New Hope International (English)

Reviews For New Hope International (English)

I thank God for the pastors obedience to Christ. Because of it, many, including myself are and will be blessed!
Pastor Varun's messages goes straight to the point to the essentials of what it means to be a Christian which is to obey God and love Him and serve Him faithfully. The best part is that when we obey God, amazing things will happen in our lives and Pastor Varun's own life is a great example of that. Listen! You won't regret it.
One can observe from Pastor Varun Laohaprasit's sermons that the man truly has a relationship with God and is serious about protecting, loving, and developing the church of Jesus Christ. His talks about living a pure and holy life in today's world are striking and challenges Christians to live victorious and Cross-centered lives.
Ps. Lao is has a unique sense of humor and gives a simple yet uncompromising message about marriage. He works full time as a Neuro Sergeon and as Senior Pastor at New Hope International Church and some how has the time to put together messages like this.