chapter eleven?
You stop mid story. What a bunch of bull. Would give 0 stars if able.
Nice audio drama. Wish there were more!
Hey CMack - do us need money or something to help get the next episode posted??? Seriously! I would be happy to pay for your work. If I had known that the podcast I was about to listen to was going to be some amazing sci-fi - but - I would have to most likely wait years to hear the next chapter, I would NOT have listened to even the first chapter. I guess I should have looked at the posting dates for each chapter to see what I was in for. Ridiculous. What a shame and a waste of time.
Such a great podcast and not being biased. I hope that we can get more episodes to the hungry viewers. :) so proud of you.
2 years between episodes?! Really?! Why bother at all?!
There isn't much original space opera out there in podcast form and COG surpasses them all in production value and story content. There is something here for Babylon5 and StarWars fans. COG really excels in the cockpit of space fighters, you can feel it.
OMG--Imagine my surprise when I opened my itunes to find out there was a new episode!! While I haven't listened to it yet (ran here first to post a sincere THANKS) I know that the wait will be worth it. Great production with fantastic cast-hope the first episode isn't a tease and we'll have more to come soon!
So I powered through the first 8 episodes this morning while cooking a rather expansive mean for my family. Let me start by saying that the audio production on COTG is absolutely amazing. 5 stars without a doubt. The story itself isn't as good as the production quality, but it's only just shy thereof, and nonetheless very compelling—the production quality more than makes up for any conceits made by the story (like the main character taking the entire first episode to narrate 500 years of human history, instead of simply throwing the audience into the fray and explaining things while moving the story along—I felt more like I was playing, say, the first Unreal (not a bad thing) than listening to a work of audio fiction). UNFORTUNATELY, the release schedule is... well... looking at the previous releases, each episode takes between 3 months and a year to be released. This is something I'd pay for—and I think enough others would as well (see Leviathon Chronicles)—to have episodes released on a semi-regular, reasonable schedule. There's NO way I'm going to remember what happened a year ago on a 45 minute podcast when the next episode comes out. My primary thought when looking up COTG was "oh, my, this is fantastic—let's see how many other episodes are available" followed quickly by "oh, my, I really screwed myself this time". I almost wish I hadn't found this gem that will likely take another 5 years to complete (and, yes, I'm aware that's a back-handed complement). Keep up the good work, but how about finding a way to make enough money to release in a reasonable timeframe?!
A great audio drama!
Really enjoying it Amazing production Great story
I didn't really enjoy this podcast. The narration is good but the story is not. I think it focuses too much on the individual fights and less on the overall war. The plot is veryyyy slow moving. However, if you enjoy Jack Campbell's books then you will like this podcast.
the story is riveting but it takes forever for new episodes to come out
At this rate of release I will have to start from the begining and listen again to get the story fresh. I know you are busy CMack from our very brief conversations in IRC. But let's get these episodes cranking again!
We all know the production is great and the story is cool, but seriously the long waiting between episodes is going to start hurting the reviews. Click yes if you agree.
This is some of the best story telling and production I have hever heard!!! I was riveted in anticipation durring the dogfights. Can't wait for more!
I am on episode 5 and cant stop listening. I listen while doing mindless activities which include snow blowing, mowing the lawn or even a nice run. It is captivating and it makes those mindless jobs go by pretty fast.
There are very few audio dramas out there that I would call excellent. This is one of those rare shows. COTG includes a well-written story in a futuristic space setting. As you listen, you will stand in the presence of human military pilots who continue to fly their space planes in the battle against the aliens who took over Earth long ago. Each episode leaves your ears hungry for the next. The best thing about this show is the audio production quality. The sound effects are wonderful, transporting you into the show's environment. The music choices are great, the voice acting is good, and it's all mixed together for a crisp, clean, high-quality product. Among the other top audio dramas out there, I have yet to hear anything this well-produced. I think when the sound environment in an audio drama pulls you in, you are more likely to go back for repeated listens, moreso than even a good story. CMack (the creator) has really put a lot of time and effort into this project. My only caution is that I would not recommend this as a family show. I think it is most geared toward teen or adult males, which I think could have been avoided. The creator thought it would be most realistic to have the pilots talk like military personnel, so be prepared for rated-R language. Nine episodes in, themes and situations aside from language have stayed PG-13. And because the show is very much oriented around war and conflict, with a male-dominated cast, I think there will be a good number of females who, like my wife, find the show uninteresting. If a well-plotted, high-quality, space-themed story about humans and aliens at war sounds interesting to you, give COTG a listen.
Seriously excellent series I'm hooked. I would rate it at five stars, but new episodes are really slow in coming.


By sffilk
This is very cool!
hey okay everyone this is my stepbrother Chris's podcast!! its amazing anyone who doesnt love it hasnt heard and hey why havent i got more cds on the podcast aint i supposed to have the hook-up with you being my step-bro and all!! so how is sunny arizona???? great i hope!! are you coming to the reunion??? anyways just wanted to say hey since u never answer back on my emails geez... anyways take care love ya Sarah ps. see ya later.. i want some more of the podcast PLEASE thanks
Really enjoy the podcast, but it needs to come out more consistantly
Great podcast, but this is the first episode since what August. I really dig what they do, but it is tortorous the way, there is no continuity.
I love this podcast, acting is great, story is captivating, and characters are enjoyable...only problem... no updates in a long long time *cry* I realy hope this podcast is still in production I will be sad if it is discontinued.
Listening to this makes me wish there were more Podcast just like it. Very engaging and lures you in, to want more. Great voice actors and enjoyable characters. I feel fortunet to have stumbled across this podcast, it had helped me to 'get through my day at work.' But alas, now that I have so quickly caught up, I must dig again for other such podcasts. Looking forward to the next episode. Well done!
Sure...get us hooked and then leave us hanging! Thanks for all the hard work and anxious to hear more!


By Dcat
Found out about this on dragonpage on xm love it want more like it
This podcast takes the idea of a radio serial to a new level, a Podcast serial. the conecept is amazing. This is a 30 min episodes of a story set in the future after a repulsed alien invasion has left the earth un-inhabitable. The Gateway Station holds 1 Billion people in Earth orbit with colonies on Mars and the Moon. After years of self strife amongst the colonies the age old enemy has appeared, with a much larger fleet. It is up to the remaining people of Earth to repulse the attack.
I LOVE this podcast. It seriously rocks my socks. Children of the Gods is simply amazing. Please update soon. :3~