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This show has been through alot since it's inception. Sites have come and gone. They've been banned from radio only to return triumphantly. Hurricanes. Wars. Famine. Life. Death. Yet, it has survived. The format is refreshing amongst the endless sea of gaming podcasts: there's no strict format. There's no "Emails" or "News" segment. By design, the podcast is supposed to feel like you walked into a room to find a group of old, good friends mid-conversation about videogames. Oh, how about that! There's a spare seat! This fosters instant comfort and familiarity. Like most people, each member have unique personalities and quirks that only could be a exposed by building a massive history together. None of them are professional gaming journalists and it shows. They aren't members of the gaming-industry "in-crowd". The show isn't filled with industry in-jokes and "Inside Baseball" conversations. You won't hear previews about games they saw at Capcom headquarters, or GDC. They talk about what they want to talk about, what is most important to them and what should be most important to us over here on the consumer side. If you're wondering who is talking nearly the whole show? That's James, and he's the heavy-hitter. The primary draw of the show is to hear James provide deep, multi-layered insight about topics that others have ignored or mis-judged. He's informed. He knows his stuff. Above all, he is clearly passionate about games and wants to encourage that passion in others. He can and does expound about this passion, and does so with patience, clarity, and authenticity. Scott, the straight-man host of the show, provides the wall for James to play against. He rarely makes judgments. He cannot articulate his feelings about a topic as well as James. But, this is not negative or lacking in purpose. Scott is a representation of the listener, in that we are coming to the podcast to have our own thoughts defined, ordered, expanded and expressed by those that have the skill to do so. James and Scott play well together in this way. James often responds: "Let me tell you why you feel that way." This very quality also makes him a great interviewer, which happen fairly regularly on the show. Actors from MST3K, David Hayter, and many other gaming industry members have appeared on the show over the years to enjoyable effect. Other regulars include Arjay, Matt, Jeremy, and Dennis. The show's newer format is more limiting to their input than in their less-ordered past. Overall, their insight is welcome and enjoyable and I'm glad they're on the show. The show's is currently broadcasting on the radio weekly in two, one hour blocks. This makes the show much more punctual and punchy than previously. Much less cursing since it's now, again, under FCC regulations. Additionally, the broadcast studio provides access to much better equipment. The show has never sounded better. Additionally, there's more than listening options than ever before. The show provides live video of the broadcast studio during the recording enabling you to watch and participate live. The radio station also streams the audio from the radio station live in many formats for a multitude of devices. The files provided in this feed are pretty much direct recordings of the live shows with little to no modification. This show has received new life this year, and I'm more excited than ever to listen, be informed, and participate with my favorite podcast, In-Game Chat!
Scott, James, Jeremy, Arjay, Matt, and Dennis have an undeniable kinship that comes through with entertaining, insightful, and approachable dialog. The show is by gamers for gamers, but that doesn't preclude the possibilty of laypersons jumping in and ejoying it also. Because these are real guys with mostly no press affiliations (Scott being the exception as he's a radio personality and video games correspondant), the conversations come from a point of view not unlike those shared amongst your friends about a common love of hobby. Give it a listen and enjoy!
In-Game Chat is a really fun gaming podcast. It's nice an long so their coverage is pretty comprehensive. The hosts are pretty much all entertaining as well as knowledgable.
Horrible podcast. Scott talks way too much and seems like he is a control freak that likes to swear. James is the best one on. If it was only James and RJ I'd give it 5 stars. Plus you guys seriously need to update with more recent podcasts. Always 2-3 weeks late.
Just one of the most entertaining video game podcasts out there. Been listening since they took over for the host of Evil Avatar and enjoy listening to the show every week. I listen to many podcasts most of wich are about video games and this is one I can't do without. Keep up the great work guys.
Not a bad podcast but I find it hard to listen to because the microphone volume or simply the vocal projection of the hosts is inconsistent. Sometimes they speak very softly and then other times, they speak loudly and I find the dynamic very displeasing.
I don't write many reviews and I do have a taste for quality and I must say this show is THE BEST in depth review show of vid games out there. James tells it like it is in many many details that boggles my mind and make me say oh yah! I do listen to many podcasts and this one is #1 I just love listening to what james has to say he is the man of this podcast obviously! Keep up the awesome work guys!
