Park Valley Church

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Frank, practical teachings and applications in today's society.
Glad to see PVC has podcasts, now we can keep up with you guys all the way in Orlando, FL
Honestly, there are people who actually have God speaking through them. And such is shown by the glow in their eyes, tone of their voice, and kindness in their hearts: and Genuine people they are. Park Valley has been built on kindness and as with all churches has those who are dedicated and committed to them. I found peace in Park Valley and in Barry. To be a friend, one has to make themselves friendly. Most certainly, you will find friends at this church; and not those who want your money, your undying loyalty or want something from you. Let God be a gift to you, as we are a gift to each other. Barry speaks in our language, and it helps us grasp God with ease. Thanks! -love, working college guy.
Awesome stuff, great messages !