Its a good podcast, but in recent episodes its one guy going on and on about crap that he doesn't like, while the others listen patiently. Its still entertaining though and i listen every week.
I listen every week and find its generally one of the better gaming podcasts out there. Plus they always seem to land the coolest guests like David Hayter for example. Check em out if you haven't already.
I really enjoy this podcast. It's very much like hanging out with a group of buddies from high school. All the hosts are diverse, great conversationalists. When a game is covered, it's covered thoroughly, and from several different angles. The only drawbacks are an occasionally whiney tone, and the fact that they only cover games they enjoyed. Example: Fallout 3 is mentioned constantly. While it's a great game, I also enjoyed Fable 2. Fable 2 never got more than a couple of sentences of conversation.
I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is one of my favorites. The talk is very intellegent without the silliness that gets annoying on other pods. Scott is an experienced and very compentent host as are the other members of the crew. James in particular has strong opinions and analysis of the games under discussion that he expresses very well. In addition they've managed to score some excellent interviews with the likes of David Hayter (Solid Snake), Dennis Dyack ("Too Human") and a retired astronaught.
This podcast is so bad. The host is so arrogant and very annoyinng. The others are just as annoying and very very boring. The woman is also such a distarction from the show and also gets very old after a while. All in all with all these people together it actually turns to a pretty horrible podcast and i think they should just cancel the podcast now because i'm pretty sure no one likes any of them...
Professional and good quality coverage of game news. Plus, the after show banter is awesome!
I listen to many gaming podcasts, and this is one of my favorites. I enjoy that it doesn't take itself overly serious, but still manages to be informative and a fun listen. Having input from interactive users via an online chat also gives the show a unique feel.
i really look forward to this podcast. the only problem is, its like waiting for sony to release a game. what can we expect from such hard working and studious podcasters...
Gaming news... with attitude. Hilarious and informative, a must have for the informed gamer.
EAR is a great show, all around. From the interviews to the show's community, to the actual EvAv community, the show is constantly solid, entertaining and informative.
EvilAvatar is the best gaming podcast out there. Phil and the other hosts are entertaining and personable, and the news/call-in format keeps it fresh. If you can listen live, the associated live chat during the show is a blast. The show is intelligent and funny, and is refreshingly free of fanboy drivel. Definitely recommended.
If you like games and industry news then this is the one for you. But wait... its even better because you can interact with the show via a live stream and a chat room. Call-ins and Special Guests round out the greatness that is Evil Avatar. Straight from the the Midwest and delicious. Phil, Justin and Amanda make a great team and they all have a great future.
It really helped put me to sleep. Gaming news... with attitude? What attitude? The host with the most calm sounding voice has no attitude good or bad. Absolutely boring. 1up Yours has more attitude and its an entertaining podcast for gamers and so is EGM live. Oh yeah and who collects comic books anymore? That industry is basically dead. This podcast stinks. Thanks EAR!
The members of the Evil Avatar forum propel this show in a call-in co-host format, unique in this podcast genre to my knowledge. This really presonalizes the show and keeps a pulse on the average gamer. Other podcasts are hosted by game journalists with debug kits, cutting edge equipment, and advance game copies. Evil Avatar posits a discussion involving gamers living the experience of a game and no playing it for review or professional purposes. In terms of the actual show host, both Justin and Phil have a good report and need to stay on the show throughout.
Great show with great hosts. I really love the call in segments and the interviews. Good balance of subjects and very well produced. I really enjoy the 2 Minute Hate segment as well. Very funny. Give it a listen.


By ComDet
This podcast is the best to come from anywhere, other than maybe Bob and Tom, but they aren't in this category. Up to date gaming news, relevent to true gamers. I wait every week for the next episode to come out and download it immediately. Keep 'em coming Phil and Amanda!
Part of Evil Avatar's appeal is its acceptance of the bias every member has, and how that member will have opinions on the news, even the news that they post, and has a chance to show these feelings. The podcast is simply an extension of this idea, and although it did fumble some at first, it has become a great show, especially if you can experience it live with EA forumers you know, on the webchat set up every Friday night as the show is recorded and broadcast.